Operating from their secret hideout on Peril Island, the police force currently consists of :

The Chief

This Term's Chief of Police (armed as is customary with the 'plot device') is :
Nadim 'Nyth' Nehme - nn211
D3 Trinity Hall, No Water Weapons

Loyal Henchlings

DEAD - Rebecca Heath (BikBok), Strachey N9 Newnham, rlh31, no water weapons
DEAD - Matt Watts, S13 Clare College, mdw25, no water weapons
James Wildman (Sheol), D11 Tit Hall, jecw2, no water weapons in room
Chris Ramshaw (The Beast), T14 Memorial Court; Clare, cjr32
Colin Towers (Flarg), U4 Mem. Court Clare, ct219, no water weapons
Gaynor Barrett, U8 Memorial Court; Clare, glb29
Grace Pickering, B1 Garden Hostel King's, gep23, no water weapons
Morag Gray (Kelpie), 3/8 New Court - Christ's, mag32, no water weapons
DEAD - Will Wiles (Taxloss), M12 Memorial ct. Clare, wpw20, no water weapons
Oliver Firth (Hypo Luxa), Garden Hostel; B3; King's, olf20, no water weapons
Richard Hainsworth (Wildebeast), T2 North Court; Jesus, rjh61
Jud (Cannon Fodder) Philip, L4 Memorial Court Clare College, jmdp2, no water weapons
Kien Hoang (Sea Cucumber), 30 Thompson's Lane room 31 - Magdalene, kh237
DEAD - Vicky Peirce (Vixen), S6 North Court Emmanuel, vep21, no water weapons
Vitor Pinheiro (Wheezer), 56B Churchill, vbbp2
Danyal Aytekin (Jandarma), L1 Emmanuel, daa23, no ink based weapons
Alex Churchill (Hologram), Robinson B17, gaec2, water weapons with care
Ben Mansell (Mr. Magoo), Y5 Fischer Queens', brm20, no water weapons
Richard Atkinson (Vortexion), Churchill; 121; Moller Center (aka M17), rga24
Sebastian Bleasdale (The Monk), T19 Memorial Court Clare, sfb24, no water weapons
DEAD - Charles Baylis, C7 Trinity Hall, cgb23, no water weapons
KT Bebbington (Bond Girl), 45D Churchill, keb29, no water weapons
David Dunwoody (Daknar), 33C Churchill, dgd21, no water weapons
Duncan Richer (Slakko Warner), V15 Fisher, Queens', dcr24, no water weapons
George Savva (PC George), Trinity Hall S3, gms27, no water weapons