Lent 2004 Game News - Week six

Sunday, 29 February

[12:00pm] A cute little pokute spent quite a while lurking for Michael Richards

A cute little pokute reports:

A cute little pokute waits for a known villain......

it waits......

and waits......

100 mins later......

but whats that?... its Chandler from the hit american television show 'Friends'

he deserves to die much more....

A cute little pokute persues his american friend.

[12:00pm] [CoPM] Byrony Baines was lurking too

[CoPM] Byrony Baines reports:

If I was being executed by injection, I'd clean up my cell real neat. Then, when they came to get me, I'd say,

"Injection? I thought you said 'inspection.'"

They'd probably feel real bad, and maybe I could get out of it.

Monday, 01 March

[12:00pm] Jenny Chase declined to kill Michael Brooks

Jenny Chase reports:

Lurked lecture. He wasn't there. Went to his room. Saw Stephen talking to him on corridor. Neither of them saw me, but I decided to leg it as I didn't want my ally to be responsible for the death of one of his.

[13:20pm] Simon Ford didn't kill Stephen McCann

Simon Ford reports:

Pseudonyms serve no purpose in the game any longer, information continues to do so, however. I had been informed that Stephen McCann would be at a particular place at around 1pm. Unfortunately, my informer wasn't as reliably informed as one in my employ should be and for that he shall be replaced.

Tuesday, 02 March

[10:00am] Sinistar did another unsuccessful lurk

Sinistar reports:


[15:30pm] Catherine Hall searched unsuccessfully for Simon Ford

Catherine Hall reports:

On Tuesday at 3:30, I was cycling past Simon Ford's so took hallf an hour of my life to thourghly circle the building, check all the doors, adn then find a suitable ditch to lurk in in the hopes that he finished and would come back.

Not such luck.

Ah well.

I think I did scare a few people though, so it wasn't wasted!!! :)

[17:00pm] Jenny Chase made an attempt on Simon Ford's washing line

Jenny Chase reports:

On way home from presentation thing, saw washing on Ford's line. Mwuahaha, thought I, he'll have to come out to get it before dark! So lurked behind his shed for fifteeen minutes.

Was wearing smart clothes and only had a small pistol though, so it was really quite cold. Decided to nip home for more clothes and bigger weapons. Came back twenty minutes later, washing was in. Damn.

Wednesday, 03 March

[09:55am] Michael Brooks killed Jenny Chase (The voices in Mike's bed AKA [CoPM] Simone Jenny Fordette AKA Neo)

[CoPM] Simone Jenny Fordette reports:

Ooops. Was lurking target's 9am. Got bored at 9.10am. Went to target's room to see if there were signs of life. Was waiting behind one of those corridor partition things, wondering whether to walk past and listen, when door opened.

What I should have done at this point was retreat and hide behind a corner, and kill him as he went passed.

What I did was take a rather wild potshot at Brooks, think "oh, good, I would recognise him" and swear as he dived back in.

I then ran up the stairs a floor and waited with my Storm. I watched Steve run by a couple of metres underneath me with a pellet pistol, and considered the disadvantages of a complex alliance system. Attempted to find a way out of Keynes that didn't involve getting my allies involved, got lost in cellars.

Found way out of cellars, moved on to lurking 10am practical. I'm not skipping a lecture to give up so easily. Lurked. Lurked. Got bored (I have been doing a *lot* of lurking recently, bloody lazy other players... will have to report on my lurk of Simon Ford's washing line too) went out to stalk streets. Ran into Steve and Michael. *sigh*.

Brooks legged it, I made friendly gestures at Steve, but he wouldn't speak to me until I had both hands over head. Backed away from large lorry nervously, made twitchy hand-towards-gun gestures. This made Steve twitchy, which gave me a rather awkward situation watching him. I attempted to reassure him while feeling really quite insecure, and was about to suggest retreat into New Museums when Brooks turned up. Behind me. With a JD. Nice running-round-through-Downing, it was a good kill.

I'm not sure what the moral of the story is. Possibly "be patient". Or "don't have too many allies". Or "Be content with competence and duel, you silly overambitious woman".

The voices in Mike's bed reports:

Is it necrophilia if we're both dead?

Michael Brooks reports:

I prepared to leave my room for lectures at just before 9. However, when I checked the cam to see if things were clear, I spotted a pink object in the distance. I popped my head out to see who it was, and to my surprise, it was Jenny doing a very rare room-attack. I called for backup and by the time it had arrived, the corridor was clear. We went out and swept the building for Jenny, but there was no sign. She had either run back to Tit Hall, or furthered her attempt by going to my lecture theatre and see if I still intended to go.

I took the latter and headed towards my lecture theatre using an alternative route. Close to the theatre, I spotted a person in a pink coat walking towards me. I dived into the nearest college and hid behind a car. She crossed the street and turned left on the pavement to walk away from me. I followed. However assassin paranoia, a psychotic sixth sense or perhaps the reflection from a car window led her to glance round a few times and therefore she spot me. Knowing that she used a CPS which just outranges my weapon, I fled. I turned back into the college, and fully loaded my RPG.

I remembered seeing a side-exit to the college from the outside and so I ran around to where I thought it would be from the inside, hoping it would take me back behind Jenny. There was a large gate, which was just closing in front of me, and so I ran and caught the gate before it closed. I jumped out onto the street and found that she was standing on the corner speaking to my accomplice! I had no idea that a firm no-kill was in place between them. My next word was: "Bang!"

Pemmer reports:

Why do all my innocent-friendly conversations have to get interrupted in some wa...

Last time I give you a hand!

[12:05pm] Stephen McCann defended himself from Simon Ford (Janet Jackson's Nipple Tassel AKA Miss Teen Oklahoma)

Miss Teen Oklahoma reports:

How do you try to kill a target you don't know by face when you don't want to knock on their door? This was the question I tried to answer today. My plan was this: place a musical trigger in the pigeonhole of Stephen McCann then wait within earshot until it was triggered. I guessed that he'd come by after lectures at 12pm, so put my plan into action (NB for the third time). This time it was activated and I heard a couple of voices talking about it. Unfortunately, three things were against me:

1. There were lots of people in the room.
2. I didn't know exactly which ones they were.
3. Those damn masks meant they knew just who I was...

The truth is that I'm not as good at this killing business as my record might suggest, so don't believe the hype.

The Simon Ford Show is over.

Stephen McCann reports:

After lectures, myself and Aidan Robison went back to the kings mailroom, where i saw a suspect device in my pigeonhole. I poked it with a ruler and it made a noise, it was some sort of motion sensing thing, i continued to poke it and laugh at it for my own amusement and then simon ford walked in. I scrabbled to get my gun out(RPG) and he walked slowly towards me. Then he fell in front of me on his face as a retreated, he then rolled over and swung out at me, he hit me on the left arm as i moved to the right and then i shot him with my RPG which was in my right hand. When he got up i told him i'd shot him, he said he'd stabbed me, in the rush i hadnt noticed anything but a nudge on my arm so i said he hadnt killed me. Then aidan capped him anyway.

kthxdie >:[ reports:

lurn 2 grmmer f00l

Aidan Robison reports:

The greatest irony was that I was wearing my assassins hoodie at the time.

Thursday, 04 March

[16:10pm] [CoPM] Byrony Baines visited Catherine Hall

[CoPM] Byrony Baines reports:

Once, when I got lost deep in Girton I was afraid that eventually I might have to eat Tippy. But finally I found my way home, and I was able to put Tippy back in the fridge with my other sandwiches.

Sunday, 07 March

[01:00am] Stephen McCann left a very large bomb for Aidan Robison

Stephen McCann reports:

Thanks for the detonater you gave me a lend of on day 1.
I hearby return it as of tonight but...
Myself and Michael Brooks decided you deserve interest.
There's 41 litres to go with that. :p

[05:00am] The duel truce was declared

Six weeks to the minute after the game began, an uneasy peace descends on Cambridge. Of the 108 bright-eyed assassins to whom contracts were issued at the start of term, five have made it through the bloodshed and the horrible slaughter to the end of the game. They are:

The duel will be held on Sunday afternoon, see the events page for details.

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