Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 7 News

Monday, 28 November

[10:00 AM] Michael Wallace and Richard Gibson lurked for Thomas de Rivaz.
Michael Wallace reports:

Many sad things have happened:

An enemy got away with being in another city for two days.
I spent even more time at the engineering department.
The number of live Caians has not decreased recently enough.
Several instances of s/your/you're.
Things have been going mouldy in my brain through lack of sleep.
Plus, I am not reanimating my feet.

Of these, a number were on my mind, to rectify some of these I waited for 2 hours and 1 minute for my chosen target to show themselves. They didn't, unless they were invisible, or possessing some sort of evil witchery of withcraftiness, oh yes.

Richard Gibson reports:

Today we lurked the Engineering department. We lurked for Thomas de Rivaz for two hours and a whole minute. I'd quite like a game of Monopoly, actually.

[21:30 PM] Sarah Donnelly lurked for Thomas de Rivaz.
Sarah Donnelly reports:

Whoever that orchestral group was in the Green Room in Caius, they're damn good.

Thursday, 1 December

[05:00 AM] Silence descends...

At 05:00 this morning, a duel truce was declared. The remaining players will meet today to decide the winner. They are:

  • Michael Wallace (Henry Pym AKA Milk the Cow)
  • Richard Gibson (The Bandwidth Bandit AKA the Killinat0r AKA Vixen AKA Sir Dr Justice Tuan Feroz Tuan Musa AKA Argent, a chevron between three roses gules barbed and seeded proper and on a chief gules a lion passant gardant between two closed books all or.)
  • Sarah Donnelly (The Ten of Wands AKA Nedward Monkton)
  • Thomas de Rivaz (I have a dream that one day the city of Cantabridge, whose umpire's lips are presently dripping with the words of mafias and thunderbolting, will be transformed into a situation where inexperienced fresher boys and fresher girls will be able to join arms with master assassin boys and girls and walk together as targets and killers. I have a dream today. AKA The Mystery Lurker)

[09:00 AM] Michael Wallace won the duel.

The Umpire reports:

We met at 09:00 outside Trinity. Only Tom de Rivaz turned up on time. We then proceeded to the gardens near the Department of Astronomy, where the duel took place.

After about half an hour, Tom de Rivaz nearly managed to ambush Sarah Donnelly, but was soon cornered by her and the other Trinitarians. There was a stand-off lasting several minutes. Sarah managed to sneak through some bushes to the other side of Tom without being noticed, and threw a carrot knife at his head, killing him.

Sadly, at this point, none of the Trinitarians took advantage of the situation to backstab their former allies. Instead, they spread out around the duel area and continued.

About half an hour later, Richard Gibson encountered Sarah and managed to shoot off both her legs. Sarah crawled around on the ground for some time, returning Richard's inexpertly thrown carrots and taking the occasional shot at him. At one point, Richard ran within a couple of metres of her and attempted to shoot her while she was crawling for a carrot, but miraculously managed to miss. After several minutes of poor marksmanship, Richard got sarah with a lucky carrot to the waist.

Richard and Michael Wallace walked around the gardens, looking for each other. After about half an hour, it looked like something interesting was about to happen, but a security guard asked us to move on, so we went to Caius JCR to finish the duel.

Richard and Michael faced each other from opposite ends of Caius JCR. Michael kicked a fluffy attack raccoon (called "Libel", apparently) at Richard, which distracted him sufficiently to allow him to get close enough to shoot him.

For the record, it should be noted that Michael Wallace is a big lamer.

Henry Pym reports:

I think the beginning of the duel (up to TADR???s death) can be summed up in the following (it???s meant to be the tune ???run with us???, the theme tune to that 1980s??? classic cartoon The Raccoons, if you don???t know it, then you???re very very naughty. I???ve stuck some comments on, just for the hell of it, and because I hate all your children, especially *yours*):

When the duel truce falls,
Leaving four in the fight,
Don't be afraid,
Wipe that fear from your eyes.

If a desperate guy,
Keeps on hunting you down,
Don't be afraid,
You're not alone . . /*unless you???re the only Caian???/*

You can duel with us!
We've got carrots, RBGs . . .
Duel with us!
Shoot at us!
I see murder in your eyes . . .
Duel with us!

When the cold wind blows,
Turn your beard to the cold.
Don't be ashamed,
If you want raccoons to throw.

If you're sinking in quicksand, /*or just trapped in a corner/*
And we're shooting you down,
And you feel you're going under,
We'll be around! /*to finish you off, or at least Sarah will???/*

Duel with us!
You have no chance to survive???
Duel with us!
Make your time!
Look at us!
We???re not going to backstab. . .
Duel with us!


After the demise of Sarah (which I didn???t witness as I was hiding^W bravely waiting behind a tree), I spotted Revelation, and snuck out to try and follow him, unfortunately I wasn???t super sneaky enough and was spotted by a member of staff, who spent long enough talking to me for me to lose him...After a bit more sneaking around I decided that the quickest way to make it more interesting was to stand out in the open, and wait for Revelation to turn up. This he did rather quickly and, to my surprised chose to run at me, naturally I strategically manoeuvred myself, with a rather large velocity, to somewhere that wasn???t where he was (naturally to lay in wait for him heroically...), but this time security accosted me, and we eventually ended up fleeing to Caius JCR to finish things. When we arrived, we found the room already with four people inside, but the umpire assured us that there was no need to worry about them. As it was, they didn???t seem to notice or care about the group of people arrive, two of whom then proceeded to load up toy guns, and stuff their pockets with carrots, pens and cuddly raccoons...I guess that???s Caians for you???

Once we were sufficiently armed (myself with 4 RBGs and, I think, 4 attack raccoons ??? Grey Raccoon, Brown Raccoon, Henry Pym and Libel, Richard with the same, except with carrots and pens instead of raccoons), Maz tossed a coin (very successfully, well done to him), and we positioned ourselves on opposite sides of the room. I put Libel in front of me on the floor, although I think I gave away my cunning tactic by practising kicking him before the duel (sorry Felicity!).

We were then ready. Waiting for the signal to begin, trying not to shake from the importance of the occasion, let alone the presence of his umpiricalness (seriously girls, move quickly before I go after him...), I tried not to imagine that we were duelling for the hand of the individual refereeing the contest, that really would have been too much. The signal was given.

We both fired a shot (just for the hell of it), neither of which got anywhere near the other. I nudge libel forwards a bit, then took a short run up and, with all my playground learnt football skills punted it quite a long way to the left of Richard. However, whilst he had expected this, he apparently hadn???t expected me to follow it by continuing to run at him firing. To the surprise of both of us I found myself rather near to him rather quickly, without having been shot and, to my astonishment, realised what I???d done...

The Umpire didn???t seem particularly excited, nor did he run up to me and promise to marry me for being so brave and so forth...however, this didn???t disappoint me quite enough to cause me to kill myself, but it was close, it really was. I do wish I???d asked the members of Caius who???d just witnessed that what they thought had just happened, but I was too heartbroken. The Umpire didn???t even want to come with us to the pub afterwards, I???m not sure he even likes almost enough to drive a raccoon to goth poetry, it really is...

All in all though, a fun duel, and a good game. I don???t think a lot of people would think I deserved to win (me included), even if it was just a game about who wants the Umpire???s hot hot body the most, but that???s life I guess. I haven???t given up on you yet Maz.

<3 <3 <3

(dear CF if you read this it???s not true, I lub j00 teh mostest, and don???t like this ???Umpire??? fellow at all, oh no, it???s your cubs I want, not his, honest)

A flying raccoon. A flying raccoon.

Michael Wallace reports:


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