Jenny Chase has been visited by Father Christmas.

A target, with full water?
One cannot resist.
The distance?
No problem.

Arrival indicated a friendship,
One should not interrupt.
It acts as a test-bed,
For unproven technology.

Heavily armed,
Very paranoid.
This is my target.
No doubt.

A poison note,
Able to kill instantly.
A bomb,
Able to kill instantly.

A decoy was used,
An attractive Jenny,
Stood in open doorway.

Armed, and paranoid.
My friend too far.
I wait.
I wait.

Water water water.
In the lower torso.
Nearly missed.
Nearly killed.

Coffee offered
and accepted.
Thank you
Fellow Assassin

We will not forget.

The Laughing Maniac killed PC Big Hairy Monster.

I am a fwend of the late Isobel Hooper, but a nasty policeman called PC Big Hairy Monster shot her. I fink that was weally mean, so I've avenged her death and shot him back in a fit of anger (and manic giggling)...

The Laughing Maniac

PS: I was qwite pwoud of myself yesterday when I also got Edwin Thomson, and was well on the way to a hattwick! :) But I fink he may alweady have been dead, and so I might have shot his ghost. Still, thats no cwime is it - I mean, it was a pwovoked attack - his ghost spooked me, and I was scared so I shot at him: I mean, what's a girl to do!

And for this brutal murder of a poor police officer who was only trying to do his duty, The Laughing Maniac finds herself on the Wanted List.

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