The Lemming award for the first to die: Sarah The Beast Bird and Barnaby Young

The David Duffit award for Secrecy: Ralph Pam Owen for pretending to be Ed Nokes, who pretended to be Dave Hammond, for not letting anyone know his pseudonym until well into the game by not killing anyone and convincing several police officers that he only looked suspicious be cause he wanted people to shoot him so that Ed Nokes could in turn shoot them

The award for paranoia: Stuart Samuel Vimes Becker for shooting Phil Bennett for entering his corridor and then surviving for a week on the wanted list

The Kenny award for Dying Far Too Frequently: Paul P Zero Hickford for dying 5 times, most of the times due to genuine bad luck

The Sean Connery award for the smoothest kill: Oliver The Bitch Pearson for lulling Gemma Mitchell and Eloise Phipps into a false sense of security.

The J Doe award for psychopathy: Björn "Meeeee, Wanted?" Holzhauer for being nice to old ladies, and shooting everybody else.

The Brutus award for betrayal (Et tu Brute?): Phil The Mole Bennett for arming and helping his target Tim Redding to kill his target before shooting Tim in the back

The Nigel Harris award for butchering Cops: Bjoern Electra King Holzhauer for killing 15 police officers, 4 of these justifiably, without premeditation

The Robocop award for killing wanted criminals: Bjoern Executioner Wiggum Holzhauer for killing 7 wanted criminals

The Millenium Dome award for the biggest mess-up: "The Sam Fairley staircase massacre"

The Police Hero medal: to Inspector Simon Fenster Ford for killing three criminals amongst them Charles Darknight Clarke and to Comissionar Johannes Krimson Nordstroem for his 5 kills of wanted criminals

The Yellow Streak award for running away: Ralph Owen for hiding in toilets at every opportunity

The Jim Bowie award for the best knifeman: Andrew Psycosix Shepherd for obvious reasons

The Harland Quinn Golden Quill for the most entertaining reports: Ed Dave Hammond Nokes aka Curse of Scotland aka Jack o'Knaves aka COPERDROID aka The Weasel aka The Emperor Dermot aka The absurd mouse of the mountains aka Fliegenfische for his many totally different reports, mos t notably his brilliant impersonations of Police Chief Dave Hammond, which actually convinced several police officers (notably Sgt P Zero)

The Leek and Safe award for the most inventive weaponry: Dan Stelf Jane for his attempt to kill Dan Owen with an electric heater thrown into a swimming pool at a Life Saving Society Meeting and then finally using a trident to keep the water based theme

Thanks to Durham for some of the new award ideas.