Rule Updates

Clarifications arising in the game will be added here:

The Rule Changes will now remain static, and will no longer be changed (although I may tweak the wording, if people try to exploit loopholes).

Any ruling which I make in the game, which I think needs to be publically known, will be appended to the bottom of this file. This should be easier to check than the long list of changes made to the rules.

23rd January

The shop Games & Puzzles in Green Street is out of bounds for the entire game. This covers the entire premises, with the exception of bombs placed on the outside of the door, which will blast a short distance into the shop. Take great care not to upset customers.

The ADC theatre may be treated as a society, for the purposes of attacking people - that is to say, anyone involved in a performance is out of bounds. This does not apply to the audiance, or to the bar afterwards. 27th January

While it is not (strictly) breaking the rules to kill police who are bearing weapons, the police force wish it to be known that they will routinely make you wanted for it, anyway.

28th January

Although CURS weekly meetings are taking place in a pub, they are still counted as society meetings for the puropses of being out of bounds. Other CURS events are unaffected.

30th January

The Games & Puzzles Games Evenings are counted as society meetings, and hence out of bounds.

If you are dead, please spectate quietly - do NOT shout to, or otherwise alert, other players of impending ambushes, etc, etc. If you feel your presence will cause undue reassurance, do not remain visible.

4th February

Given a number of complaints, I will start enforcing strictly the 'actively engaged in attacking' aspect of the targeting rules, for anyone except the target of the attack.
Thus if A has B as a target, and A and C go to attack B, then while B may call D for support, A and C will only be legal targets for D, while they are right outside (or inside) B's room.
A is of course always a legal target for B, and I will be far more tolerant of B following and ambushing C than I would if D were to do so.
This will not be applied retroactively.

5th February

How to set up Outlook Express to access the newsgroup.
1. Sit at computer
2. Turn it on
3. Make certain that your door is shut so no assassins come bursting into your room and shoot you.
4. Open Outlook Express
5. Go to the Tools menu. Click on Accounts.
6. Click the "Add" button and select News
7. Type in your name, and press next: If you're very paranoid miss out this step and the next, or enter a false one.
8. Type in your email address, and click next.
9. In the box, type; Also make certain the "My news server requires me to log on" box is UNCHECKED
10. Press next, followed by finish.
11. You should now have access to the server. Remember that it is only accessable from within the domain (i.e. the computer is connected to a college or university network)
12. Look over your shoulder, look through spyhole. Be very paranoid for about 15 minutes, then realise it was nothing.
13. Sit back at computer with selection of weaponry to hand. Click the Close button.
14. Make certain that the account you just set up is selected in the main left hand panel, and click the "Newsgroups" button in the top of the right hand frame. If it asks you to download the list of newsgroups, say yes.
15. Type "assass" or some version of "assassin" in the "Display newsgroups which contain" box. You should now see in the box below a newsgroup "ucam.rec.assassin"
16. Double click this item in the list, and see a litle icon appear next to it, showing that you are 'subscribed' to it. hit the OK button.
17. Next hit the "Synchronize Account" button (Yes, next to the newsgroups one)
18. Select the newsgroup in the right hand panel. Read just like email.
19. To reply to a post, hit the "reply group" button. Hitting the reply button will send the poster an email which is not visible to the rest of the group.
20. Be really paranoid. Not every post is necessarily made by those it seems to be from. Normally clicking right clicking and selecting properties, then using the "Details" tab will normally reveal the origin of the post, though this could alos be masked. note that people can get your email address this way if you're using your own machine.

The only problem I had setting my account up was that I used to get errors when connecting to the server. So one thing to check when having problems loading the list of newsgroups is that you are NOT trying to use SSL. To do this look at the news server's properties and make certain that on the advanced tab the "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" checkbox is unmarked. Also, for reference, my connection seems to work fine with port 119 on the News server.

Mass murder of ducks and innocents, cop killer. Corpse.

7th February

Given the recent proliferation of confusing incidents involving multiple people, I have decided to make a few things clear - hopefully they won't affect most of you.
If it was confusing, talk to everyone involved afterwards - don't worry about dying as a result, as far as I'm concerned no shots fired in the 'discussion phase' count.
If I recieve multiple contradictory results, I will be forced to make rulings which seem arbitary and unfair to someone - I wasn't there, I can't help it. However, those who didn't at least try to sort it out then and there are likely to be ruled against. Those who agree one thing verbally, and then say a different thing to the Umpire should expect the worst.
I am a firm supporter of rule 1.2.2, and will not be swayed by pedantic interpretation of the rules in complicated circumstances. Being insistant about this (known as 'Rules Lawyering' in some circles) really annoys me, and will be taken as a carte blanche to ignore completely the rule in question, in favour of 1.2.2.

The CoP is quite within his rights to make those supporting a known criminal wanted or corrupt, so long as there are live witnesses to, or evidence of, this support. In possible contradiction to past rulings (but entirely in line with commo sense) aiding and abetting a criminal is itself now a crime. ]