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Assassins' Socials

The Assassins' Guild has a very active social scene which we would encourage everyone to get involved with. Whether you want a quiet pint in a local pub, a large party with lots of alcohol or just sitting in a room playing some card games, we have all these sorts of events. We also organise a number of week or day long assassins-style games which can be played without the commitment or paranoia needed by the main games. If you are interested but don't think you can devote enough time to a main game then consider coming along to one of the smaller events.

The Assassins' Guild is not just about the termly games, it's about making new friends and meeting people from all over the University. If you don't know how to get to any of the events or want to have a chat about assassins then let us know and we'll find someone to meet you in college and walk to the event with you.

What's On

We have a pubmeet every week, during the game this may be less well attended than outside it, but there will always be someone there, and numerous other events which will be advertised when organised. There are several ways to find out about events; firstly, there is a mailing list —follow the link or email us to sign up to that.

Secondly, all the emails to assassins-social-annouce will also be posted to usenet on the newsgroup.

There is also an Events Page on the website here which will be kept up to date with what's going on, and also has links to events organised by non- assassin groups which nonetheless interest a lot of assassins.

Finally, a lot of us hang out on IRC in the #assassins channel on Information on how to access this can be found in the FAQ. Many events and spur of the moment meet-ups will be mentioned on IRC.

Who organises this

We have a group of enthusiastic volunteers who make sure this side of the Guild keeps running. You can contact the social team by emailing or emailing them individually in the table below. If you want to help organise these events, or just have a cool idea of something you want to run then get in touch and they will be happy to help.

Bryony Eachard RoadMap
Duncan Jesus CollegeMap
Alex Christ's CollegeMap
Lauren Newnham CollegeMap
Simeon Pembroke CollegeMap
Nick Mortimer RoadMap
Richard Burrell's FieldMap
Tom PeterhouseMap
Gordon King's CollegeMap
Ed Christ's CollegeMap

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