Summary of Changes

Note that players who are members of a boat crew are not valid targets until the team has split up to go back home (unless they are ostensibly bearing weapons).

The main changes in the rules for this May Week are :

In case of two players killing each other, they have to sort out on the spot who is dead and who is not (para 1.2.9)

Suicides are not allowed (para 1.2.10)

Poisonous gas and poisoned umbrellas disallowed, but poisoned darts (administered by dartguns or blowpipes) and poisoned food are allowed (para 4.1.7)

Umbrellas can be used as shields against water pistols, rubber bands and throwing knives, but not against grenades. However if the water gets through and hits you you are dead (please be honest!) (para 4.1.12)

May Balls AND the queues outside are no water/no messy weapons zone (para 6.2)