Mayweek 2001 - Player Statistics for J Doe

Current status: Alive and dangerous!
Address: Visitor, around Newnham W22
No water weapons
Current score: 340
Total number of kills: 13
Total number of deaths: 0
Current pseudonym: Overkill, PhD (retired)
Previous pseudonyms: Overkill, PhD (retired)
Robbin' Hood
Godfather Ted
Ancalagon the Black
Analagon the Black
GG the Harmonious Horse Handworkshop Headquarters
The Languid Longjohns from the Lunatic assylum
the Man with the Uranium Cranium
Captain Carrot
Our Ass in Nirvana

Assassinations:Deaths:Failed attempts:Survived attempts:
Päivi Pasi3
(Mon 15:48) (Sun 09:55) (Fri 15:24)
Gaynor Barrett2
(Tues 15:00) (Fri 17:30)
Tim Hinton2
(Tues 15:01) (Fri 17:31)
Jamie Douglas1
(Sat 17:10)
Daniel Edgcumbe1
(Sat 17:40)
Alex Churchill1
(Sun 09:35)
Angela Rayner11
(Sun 09:39) (Sun 09:41)
Björn Holzhauer11
(Tues 22:05) (Sun 23:55)
Sally Clough1
(Tues 13:45)
Adrian Proctor1
(Wed 17:15)

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