The Lemming Award for the first to die:
Peter McIntyre, who was killed at 00.01 by Neill Smith
Dave Manning, who also perished at the same time, at the hands of James Bowe.

The Bacardi Breezer Prize for most kills under influence of alcohol:
Scott Boham, who probably didn't manage a single sober kill.
Ed Clayton, who reversely nominated himself for The Cheap and Minging Vodka Award for most deaths under the influence of alcohol.

The Saddam Hussein Award for lack of firepower:
Matt Laycock for being armed with a single rubber band, and nothing else.

The Björn Holzhauer Prize for "enthusiasm":
Jenny Chase for always shooting first and asking questions later.

The Captain Nemo Award for rising from the depths:
Peter McIntyre for his sudden ascension at 22:15 during the last day of the game.

The Darwin Award for the best death due to incredible stupidity:
Ric Brackenbury and Abi Baker for knocking on their target's door, then leaving and not looking behind when a drunken madman was running towards them with a CPS.

The Harland Quinn Golden Quill for the best report:
Matthew Lohse for various amusing pieces of, hmm, art. Or something.

The Laurel & Hardy Award for the best double act:
Bjoern and Jenny for giving the Umpire an opportunity to invent lots of funny pseudonyms for them, most of which never got used.
Also nominated:
Neill Smith & Matthew Johnson for shooting each other repeatedly, often in very funny circumstances.

The Potato Cripps Award for the stupidest pseudonym:
Rosemary "Herr todei,...gone forever." Warner for excessively bad punning
Simon Sprague for providing the inspiration for the above.
Almost there:
Tom "Four Star Petrol" Forster
David Chow for the variety of Daves
Scott "a football stadium" Boham
Richard "Trebor Liquorish Allsort" Smith

The Yellow Streak Award for running away:
Mike Cripps for, well, running away a lot.
Bjoern and Jenny for locking themselves up in toilets for the last few hours of the game.

The Igor Prize for the meanest accomplice:
Ralph Owen, whom everyone wanted to kill even before the game had started
Special mention:
Abi Baker, who provided valuable and glamorous assistance to Gonzo throughout the week.

The Stephen Byers Award for the biggest mess-up:
The CDC Ball massacre on day 1, during which Sally Clough killed an innocent, then Jack Vickeridge killed her and two innocents (one of them already killed by Sally), and then got shot in the back by Robert Hiersemenzel - all this in five seconds.

The Simon Ford Honorary Certificate for Backstabbing and Betrayal:
Ed Nokes for trying to set up Bjoern Holzhauer roughly from day three onwards and finally doing the job himself
Oh, and before I forget:
James Osborn, who backstabbed Ed Nokes after a no-kill agreement had been made.

The Robin Hood Prize for taking from the rich and giving to the poor:
Ed Nokes for his involuntary - but noble - contribution to Peter McIntyre's Captain Nemo Award .

The Rambo Award for first bloodtm :
Abi Baker, who finally slaughtered her first victim (who was actually retired at the time, alas).

The Vincent Vega Prize for being shot in a toilet:
Bjoern Holzhauer, who suffered such an ignominy at the hands of Ed Nokes just before the game finished.