Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Wanted List

This is the List of wanted players.

Police who have succumbed....

RankReal NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusCrimeNotes
Extremely Petty OfficerDavid SmithMack the KnifeRoom 12, 3 St. Peter's TerracePeterhouseNo WaterAiding and abetting an English student.
ConstableLouis JaggerIs this a Jagger I see before me?Room 5, House 6, St Peter's TerracePeterhouseFull WaterBecause he *is* corrupt.Assassins should be wary that I will write them an extremely narky (if beautifully realised) poem on the official website if they so much as dare take my life. You have been warned.
"Special" ConstableJenny Scott-ThompsonFrances IIRooms 7&7A , 2 St Peter's TerracePeterhouseNo WaterAiding and abetting an English student.

Inevitably, this happens....

Blaise MartayEejitShooting an Innocent lots
Charlotte HeronThe Ever-Rotating Washing Machine of Fate. Watch as your lives spin into mindless oblivion, around and around, getting cleaner as they go... *Insert £1.20 here*Killing an Innocent for paying too much attention to her.
Philip BielbySimultaneous jugulation and defenestration of licit targets causes persistant blood stains AKA ]:)|-< ]:)-/-< ]:)--< ]:)-|-<Killing lots of ickle Police Officers
Tom BoothCool Kids Can't Die. AKA Stormtrooper in Stilettos AKA Revered Ornithologist AKA Cambridge's Most Wanted AKA Shooting Police
Johannes NordstromThe Most Incompetent IncompetentShooting Michael Richards and someone who was not Janet Scott.
Samuel Laurens BorinGrant JacksonIncorrectly labelling a poisoned letter.
Louis JaggerRhododendron AKA Robert Winston, Menzies Campbell and Florence Nightingale in a Pedalo chanting TV out of their honeyed BehindsShooting someone in a long, black coat.
Charles CurryDave from Manor FarmTrying to kill an Innocent (and failing). Then trying to kill the Chief of Police (and succeeding).
Nick PlummerKong My Whopper AKA T-RexKilling another Innocent

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