Be alert for possibilities to snag one of these glittering prizes!

The Lemming Award for the first to die:
Michaelator (Zoeb Jiwaji) was shot, under a minute into the game.
The Holzhauer award for psychopathy:
The Shadow (Jon Jowett) had 8 kills, all legal targets.
Dr. Watson (Jenny Chase) had 12 kills, 7 on legal targets, 1 on The Umpire, 3 on Police and 1 on an innocent.
The David and Goliath Award for the best giant-killing activity by a new player:
Hi Ho Silver (Kyle Maddison) snowballed An English Bowman (James Osborn).
The Shadow (Jon Jowett) took down a number of more experienced assassins while playing for the first time.
The Ginger Cake Award for the Smoothest Kill:
Handwash Only (Ed Allcutt) stabbed Dreamer of Electric Sheep (Chris Field).
The 'I Shot the Sheriff' award for butchering cops:
Only Sir James The Rose (Jenny Chase) made a go of it, and got 3.
The Mario Sainz-Martinez award for cowwuption:
Handwash Only (Ed Allcutt) was vewy cowwupt.
As was Blessed Is He Who (Adam Biltcliffe).
The Dr Kimble award for surviving the longest time on the wanted list:
Dreamer Of Electric Sheep (Chris Field) had 22 days ... what were the police up to?
The Kenny Award for dying far too many times:
Hi Ho Silver (Kyle Maddison) who died 5 times in 25 hours.
The Robocop award for killing wanted criminals:
Constable Trinity (Hannah Burton) killed Sir James The Rose (Jenny Chase).
Handwash Only (Ed Allcutt) killed Dreamer of Electric Sheep (Chris Field).
The David Duffit award for secrecy and deception:
Possibly Handwash Only (Ed Allcutt) again?
The Three Hours Early Award for Paranoia:
Dr. Watson (Jenny Chase) was probably the most paranoid player - any one disagree?
The Order of the Black Coat for the least effective disguise:
Well, I didn't see any assassins - did you?
The Darwin Award for death by stupidity:
Jonthan Woollgar opened a bombed box because his superior officers told him to...
The yellow streak award for running away:
A Man Called Martin (Lachlan McLean), for running around Northern Cambridge for half an hour trying to escape from two different assassins, only to discover later he'd been killed by the first shot.
The Harland Quinn Golden Quill for the most amusing reports:
There weren't many - any nominations?
The Brutus award for the best betrayal:
The Traitor Formerly Known As Adler (Jen Curtis) for betraying the umpire to the invading Durhamites.
The Police Hero medal:
CoP Nephthys (Abi Baker) for stepping in as CoP and not actually being corrupt at all.
Constable 5 O'Clock Folly (Jonathan Woollgar) for sacrificing his life detonating Chris Field's bomb, for no obvious reason.
The Leek and Safe award for the most interesting or innovative weaponry:

The Reversed Burden of Evidence Award for unintentionally killing innocents:
We've only had the one: Fred Cheung, killed by Sir James The Rose (Jenny Chase).

Paranoia Hardened Death-masters (PhDs):

The title of a Paranoia Hardened Death-master (PhD) is awarded to assassins who have won two games. 4 PhDs have been awarded so far:

Master Assassins (MAs):

The title of Master Assassin (MA) is awarded to assassins who win a game or make an outstanding performance in one or more games. The following assassins have been awarded MAs in the past:

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