Child of the Revolution attempted a poisoning.

Hi! Just wanted to report an assassination attempt by someone calling themselves "Child of the Revolution". This good ol' chap decided that he was going to try to do me in by means of a simple contact poison letter. His plan was pretty well conceived except for three minor details:

  1. He didn't put a return address on his letter, which immediately raised my suspicions
  2. so much of the "poison" had been knocked loose of its original position of being glued to the letter that the thing would have passed for a maraca
  3. I'd thought of doing the exact same thing.
So in the presence of three witnesses I donned gloves and carefully cut open the letter, poured out all the poison that had been knocked loose and then, with tweezers and a pair of scissors, carefully opened the letter. The letter read something along the lines of "sorry old chap, but you're dead if you're reading this letter". Sorry, old chap, but you'll have to do better than that.

Mr Bump killed Robin Sisson

An e-mail regarding a new target arrived in my inbox. My new target being in college, I thought I may as well make the effort and deprive my him of life. I borrowed a rather swish looking gun from a fellow assassin in college and made my way to the target's staircase. Having got to his door, I realised I hadn't actually checked the weapon, so I hid in a nearby toilet and tested it, muffling the sound with my jacket. Happy with the weapon, I knocked on my target's door and waited. A moment later he opened the door clutching a rather vicious looking text book so I raised the gun and shot him.
It went something like this:
Sorry..thought i'd get at least one.

Foolfarian killed Corpus Hostium (Phoenix), aka Daniel Grundy.

Today Phoenix of Corpus Hostium was stabbed in the back by a man who claimed to be his comrade.
Phoenix is standing in the corner of the bar, feeling safe and surrounded by allies when Foolfarian, a fellow Corpus Hostium member comes up behind him and hits him over the head with a cosh. Phoenix staggers in disbelief and horror, falling finally to his knees in front of Foolfarian. Then he lowers his gun and fires a steel bullet deep into Phoenix's brain. But worry not, for the Phoenix will rise from the ashes and rain the fury of hell on the isolent fools who vanquished him.

An assassin returned from a weekend away to find a bomb left on their door by Quetzalcoatl.

Parting the skeins of night and wings of storm I boldly set out at 5.10. And couldn't leave my college, the porter had wandered off and the gates were locked.
Eventually gaining exit, cursing that the best part of the day was already done (for it was 5.30) I made my way to the targets' room, from which snoring emanated. Promising, I thought as I set up a friendly combination of bomb and contact poison on note warning of bomb. Then I smiled sweetly at the porters and slithered home to roost, leaving daylight to discover the fate of the target.

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