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The Assassins' Guild - May Week 2003

May Week Game:

This game has now finished. It started on midnight Friday/Saturday 13th/14th of June, and lasted until 7 days until midnight Friday 20th. The Umpire was Jonathan Hogg, but Ralph Owen took over for the last 12 hours; please direct all queries about this game to him.
If you have sent any email to Jon about the game between 11 am and 2 pm today, please resend it to Ralph.
To get on the mailing list for future games, please email

Apologies for the recent resurrection problems, caused by an incorrect code value set some time ago, and not my fault at all. Players have been manually resurrected, but I'm afraid the resurrection times will no longer appear on the players & scores page. Email if there are any problems.

Congratulations to Jenny Chase, who has won this game with 32 player kills and 583 points.

I have awarded a few bonus points for exceptional effort:

And for those of you who still have no idea what I'm talking about, read Nuklear Power.

More awards can be found here

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Garden Party

There was an assassins garden party on Thursday 19th June at 2pm in St. Chads. See the OOB page for details of the no kill zones around it. Please bring food/drink/donation towards stuff.


In addition to the May Week game there may also be special events such as punt trips or similar organised for assassins, if you are interested in organising something, please contact the umpire.

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