The Lemming Award for the first to die:
Sue Liu, who was killed at 00.01 by Hannah Burton, the first of many deaths in this direction.

The "Big Pointy Teeth" Award for silliest and most dangerous weapon:
Fluffy, Tom Garnett's knife, seems to have gotten a lot of food this week.

The Laurel & Hardy Award for the best double/multiple act:
Bjoern and Jenny were nominated, however the winners are the inhabitants of the infamous Nokesmobile - though we hope to see the Nokescave next year.

The Yellow Streak Award for running away:
Jenny for the whole leaving her boyfriend behind with Nokes and his friends while running away.

The Stephen Byers Award for the biggest mess-up:
Sarah Reynolds who caused the mess up in Girton when she participated in an attack while still being dead, causing Bryony Baines to think she was dead when she wasn't!

The Girton Award for the kill furthest away:
Ed Nokes who managed to kill three people in asda near spondon (Derby) on the final day. An Hounorable mention also goes to Monkey who managed to have a run in with the infamous Matthew Garret somewhere in Dublin. Shame niether was playing.

The Rambo Award for first bloodtm :
Jen Curtis, who finally slaughtered her first victim (at least in cambridge), and then proceeded to get several more.