The Inquisitor killed Ed Nokes.

13:15, I leave a lecture, very wary, and talking with an upstanding member of our Police force (PC Bri Bubble), he expresses surprise at my paranoia, and registers slight concern when I move towards the cafeteria, rather than heading straight home.

13:20, I retrieve my bike from it's unlikely storage location (the real reason I went towarsd the cafeteria), and head home - by an unusual route.

13:29, I approach my college - thinking as I do that the bike shed would make a good place to ambush me.

13:30, I round the corner to the door to my bike shed, to see Ed Noakes standing there, looking relatively relaxed - we freeze briefly, then I drop my bike, and run back around the corner - drawing two pellet guns as I go. A porter emerges, and departs. I move forwards. A short exchange of fire ensues, in which I lose my right arm, and most of the ammo in one gun. I retreat to cover, just out of his range from his cover - as we quickly discover.

13:35, Still both in cover, with me running low on ammo, and debating retreat to my room, for more guns - finally a shot hits (his location is in range, but my left arm is inaccurate, and there's wind - I have also dodged a couple of carrots by this point). As he looks around, uncertain, a bullet falls from the crook of his left arm, which is now disabled.

13:36, I press my advantage, and manage to trap him in cover with us both firing around a corner, about 3m apart. I feit rushes several times, and take potshots at him with two of my remaining three shots.

13:37, Finally one of my feits produces a stream of water which stops abruptly, so I rush him, as he is trying to pump one-handed, and shoot him in the chest at near point-blank, with my final shot.

It turns out that he was trying to pretend to run out of water, so I would rush him, but he got unlucky, and actually ran out at that moment - to his (brief) surprise.

PC Bri Bubble killed John Niland.

After picking up the blood stained bundle that had been thrown through the main gate, a porter came back into Magdalene plodge, carrying Big John's bullet-proof vest in his hand. Several shocked students were watching, when he unwrapped it; there was tin of Beluga wrapped inside together with a note saying:'From Russia with love.'
Clearly shaken the porter explained to the bystanders:'A Russian message: Big John sleeps with the fishes.'

Trezzer left a bomb for someone.

I'm really quite proud of this, it's a recipe for a Jamaica Ginger Cake Bomb.

1 Jamaica Ginger Cake
1 Motion Sensor
Double Sided Sticky Tape
Carefully open the underside of the wrapper and remove the cake. Turn the cake upside down and make a hollow in the underside on one end for the sensor to fit into. Replace cake in its wrapper. Seal up the wrapper discretely with the tape. The cake is almost ready. Next, visit the pigeonhole room and place the ginger cake into the requisite pigeonhole. Activate the switch to leave the bomb primed, and retire to a safe distance. The cake will explode on the slightest movement, and should hopefully result in an elimination.

NB My only disappointment was that I wasn't able to use this ginger cake bomb on Paul Hickford, but as he says "There's always next term!"

I saw a cake in my pigeonhole: as I have no generous friends, I suspected a trap, sent an associate to get duct tape and string, taped the duct tape lightly to the cake, stood a number of metres away, and pulled the string. A musical sound confirmed my suspicions, but I survived. Nice cake though, thanks.

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