The Assassins' Guild - Michaelmas 2002

Duel Report (Jenny Chase)

Before the duel, James and myself had been warned that taking a lot of weapons would annoy the Emmafia. However, being outnumbered by the annoyed Emmafia didn't seem too much different from being outnumbered by them in their usual placid harmlessness, so we were prepared to carry 7-9 guns apiece.

The duel began in the Sidgwick site, with the Emmafia (Ruaridh, Scott, Simon, Tim) versus the Resistance (James and myself). There was much uneasy circling, although Simon had declared his intent to not take the duel seriously and was sitting quietly. Then Scott engaged me around some pillars, getting off at least one missed shot before finding James immediately behind him. I realised Simon was in front of me when I saw his big bad bow dart aimed directly at my head, ducked, and heard it hit Scott's corpse's chest behind me.

The odds shifted to merely 2-3, we sorted out an awkward call with me alive but starting between two emmanuelites. However, Tim and Simon seemed unwilling to press their advantage, Tim slowly walking towards me, throwing a carrot and taking cover, so I attacked Simon. An excellent and trusted ally all game, I had broken off our alliance before duel on the basis that it was unfair on him to be allied with 4 of 5 other duellists. After some interchange of pellets, I got a lucky shot on his head, and he went back to sit on his bench. 2-all, with the Resistance having evened the odds.

Underwood then engaged me (they were very polite people, taking us on one at a time- we must commend their honourable nature) with carrots. However, he was cap-gunned in the back by James while doing so. Suddenly things were looking up for the formerly outnumbered party. Ruaridh, looking rather alone, retreated, and there was some reloading before we tried to attack him from two directions at once, having learnt from the emmafia's efforts that attacking one by one is a good way to die valiantly.

We cornered him, but he proceeded to shoot me in both legs as James and I took out an arm and a leg (not sure which of us got which). With Ruaridh and I both running out of ammunition and functioning on two limbs (in my case by squirming around on the ground, much to the amusement of the spectators), the unhurt James retreated to watch as we totally ran out of pellets, 4m apart, with some cover. I picked up some of the fallen pellets and got them into a gun while Ruaridh threw 3 pen-knives at me, managing to miss a target lying on their back every time. Readying his last knife, he started hopping towards me ferociously, and stabbed me as I cap-gunned him from my strategic position on the ground. James shot him from behind immediately afterwards, and me for good measure, but generally was impressed by his luck at not having had to kill the last two remaining players. Well done James!

Duel Report (Ruaridh Buchanan)

Will come, soon. We have it, just trying to convert it to HTML.