The Final Confrontation


So, CCM had ruthlessly taken the top seven places and subsequently murdered one of their own number. Subdivided into the Caius Mafia and the Rest, the outcome was sportingly agreed to be by duel on the Umpire's roof.

After a slow tactical start to gain the favourable side of the roof, the Caius Mafia - Antichrist, Lemming and Hamster - advanced towards their prey. Brave Antichrist threw himself at Maverick, and both were consumed in a rain of bullets. This created confusion to our other two opponents, paranoid Stripey and superb poisoner Talya, who failed to get out of the way of Hamster's rocket launcher. Bits of their corpses are still being removed from the exterior of EE block.

Then the Final Battle began. Lemming immediately lashed out with her machine-gun. Hamster instantly transformed into the Overkill, taking the bullets on the arm and missile launcher, which was destroyed. Overkill ran away, wounded in more than one way by his closest ally's reaction to being the only other live player left. He ditched the launcher, whilst drawing his favourite machinegun Eleanor as the Lemming peeled down into the building. Having understood her preference to defend BB, Overkill suddenly emerged there and shot her in the heart round the corner.

Please note the Overkill turned up dressed as Vladimir and was shortly seen afterwards wearing Odd Socks and Julian Bente's skirts. He also admits to being Agent Incompetent, Sir Prancealot and Paddy O'Guiness MacSemtex. He finally admits he was once called J Doe, and will be your Michaelmas Umpire. He thanks all his CCM colleagues for their commitment and loyalty.

That's it then for this term - I guess it just remains for me to say cheers for playing, hope you enjoyed it. There'll be a party early next term, could well be one to watch out for, given some of the people there....

Hugs and respect,

Tom (ex umpire!)