Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Michaelmas 2003

This is the now finished site for the Michaelmas 2003 game. It was won by Trinity Hall legend Matthew Johnson in a 5 man duel held in Robinson college. The other duellists were Michael Cripps, Tom Garnett, Ed Allcutt and Michael Richards, who all survived the length of the game itself.

This page should now be the completed record of the game, a page for the duel is now included, and the awards page has been compiled.

The game was umpired by Ric Brackenbury, please email Ric with any suggestions of changes or mistakes on these pages.

I hope everyone who played enjoyed being part of the game--Roll on 2004!

  • The Michaelmas 2003 Rules.
  • Rule changes for this term.
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  • Game News:
    One - the JJ Wilks collective emerge, and the rise and fall of Lachlan McLean
    Two - a relatively quiet week, although many freshers don't last to see the end of it.
    Three - incompetents hit town, and get hit by everyone else. Carnage in Girton and Trinity.
    Four - several backstabbings and mathmo deaths make people nervous. The Minion of Myxomatosis breaks the chain of dying after killing someone else on the chain.
    Five - the game slows down, although Ross Edmondson has an eventful time. The last of the Caians fall.
    Six - the game heads towards duel.
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