The Lemming Award for the first to die : goes to Frances Robinson !

The Björn Holzhauer Prize for "enthusiasm" : goes to Björn Holzhauer !

Incidentally, Björn Holzhauer is also awarded the third ever PhD (Paranoia hardened Deathmaster) in the Guild. He also holds the Guild's record career bodycount (>130 victims).

The Edmund Pringle Prize for paranoia : goes to J Doe for succeding in not dying and being generally silly in order to achieve this.

The Percy the Parsnip Prize for the best use of root vegetables : goes jointly to Ed Wallace (for an almost systematic use of them) and Björn Holzhauer (for using a carrot most accurately on Dan Jane on the last day of the game).

Ed Wallace is also instated as a Master Assassin.

The Harland Quinn Golden Quill for the best report : goes to Ed Nokes and Ed Wallace for the "Health and Safety Inspectorate" report.

The Ben Johnson Award for awesome athleticism : goes to Johannes Nordström for managing to leg it back to King's after escaping Björn "Meeeeeeeeeeeee ? I'm not jumping over a wall with a CPS-1000 in one hand and a carrot in another" Holzhauer.

The Leek and Safe Prize for the most interesting weaponry used : goes to Robert Hiersemenzel for his kill of Simon Ford with a handmade steamroller.

The Obfuscated Tutorial System Award for the stupidest pseudonym : goes to Neil "JJ. The Musical Ass Factory Foundation" Morisson !

The Matthew Garrett Prize for the meanest accomplice : surprisingly goes to... Matthew Garrett !

The Sean Connery Award for the smoothest kill : goes to Björn Holzhauer for doing his second hatrick outside Queens' Ball in black tie and with a wig !

The S-Staircase Massacre Award for the biggest mess-up: goes to The Robinson Massacre where 4 players died in a row.

The Brutus Award for the best betrayal : goes to Matthew Bennett for killing James Wright, mainly on the grounds that he was rowing and therefore unavailable to be a major associate.

The Best Shot Medal : goes to Alex Churchill for managing to kill Ed Nokes with a single rubber band from about 10m away whilst having no legs.