Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Stats

PositionReal NamePseudonymNumber of KillsConkers Score
1Michael Wallacethe beta monster16
2Sarah DonnellyThe Most Complicated Stopword In Cambridge35
3Ross EdmondsonRoboraptor AKA Outnumbered but never outgunned119
4Tom BoothCool Kids Can't Die. AKA Stormtrooper in Stilettos AKA Revered Ornithologist AKA Cambridge's Most Wanted1118
5Michael LealBishop Colenso12
6Alexey PokrovskiyPlz_d0nt_Ki11_m3_I_Hav3_Fami1y Also AKA Jack Daniel22
7Ellen TurnbullPoisonMelon00
8Philippa CoxHilda von Einem00
9George DaviesA big issue salesman11
10Chris KorekTipton12
11Louis JaggerRhododendron AKA Robert Winston, Menzies Campbell and Florence Nightingale in a Pedalo chanting TV out of their honeyed Behinds24
12Serena AlleryKamchatcha00
13Stephen ChesterWhere's my target?00
14Stephen McCannThe Boogeyman25
15Martin LesterMister Lolipedo29
16Blaise MartayEejit00
17Jamie HorderBozo, Chief Clown at the Circus of DEATH!00
18Alex LabramUnaussprechlichen AKA Dance Dance Revelation22
19Philip BielbySimultaneous jugulation and defenestration of licit targets causes persistant blood stains AKA ]:)|-< ]:)-/-< ]:)--< ]:)-|-<33
19Nick PlummerKong My Whopper AKA T-Rex44
21Johannes NordstromThe Most Incompetent Incompetent12
22Samuel Laurens BorinGrant Jackson11
23Jessica AllenHeidi00
24Stephen Mounseythat freaky kid from lost11
25Konrad Kazimierz DabrowskiDoctor Which00
26Gabriel Wu ShiguangInfinite Entropy00
27Robin MessageNihil tam absurdum dici potest ut non dicatur a philosopho.00
28Michael ConterioTyrion Lannister11
29Thomas de RivazA dead assassin11
30Jessica PorterWill Parry AKA Yoda22
31Talan Le GeytThe Devil's Butler00
32Charlotte HeronThe Ever-Rotating Washing Machine of Fate. Watch as your lives spin into mindless oblivion, around and around, getting cleaner as they go... *Insert £1.20 here*22
33Thomas FitchBrak00
34James Paul FisherThe Rotherham Ripper00
35Christopher DomanLambrini Girl00
36Jamie BrandonBoris the blade00
37Adam Hall&#139;&#137;&#155;&#153;&#158;&#158;&#134;&#153;&#155;&#149; &#150;&#137;&#147;&#155;&#158;&#134;&#131;&#150;00
38Tom Woottenstatic void precalculate_rotation (fractal_context * c) { c->sin = sin ((c->angle) * M_PI / 180); c->cos = cos ((c->angle) * M_PI / 180); }12
39Lia Victoria Louise ChappellThe Killer Orange00
40Lucy StephensonA Bunch Of Randy Werewolves00
41Janet ScottTeppic11
42Amos Micah HowLady Cynthia Myrtebanks-Smythe00
43James O'DriscollFoul Ole Ron22
44Charles CurryDave from Manor Farm00
45Jiaxiang YueDrunken Master00
46Martin SmithDJ Death00
47Stuart CuthbertsonEl Felpudo00
48Richard KirkdaleI am Jack's smirking revenge00
48David SmithThe Orangeman00
50Yong Hoong Yuen Kenneithyeoth king00
51Jacob Samuel CorteenThe Caretaker00
52Mickhaiel BarrowDoctor Doom00
53Steven OrtegaLicense_to_Kill00
54Madeline BakerIsabel Archer00
55Andrew ClydeRandy Mandy00
56David JordanSteven Remis00
57Aidan RobisonAsa-san00
58Adam RowellGorbaz00
59Chris SmowtonSir (Zombie) Humphrey00
60Richard Peter Charles MannsThe Kitty of Destiny00

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