Wanted List

The number in stars denotes the number of cops killed by the criminal.

Most Wanted!

George "misfire" Savva *(6 and 2 Chiefs)*
B14 Bishop Bateman Court, New Park Road, Tit Hall. No water weapons.
For shooting no less than four innocent Compscis for looking like Dan Rowles. Has since attacked police officers and is guilty of police corruption and police murder. He then attempted to corrupt the Chief of Police. This failing, he shot him dead. Has since murdered innocents, players and PC Ben Mansell, and committed Necromancy. Is described as extremally dangerous. Justified this tag by killing Chief of Police Uncle, Maz the Minion and the police Zombie Tom (twice) when five police ambushed him.

Wanted for Murder!

Kien "the Mask" Hoang, aka Wunhunglow.
31 Thompson's Lane, Magdalene. No water weapons
For use of Contact Poison in Christs'.

Wanted for Corruption

No one.

Wanted for Necromancy

Just Mr Savva again. His Zombies are Mark "Emarkienna" Harman and Cristian "Mr Pengo" Asby.