The Inquisitor killed wanted PC Unity.

Well, there I was, going to check my mail, when who should I see waiting outside caff, but the slightly-wanted Hannah Fenton, a.k.a. PC Unity.

Alas, I was nearly unarmed, well - sort of, anyway - as I only had one gun on me... Luckily, I also had Fluffy, my faithful pet, companion, and sidearm.

Approaching the target from her blind side, I contemplated briefly a simple attack to the back, but decided against it, in favour of the far more stylish throat attack.

Quietly, I moved into position, then spoke her name, while subtly readying my surprise - she turned, and Fluffy went for the throat, removing the jugular vein in the merest fraction of a second, and dropping her to the floor with barely a sound. Covered with fresh blood, Fluffy returned to his cave, to resume the hunt.


Philosophers In Quest into letter from The Man from the Timber Industry:

Arriving back from a light session of drinking in town, I was surprised to find an email from a friend, who coincidently has a pigeon hole directly below mine. Apparently they had an item of mail that was in their pigeon hole addressed to me, something to do with assassin's they suggested, as our porters know that our names are below our holes, not above as in certain colleges obviously. I wandered down to the post room to collect said item, wearing gloves of course, it was a bit nippy.

Evidently the letter wasn't bombed, else an innocent would have been killed, but I brought it back to my room and opened with scissors. A *very* small amount of chalk/flour stuff got onto my gloves, at which point I immediately threw letter in bin and took gloves off to clean.

To my assassin: Next time get the right hole!

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