Father Christmas left a present...

Detonator from door to doorframe. Explosive consisting of milk carton (filled with water) and Frosties box (partially filled with tissues) sellotaped together. Blast radius about 5 metres if I remember correctly from measuring it. Partially hidden behind (full) bin, but the label (and more importantly, the word BOMB) clearly visible on side of explosive. Let's see what happens.

The intended victim managed to disarm the bomb without triggering any hidden booby-traps.

The Red Fox was out hunting...

I have just made some poisoned party invitations which I will be delivering to my targets this afternoon. I have poisoned them with body glitter which looks like harmless and festive decoration. However, it will be impossible for my targets to pick up the invite without transferring the glitter onto themselves! This should work as I intend to put them face-up under their doors...they will not suspect that they are being poisoned when they see a small peice of paper with 'party' written in big letters. I shall inform them of their death in small print on the reverse side.

The victim-to-be knew to be wary of the small print...

Came from lectures andencountered a pleasant surprise: a note under my door, with the words "Invitation" and "Christmas party" clearly visible on it along with lots of glitter. I started to reach down, already tasting mulled vine on my parched lips... But wait. Isn't that Claire's Accessories body glitter smeared all over the note? Did I, or did I not, think just yesterday what a wonderful contact poison it would make?

Enter pink Sainsbury's rubber gloves. :)

Funnily enough, the assassin who had signed the note had forgotten to tell me where this party is going to take place. Come on, I'd just love to turn up and have a little chat!

Sergeant Bri Bubble executed corrupt cop Paul O'Grady.

Being corrupt is a double-edged thing, people have earnt many biscuits this way. But most of these have died, because I didn't get a share of those biscuits.

After a long supervision I decided that Paul O'Grady would meet the same fate. As he had evaded the law for a long time - most probably by cycling very fast - I came to the conclusion that his real name had to be Stuart O'Grady. So I walked into his corridor, asked for Stuart O'Grady, his neighbours pointed to a door, the door opened and Agent Zero came out, asking whether I was looking for him.
And indeed, I was.

Sergeant Quetzalcoatl mutilated the corpse of Paul O'Grady.

On paying a surprise visit to Mr Paul O'Grady's room tonight, I was delighted to find the door unlocked. Of course I walked in firing, and it took me a moment to realise that the shades of red with which the room were lavishly decorated were not in fact part of the design. On the offchance that the organs spilling out of the corpse's body cavity were a cunning feint, I shot it again several times. Nope- definitely dead, but extremely freshly so.

Since Sergeant Bri Bubble's hallmarks were obvious, I was half expecting to encounter him lurking at Burrell's Field, but he wasn't there and neither of the people I wanted to see were available so I went home.

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