The Assassins' Guild: Social Events

When not trying to kill each other, and sometimes when they are, assassins are very sociable people, and have various parties, games evenings, pubmeets, and battles etc. Hopefully such events will be organised over the term, check back here for more details.

Murder! Rape! Incest! Whitewash!

Come see one of Cambridge's Least Wanted perform in the Lady Margaret Players production of Max Frisch's Andorra, Friday 24th at the ADC, Park Street.

A no-kill zone will be in force for those approaching and leaving the performance, as well as in the theatre itself. So come along and enjoy a fine night of malicious witch-hunting and anti-Semitism with your fellow assassins.

Tickets are 5 students, 7.50 others, available on the door or by phoning 01223 5033333. Box Office opens 7:15pm, performance begins 7:45pm.

Incompetence Pubmeet
From Sunday evening at 8p.m. there will be an assassins pubmeet in the Anchor, on Silver Street, opposite Queens' college. The list of incompetents will be published at 9p.m. and groups of police and players may set forth to try to slim this list down. There will be a no-kill zone in the pub from 7.50 onwards, as well as those directly approaching/leaving the pub, who are also out of bounds.

How about a battle?
There will be battles this term. The first will start at 1:30 on Tuesday 4 November, meeting on the backs between Garrett Hostel Bridge and Clare Bridge. We may eventually switch to open combat on Queens backs.

This first battle event will be Waterpistols only. (the organizers will bring about 8 surplus waterguns). Further battle events later theis term will involve the full range of weaponry.

There will be many 1 on 1 fights in the same area with all other duellists counting as bystanders. 2 on 1 fights, fighting in pairs and triads, 2-team big fights, a free-for-all melee with a prize. A clear-cut common ruleset for combat will be sought (with input from all the many deaths and mess-ups in the battles). New gunners for the harder CPS cannons (2000 and 3000) are sought, it would be good if all current gunners and cannons turn out [and there's one 3000 for sale].

The event will have full no-kill status for the main game, so you are out of bounds while at the event, and directly approaching it or leaving it. We seek and welcome co-organizers for the later battles, particularly first and second years who will be around to continue the staging of battles next year and beyond.

Another battle: Sunday 16th Nov

Battle from 1:30 pm onwards on Sunday, meeting on the backs opposite Clare bridge. later fighting may be on the backs behind Queens.

First-timers welcome, watch or participate as you see fit in a wide variaty of fights with rubber band guns, soft pellet pistols, waterpistols, Nerf dartguns and throwables! Do not be deterred by lack of ownership of equipment. Plenty of nice people will be willing to share out.

We will fight proportionately with all kinds of medium-calibre weaponry, for the comfort and sanity of combatents and passers-by. no CPS, no pellet-rifles, no long-range efforts with the root vegetables, no water bombs. There will be a complete no-kill zone concerning the main game for this event, all people at the battle, and leaving or arriving are out of bounds.

Ceilidh on Friday

An event of The Round, the university country dance society:

We are running a ceilidh on the 28th of November and are offering discounts on the ticket prices for groups who want to come along en masse. Would the assassins be interested in coming along for a social evening?

There will be a live band and refreshments will be provided (although if people want alcohol they have to bring their own). All dances are walked through and no partner or experience are necessary.

If we can get a group of at least six people who want to come by half five on friday then they'll let any assassins who want to in for a discounted rate of 2.50.

The ceilidh is on friday at eight o' clock. It is at Parkside school (which is on parkside between the police and fire stations and drummer street). The Big Round Band are playing, all dances are walked through and no partner or experience will be necessary. If we can get a group together then the discount will be as above, otherwise people are still more than welcome to come at the full price of 3 for unwaged and 4.50 for the waged.

Anyone at the event, or leaving/arriving is in a no-kill zone for the assassins game.

If you'd like to go, please tell Ric asap so he can try to get a group discount.

End of game party!

After a long term's assassining, it's time for the end of term, end of game party. Everyone, whether you played or not, died early or not, is welcome to firstly E16 Selwyn College for mulled wine and mince pies from 8p.m. onwards. We'll then be heading into town via the carol service at 10p.m. and will end up in Matthew Johnson's room, Trinity Hall F11. Hope to see you there. Please don't feel that you have to bring anything to come, but anything you do bring will be gladly received!

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