Social Events

Hall on Thursday at 5.45 pm

Yes, there'll be a hall in Caius for all of strong enough constitution. Please meet outside the plodge at 5.45 to ensure we'll get seats together. It'll probably be free, assuming I can get together enough left over dinner tickets. As it's technically not formal hall, you won't need to dress up or gowns, although the food will be served to the table.

The menu is as follows:

Please email me if you want to come, so I have some idea of numbers.

The Duel

The game was decided by a duel between the six remaining players on Tuesday 3rd at 1.45pm in the Sidgwick site, after we were gardenered from Harvey Court Gardens. (Like being portered, only with incomprehensible comments about trampled bulbs in December!

After-game Party

The end-of-game party was held in Ed Nokes' room (Room 8, 2 Harvey Road, near Fenners' Gym) from 6 pm on Saturday November 30th. Food was whatever people brought, plus pizzas! Games of Mafia and The Chairman's Game were played.

There were battles on Saturday afternoon before the party: people turned up at 2pm at the place where the party was held, with weapons (esp. CPS), and had some fun in Ed's gardens, the surrounding streets, and perhaps on Parkers' piece.

Incompetence Pubmeet

It was that time of year, when the leaves turned brown and the cool autumnal mists crept gently upon us... that we went out killing!

Friday night, 1st November, as we all know, was the first incompetence deadline of Michaelmas 2002. Therefore a pubmeet was held in the Bun Shop on King Street from 7pm on Friday night, followed by a pleasant evening of incompetent bashing.

The Bun Shop and surrounding area was, of course, out of bounds for the duration of the meet. The definition of the surrounding area was at the discretion of the Umpire; she reserved the right to annul kills that occured as a direct result of someone attempting to reach the pubmeet, though did not do so as there weren't any, and even so wouldn't, had she felt it wasn't warranted.

Glad to have seen as many of you there as there were, which was quite a few, probably about 20, a nice mixture of players and police. See this page for the results.

A map of the surrounding area, with the Bun Shop carefully marked, is here.

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