Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 6 News

Monday, 6 March

[09:00 ] Michael Wallace lurked for Sarah Donnelly.
Michael Wallace reports:

Dearest Umpire! It is with some satisfaction (although how much I do not know, somewhere around 16 I'd guess...) that I bring you report of my activities this morning. I shall spare you details however, for, as you well know, I do not want my targets to know what I know about them, and it would suit me much more if they just thought I was making lame, indecent (woof!) attempts on them, when really I was ridiculously close to killing them, oh yes (there's that churchill thing again). I would also like to point out that I am fairly certain that I was indeed within 1 mile of DANGER, although what with my sight I will admit that my ability to judge distance is a bit dodgy! (that said, if I could see something a mile away I'd be most delighted!)

I must say this game has become a lot more like assassins again, sneaky lurkings, even sneakier sneaking!

Also, I think some meanies have been saying nasty things about me behind my back, could you do something about them please? :(

Michael "everyone hates me and it makes me :(" Wallace, MA!

Tuesday, 7 March

[08:50 ] And so it ends...

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