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There are now twenty-five years worth of history here, all of which is (hopefully) accessible. Anyone with anything they feel ought to be preserved in this archive (such as missing news/information, game-related activites, etc.) should contact the umpire, Thanks are due to Matthew Wakeling, David Duffett, Matt Johnson and Lynnette Dray for their help with the completeness of this archive.

Previous Games

Game Umpire Victor Awards News
Michaelmas Valentin Foley (Corpus Christi) Samuel Sully (Robinson) Awards Archived Game
Duellists: Thomas Carey (Queens'), Rebecca Harris (Jesus), Noemi Ammaturo (Churchill)
May Week Dani Cugini (Emmanuel) Andrew Darby (Corpus Christi) Archived Game
Lent Alastair Haig (Girton) & Michael Warman (formerly of Peterhouse) Andrew Browne (Wolfson) Awards Archived Game
Duellists: Dani Cugini (Emmanuel), Adrian del Ser (Churchill), and Ruby Tupling (Anglia Ruskin University).
Michaelmas Andrew Darby (Corpus) & Alex Allen (previously of Magdalene) Thomas Carey (Queens') Awards Archived Game
Duellists: Clara Ding (St John's), Mahika Dixit (St John's) and Hanna Hassan (Newnham)
May Week Joe Tomkinson (Trinity) Ben Mortishire-Smith (Pembroke) Archived Game
Lent Kim Ward (Churchill) Alex Allen (Magdalene) Awards Archived Game
Duellists: Alex Hibbert (Magdalene), Joe Tomkinson (Trinity), and Valentin Foley (Corpus Christi).
Michaelmas Alex Hibbert (Magdalene) Andrew Darby (Corpus Christi) Awards Archived Game
Duellists: Georgia Everest (Sidney Sussex), Alice Bennett (Newnham) and Lewis Jones (Corpus Christi)
May Week Alexander Hardwick (Queens') Twm Stone (Christ's) Awards Archived Game
Lent Twm Stone (Christ's) Christopher Bowring (Trinity) Awards Archived Game
Duellists: Freddie Brewer (Fitzwilliam), Alexander Hardwick (Queens'), Joe Gregory (Sidney Sussex)
Michaelmas Michael French (St. Catharine's) Alex Hibbert (Magdalene) Awards Archived Game
Duellists: Kimberley Ward (Churchill), Steph Potten (St. Catharine's), Joe Tomkinson (Trinity)
May Week Curtis Reubens (St Catharine's) Michael French (St Catharine's) Awards Archived game
Lent Max Baxter-Allen (Robinson) Twm Stone (Christ's) Archived game
Duellists: Aiden Chan (Jesus), Salman Iftikhar (King's), Alessandro Mariani (King's)
Michaelmas Douglas Hall (Wolfson) Andrew Raison (St. Catharine's) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Tom Flynn (Queens'), Jonny Phillips (St. Catharine's), James Brotherston (St. Catharine's)
May Week Cheryl Weedon (Corpus Christi) & Danielle C. Saunders (Clare) Curtis Reubens (St Catharine's) Awards Archived game
Lent Niklas Ek (Jesus) Tadeusz 'Tadek' Krassowski (Christ's) Archived game
Duellists: Chris Cho (Emmanuel)
2013 Mich Alison Madgwick (Sidney Sussex) Danielle C. Saunders (Clare) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Hannah Lissaman (Jesus), Thomas Rychlik (Trinity), Adam Beaumont (Churchill), Dan Hunt (Jesus), Cheryl L Weedon (Corpus Christi)
May Week Thomas Ruddle (Pembroke) Alison Madgwick (Sidney Sussex) Awards Archived game
Lent Addison Shore (Gonville & Caius) Augustin Zidek (Gonville & Caius) Archived game
Duellists: Niklaus Ek (Jesus), Matthew Fitch (Churchill), Alison Madgwick (Sidney Sussex), Thomas Ruddle (Pembroke)
2012 Michaelmas Matthew Fitch (Churchill) Addison Shore (Gonville & Caius) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Petras Balciunas (Peterhouse), Chris Greer (Gonville & Caius), Julian Willis (Pembroke), Alison Madgwick (Sidney Sussex), Toby Crisford (King's)
May Week Neal Carr (Pembroke) James 'Jim' Blackshaw (Emmanuel) Archived game
Lent Daniel Baker (Homerton) Petras Balciunas (Peterhouse) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Patrick Freer (The real world), Addison Shore (Gonville & Caius)
2011 Michaelmas Emily Room (St. John's) Luke Bennett (Jesus) Archived Game
Duellists: Julian Willis (Pembroke), Phanos Anastasiou (Hughes Hall), Addison Shore (Gonville & Caius), Matthew Fitch (Churchill), Joe Goddard (Clare)
May Week Daniel O'Brien (Gonville & Caius) Matthew Fitch (Churchill) Archived Game
Lent Matthew Hinks (Pembroke) Anna Ermakova (Lucy Cavendish) Awards Archived game
2010 Michaelmas Luke Robins (Homerton) Tim Kew (Clare) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Janusz Sikorski (Churchill), Julian Willis (Pembroke), Amy Booth (Clare), Petras Balciunas (Peterhouse)
May Week Chris Powell (Robinson) Tim Kew (Clare) Archived game
Lent Emily Scragg (New Hall) Adam Guterres (Girton) Archived game
2009 Michaelmas Paul Tinton (Churchill) Luke Robins (Homerton) Awards Archived game
May Week Will Brooks (Trinity) Adam Guterres (Girton) Awards Archived game
Lent Luke Bennett (Jesus) Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis (Jesus) Archived game
2008 Michaelmas Emma Pewsey (Newnham) Coryan Wilson-Shah (Pembroke) Archived game
May Week Simeon Bird (Pembroke) Will Brooks (Trinity) Awards Archived game
Lent Steve McCann (Churchill) Luke Bennett (Jesus) Awards Archived game
2007 Michaelmas Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis (Jesus) Elimination winner: Laurence Watson (Clare)
Mayhem winner: William Brooks (Trinity)
Awards Archived games
May Week Michael Wallace (Trinity) & Christian Fletcher Warran (UCL) Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis (Jesus) Awards Archived game
Proxime:Philip Bielby (Gonville & Caius)
Lent Charles Curry (Fitzwilliam) Philip Bielby (Gonville & Caius) Awards Archived game
2006 Michaelmas Philip Bielby & Nick Plummer (Gonville & Caius) Sarah Donnelly (Trinity) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Richard Gibson (Trinity), Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis (Jesus), Laurence Watson (Clare), Felicity Boyce (New Hall)
May Week Tom Booth (Peterhouse) Richard Gibson (Trinity) Awards Archived game
Lent Richard Gibson (Trinity) Michael Wallace (Trinity) Awards Archived game
Proxime: Sarah Donnelly (Trinity)
2005 Michaelmas Martin Lester (Gonville & Caius) Michael Wallace (Trinity) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Richard Gibson (Trinity), Sarah Donnelly (Trinity), Tom de-Rivaz (Gonville & Caius)
May Week Adam Baird Fraser (Christ's) Stephen McCann (King's) Awards Archived game
Lent Dave Birch (St John's) Chris Field (Gonville & Caius) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Adam Baird Fraser (Christ's), Robin Message (Robinson), Thomas Hill (Homerton)
2004 Michaelmas Martin O'Leary (St John's) Carrie Oliver (Newnham) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Ross Edmondson (Selwyn), Adam Biltcliffe (Clare), Aidan Robison (King's), Hywel Carver (King's), Dave Birch (St John's)
May Week Ed Allcutt (Trinity Hall) Jenny Chase (Girton) Awards Archived game
Lent Adam Biltcliffe (Clare) Michael Richards (St John's) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Steve McCann (King's), Aidan Robison (King's), Mike Brooks (King's), Catherine Hall (Girton)
2003 Michaelmas Ric Brackenbury (Selwyn) Matthew Johnson (Trinity Hall) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Edward Allcutt (Trinity Hall), Mike Cripps (Trinity Hall), Tom Garnett (Jesus), Michael Richards (St John's)
May Week Jon Hogg (St. Catharine's) Jenny Chase (Girton) Awards Archived game
Lent Matthew Johnson & Mike Cripps (Trinity Hall) Bryony Baines (Gonville & Caius) Awards Archived game
Duellists: None
2002 Michaelmas Rosemary Warner (Gonville & Caius) James Osborn (Jesus) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Simon Ford (Emmanuel), Scott Boham (Emmanuel), Tim Underwood (Emmanuel), Ruaridh Buchanan (Emmanuel), Jenny Chase (Girton)
May Week Päivi Pasi (Newnham) Ed Nokes (Gonville & Caius) Awards Archived game
Lent Tom Garnett (Jesus) Björn Holzhauer (Gonville & Caius) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Simon Ford (Emmanuel), Abigail Baker (New Hall), Ben Cumming (King's), Ralph Owen (Gonville & Caius), Matt Laycock (Gonville & Caius)
2001 Michaelmas Ralph Owen (Gonville & Caius) Matt Laycock (Gonville & Caius) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Rosemary Warner (Gonville & Caius), Simon Ford (Emmanuel), Päivi Pasi (Newnham)
May Week Claire Bordenave (Newnham) Björn Holzhauer (Gonville & Caius) Awards Archived game
Lent Ed Nokes & Björn Holzhauer (Gonville & Caius) Jeremy Young (Trinity) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Morag Gray (Christ's), Jamie Douglass (Sidney Sussex)
2000 Michaelmas Matt Laycock (Gonville & Caius) Andrew Shepherd (Trinity Hall) Awards Archived game
Duellists: Ralph Owen (Gonville & Caius), Esther Laura Burnett (New Hall)
May Week Alex Churchill (Robinson) Björn Holzhauer (Gonville & Caius) Awards Archived game
Lent Marek Isalski (Clare) Tim Pike (Fitzwilliam) Awards Missing - Summary of game
Duellists: Alex Cairns (Pembroke), Matthew Garrett (Jesus), Angela Rayner (Robinson), Ben Tanner (Gonville & Caius)
1999 Michaelmas Charlie Baylis (Trinity Hall) & Mat Wakeling (Gonville & Caius) Matt Laycock (Gonville & Caius) Archived game | Original news
Duellists: Alex Churchill (Robinson), Tim Pike (Fitzwilliam)
May Week Matthew Wakeling (Gonville & Caius) J Doe (Saint Elsewhere) Awards Archived game
Lent Nadim Nehme (Trinity Hall) Stu Gill (Clare) Awards Archived game | Original news
Duellists: Matthew Garrett (Jesus), Kieran Westley (Trinity Hall)
1998 Michaelmas J Doe (Saint Elsewhere) Charlie Baylis (Trinity Hall) Archived game
Duellists: Jon Stafford (Sidney Sussex), Kien Hoang (Magdalene), George Savva (Trinity Hall)
May Week/Easter Tom Oinn (Queens') Rebecca Heath (Newnham) No news available
Lent Tom Oinn (Queens') J Doe (Saint Elsewhere) Archived game | Original news
Duellists: Lynnette Dray (Gonville & Caius), John Jordan (Gonville & Caius), Mark Harman (Trinity Hall), Louise Birch (Christ's), Samantha Barnes (Christ's)
1997 Michaelmas Lynnette Dray (Gonville & Caius) David Duffet (Churchill) Archived news
Duellists: Sarah Keelan (Trinity), Andrew Grantham (Pembroke)
May Week/Easter Tom Oinn (Queens') Andrew Grantham (Pembroke) No news available
Lent Martin Read & Lynette Dray (Gonville & Caius) Ben Noakes (Gonville & Caius) Archived news
1996 Michaelmas Chuan-Tze Teo (Trinity) Jon Horne (Girton) Archived news
Proxime: Awais Sheikh (Trinity)
Easter Julian Midgely (Trinity Hall) & Nigel Harris (Trinity) Lynnette Dray (Gonville & Caius) Missing - Some notes
Proxime: Elizabeth Pringle (Newnham)
Lent Ben Harris (Corpus Christi) Chris Tucker (Emmanuel) Archived news
Duellists: Lorna Booth (King's)
1995 Michaelmas Nigel-James Harris (Trinity) Steve O'Hanlon (Wolfson) Archived news
Duellists: Dominic Foster (Gonville & Caius)
Easter Paul Menage (Magdalene) David Allsopp (St John's) Incomplete archived news
Lent David Allsopp (St John's) Nigel Harris (Trinity) Archived game
Duellists: None
1994 Michaelmas Jim Cameron (Clare) & Elizabeth Pringle (Newnham) Dave Powell (Clare) Archived game
Duellists: Adam Cohen (Clare)
Easter Ben Jameson (Trinity Hall) & Louise MacGregor (King's) Unknown Archived news
Lent Richard Fairhurst (Trinity Hall) David Allsopp (St John's) Archived news
1993 Easter Richard Fairhurst (Trinity Hall) Unknown Archived game
Lent Julian Birch (Sidney Sussex) Simon MacGregor (King's) Archived game


Awards from all the games are available on the Awards Page.

The list of assassins with titles (PhD, MA and BA) are available here.


A few statistics of the guild archives are compiled here.

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