Basically finalised.

The Lemmon award for the first to die:
Ed Wallace, who died at 09:58 on Saturday, to Naji Ashry. [link]
Near misses:
David Chow, who died to Johannes Nordström, at about 10:02. [link]
Catherine Zentile was killed by Peter McIntyre at 13:00. [link]
Alexander Butler, surcumbed at 14:45, to Martin O'Leary. [link]
Naji Ashry lasted until 16:52, when Robert Hiersemenzel got to him. [link]
The J Doe award for psychopathy:
Michael Cripps sent a ridiculous 28 poisoned letters, in a single morning, later he shot everyone sporting a goatee. [link]
The line-up:
Lalani Dias killed 5 innocents, due to a little confusion.
Bjoern Holzhauer attacked about 20 people (mostly from Emma) in a single morning.
Mario Sainz-Martinez just because...
The Ginger Cake Award for the Smoothest Kill:
Mario Sainz-Martinez who managed to set up rather a nice execution of the unsuspecting PC Edith the Hut.
Notably smooth:
Bjoern Holzhauer who masterminded the removal of two targets, from a balcony overlooking their supervision. [plan]
The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart award for the Most Amusing Death:
James Bowe For... well, you've seen the photo.
Funny ends:
Mike Cripps For walking into Emma at 6am and running into the SWAT team who was preparing to go and kill him.
Robert McNeilly Who was carrying a bomb back to his room to defuse, when the SWAT team recognised it, and shot him.
The 'I Shot the Sherrif' award for butchering cops:
Mario Sainz-Martinez, the Chief of Police, who has eliminated seven, all of whom were technically corrupt at the time.
Other concerned citizens:
Matthew Lohse got five, in the end.
Matthew Johnson got three.
The 'I am the Law' award for corruption:
Jenny Chase who managed to be corrupt to 5 mafias simultaneously, in her next incarnation, she was the 'Organised Crime Liason Officer', and her final incarnation compounded the problem by Aiding and Petting a wanted criminal.
Ones to watch:
Mike Cripps Executed for corruption four times.
James Bowe Executed for corruption three times.
The Dr Kimble award for surviving the longest time on the wanted list:
Matthew Lohse lasted for 12 days, 16 hours and 13 minutes.
Persistant problems:
Ben Cummings deservs a special mention for spending half the game on the incompetents list, and still making the duel.
The Kenny Award for dying far too many times:
Michael Cripps who died as a player, and also four times as a police officer.
Life's victims:
Sam Blackburn who has died four times.
James Bowe who has died, and then been executed for corruption three times.
The Robocop award for killing wanted criminals:
Jenny Chase Has twelve in the bag, and one in the sack.
Tinman wannabes:
Mario Saintz-Martinez Has killed eight. Four he made wanted himself.
Tom Forster Has managed five.
The David Duffit award for secrecy and deception:
Bjoern Holzhauer who was responsible for about two noteworthy pieces of deception per week, as well as indirectly directing more of the game than I did.
Perfect strangers:
Matthew Laycock who even caused me to forget he was playing.
The Three Hours Early award for paranoia:
Early birds:
Sorin Basca who left at 7am for the library, minutes before the CAttAC arrived to spend 3 hours waiting for him.
Matthew Lohse who might be disqualified on the grounds that they really were out to get him.
The Order of the Black Coat for the least effective disguise:
Ed Nokes' Moustache which fails to conceal the fact that there is a dodgy person attached to it.
Suspicious figures:
James Bowe who tied his hair back, wore a shirt, and failed to fool his target.
Mario Sainz-Martinez isn't trying to disguise himself, but has been nominated anyway.
Simone Ford who was just scary.
The Darwin Award for death by stupidity:
Yu Liu, Hannah Burton & Isobel Hooper who crowded round a live bomb, while it was being disarmed... badly.
Selected naturally:
Jamie Collinson who managed to be touching a letter bomb, as it was detonated by someone else opening it.
A near-miss for most of the SWAT team, and Ralph Owen, who were standing around a bomb, when the light was switched on. (Luckily, it had leaked.)
The yellow streak award for running away:
Ezzari Esa for the "Run Like an Esa" comment.
Going, going, gone:
Jenny Chase was also nominated. Possibly in connection with the Matthew Garrett award.
The Harland Quinn Golden Quill for the most amusing reports:
Sir Sven O'Bjornchester Samuel J. McHolzhauer Yirteen-blimps-ahoy! produced something rather good.
In-fight entertainment:
Gaybrush Threepchoad's (cod)piece is something special, as is The Choadst Pirgayte LeChoadk's.
The Brutus award for the best betrayal:
Simon Ford managed to set up a three-way mafia/police encounter. Oh, and there was the thing with Dave Owens - along with the slight incident with Scott Boham.
Backstabbers anonymous:
The Police Hero medal:
Johnathn Hogg and Tom Forster share this award, for long and sterling service.
Shining coppers:
Mario Sainz-Martinez masterminded a wonderfully motivated and scary police force, but de-nominated himself, late in the game.
Jenny Chase who was rather effective, but not exactly a good example.
The Leek and Safe award for the most interesting or innovative weaponry:
BjoernandJenny for the killer octopus.
Paivi Pasi for using a fridge. The 'X marks the spot' was an especially classic touch.
The Matthew Garrett prize for winding up the OCLO:
Ed Clayton & Robert Hiersemenzel for "Guess who's just been made wanted!"
Cambridge's most charming:
Jolyon Winstam for the incident which involved her hitting him in the jaw.
Stuart Moore for walking towards her.
Ed Nokes for "You know, I'm carrying three pizzas and you're talking to only two people."
James Bowe for adding the touching aroma of fired cap gun to her hair one morning.
Other nominees: Sam Blackburn, Catherine Zentile and evil boyfriend and David Holmes
The Reversed Burden of Evidence Award for unintentionally killing innocents:
Johannes Nordstrom who killed 6, all for good (but incorrect) reasons.
Well meaning murderers:
Jenny Chase killed a total of 4.
Daniel Drodge & Ed Clayton murdered 78 in an evening, which is worthy of mention, but not an award.
Ed Clayton shot 7 armed innocents in an evening. Likewise.
The Small Cantaloupe got 13 the same evening. Likewise.

Paranoia Hardened Deathmasters (PhDs):

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The title of Master Assassin (MA) is awarded to assassins, who win a game or make an outstanding performance in one or more games. The following assassins have been awarded MAs in the past: