The Assassins' Guild: Lent 2003 Rules Updates

These are the updates to the rules from the Michaelmas 2002 rules.

4.0 Weapons:

IMPORTANT:   Since recent events, and the public awareness of guns, and gun-related crimes, players should be very careful when using weapons in public. Any guns, or other weapons, that look realistic should be made to look obviously like toys - e.g. spraying them bright colours. Anything that looks too much like a real weapon the Umpires will refuse to license for use. In all cases players should be careful about any weapon used in public, and should avoid themselves being seen using them.

4.1.4 Other Projectile Weapons

In this term's game, pellet rifles will not be allowed.

4.2 Contact Poison

Contact Poison used in any public area will result in the player being put on the wanted list. This includes a target's door handle. If you contact poison a door handle, you will be put on the wanted list with no chance of redemption Please don't do it!!!

4.13 Others

NOTE: Tanks and shields will not be available in this game for normal players. Police may, however, employ riot shields. These are umbrellas or latex shields. Umbrellas must be labelled and cannot be used as both a shield and a poisoned umbrella.

5.0 Death and Dying:

5.3 Public Kills:

Kills made in public places, with obvious weapons may result, at the Umpires' discretion, on the killer's real name being put in the news. This is to discourage firefights in public areas, and people being worried about people waving fake guns around. If your kill is seen by many non-players, and you did not use a subtle weapon, then your identity may be revealed.

7.0 Rules of Engagement:

7.1 Permissible Targets:

You may legally kill any of the following:

  1. Your assigned targets.
  2. The assassins assigned to you, if you learn their identity.
  3. Anyone holding a weapon or having one in full view, whether or not they are about to attack you. (Once the weapon is hidden, the person is no longer a legitimate target.) Someone in the process of planting a bomb is deemed to be bearing weapons.
  4. Anyone on the Wanted List.
  5. Anyone on the Incompetent List
  6. Anyone in the process of of aiding/accomplicing or making an attempt on your own life

7.2 Out of Bounds Areas:

The Umpires would like to encourage people to keep their playing to University grounds if at all possible. If you must attack on an open street, then please be careful about showing visible weapons where members of the public might see them, and call the police.

7.3 Time Restrictions:

Once the game starts, you must make a reasonable kill attempt within one week of the start of the game. After this, you must make an attempt less than one week after your previous attempt, until the end of the game.

There will be three levels of kill attempt in this game. These are:

At the start of the game, sending a poisoned letter will keep you competent. After three weeks, only other indirect or direct attempts will keep a player competent. It is likely that at the end of the game only direct attempts will suffice. This is to keep the game running at a good pace.
Note that a legal kill will always keep you competent, however it is achieved, including killing someone trying to attack you. Merely surviving an attempt will not, in general, extend your incompetence deadline.

10.0 The Umpires:

This term's Umpires are Matthew Johnson and Michael Cripps ( of Trinity Hall.

The primary method of contacting the Umpires is through email, though players are welcome to visit. The Umpires are immortal. Michael Cripps lives in Room 1 and Matthew Johnson in Room 9, both in Dean House, Trinity Hall Wychfield Site, Huntingdon Road. The staircase containing Room 1 is out of bounds, as are both rooms. They are also non water zones. The Umpires will, however, take a dim view of players who run into their staircase in order to escape an attacker.

11.0 Administriva:

11.3 IRC Channel:

For players wishing to chat, and socialise with other members of the guild, there is an IRC channel on the Student Run Computing Facility that people are more than welcome to visit. Connect to #assassins, on the IRC server The Umpires will have a continuous presence on this channel for people who wish to contact them.

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