Lent 2002 Wanted List

Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachvesky, The upright citizen Bjoern Holzhauer, The Little Lizard Liberation Front, Agent WI Kiwikiwi, Styx, James Jekyll, Guitar Dave shot his target and neighbour Bjoern Holzhauer (Ma Baker), then he, Guitar Dave shot his target and neighbour Bjoern Holzhauer (Ma Baker), then he , Ma Baker Bjoern Holzhauer Caius Q16 {No Water (be sensible around staircase: plodge, offices and fellows present.)}
For the murder of Päivi Pasi. For the deaths of two innocents, with about half an excuse, for trying to engineer the death of the entire SWAT team, for trying to blow up two police, for use of contact poison. And the murder of PC Private.

Pseudonym:Name:College:Killed by:
Ug GugNaji Ashry Emmanuel ???
For the murder of Ed Wallace, which was unrelated to alleged Mafia activity.
Little Miss TroubleLalani Dias New Hall ???
For killing 5 of Cupcake's neighbours.
Jeff KJohannes Nordström King's ???
For killing an innocent scribe, and attempting to blow someone up. Also for excessive 1337ness. Oh, and for some omore bombs, one of which killen an innocent.
Mr PinkAlex Thomson Selwyn ???
Multiple homicide
KirikaJonathan Hogg St Catharine's ???
For the deaths of three innocents, attempting to murder people who have done nothing worse than live in Emma, and then shooting all and sundry. For the killing of Ducks! For the despicable slaughter of the Chief of Police! Use of land mines.
Potato Cripps, Potato, Agent IcarusMichael Cripps Trinity Hall ???
Use of an unduly large quantity of excess explosive. Being called 'Potato Cripps'. Multiple contact poisonings. Shooting an Emmanualite. Still having an amusing pseudonym. Killing the CoP's neighbour. Sneding many, many poisoned letters, killing some other people. Causing me to spend too long entering failed poisoned letters. Impersonating Alex Cairnes.
The Choadst Pirgayte LeChoadkJames Wright Trinity Hall ???
Homocide, killing a police officer, shooting more people.
Ghost OfRoger Benson Trinity Hall ???
Poisoning an innocent
Escrivitor Karavas, An Audience of One, HammMatthew Johnson Trinity Hall ???
For killing PC Vash, wounding General Powell, and generall not being a nice person. Binford mafia member, highly dangerous. Also killed PC Cooperi. Cleared up some confusion in the Jesus mail room.
TazSorin Basca John's ???
For the death of Neil Morrison
ProeliatorAbdollah Ghavami Queens' ???
For carelessly poisoning his neighbour
Hylas the Nymph PimpMuhammad Esa John's ???
Pending investigation into badly confused incident, and possible suicide.
Robert LudlumMatthew Lohse Corpus Christi ???
Murdering Matt Rowen, and Simon Hunt. And some innocents. Killed PC Private Investigator and the OCLO.

Pseudonym:Case history:
Ma BakerFor killing Kenyon-Jones and Hancock, Fairburn, Skilton. Bombing four doors, sending multiple poisoned letters, and use of contact poison. Redeemed on medical grounds.
Sir Sven Ø'Bjørnchester Samuel J. McHølzhauer Yirteen-blimps-ahøy! WilsønWas in fact not guilty of killing Ben Fairbairn, after all.
The Fluffy PufferfishFor the murder of three assassins and an innocent. Redeemed on medical grounds.
TazThe innocent wasn't innocent, after all.
The Wages Of SinFor the death of an innocent, redeemed himself by killing a wanted criminal and two incompetents.


Produced at Sat Mar 16 22:59:37 2002