Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Incompetence List

This is the list of incompetents:

This is the list of incompetent police:

Real NameAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusRankPseudonymNotes
Chris Smowton51PChurchill CollegeNo WaterAgentNurse Fletcher-Brown
Samuel BorinRoom 8, 42 Lensfield RoadDowning CollegeNo WaterConstableThe Marmite MonsterPlease don't shoot my girlfriend - she doesn't appreciate it, and I am not responsible for her retaliation. I am male, just in case you hadn't guessed, so it should be easy to tell the difference between me and her. Also don't shoot my next door neighbour. He is also male, but does not look like me. I do not advise hiding in the kitchen - there is currently a wasp infestation. Also, please do not use water weapons on me if I am carrying my violin. The violin definitely doesn't appreciate it.
Alexander James Barron HiggsRoom 19 I blockDowning CollegeNo WaterZombie OfficerLordneded
Catriona BrownL21Downing CollegeNo WaterConstableJessica RabbitKnown as Cat
Yiwei XieSouth court, L2 staircase, room 4Emmanuel CollegeWater With CareConstablehuh?
Edmund FokschanerE19Fitzwilliam CollegeWater With CareConstableAOD
Helen Frances HolmesF20AGirton CollegeNo WaterConstable*my*friend*goo*I am a first year bionatsci. I take chemistry, biology of cells, physiology of organisms and maths A. I have asthma but this will not affect anything unless dust mites are used in some form as a weapon.
Eystein P. ThanischC64, Harvey CourtGonville and Caius CollegeWater With CareCorporalWrecker_among_Meat_Benchesknown as Eystein (pronounced Ishtan) ASNaC Please don't damage library books, etc.
Megan Sydney Davies Wykesroom 10, staircase V, library courtJesus CollegeNo WaterConstableRavenI am an engineer
Rebecca Crawshaw5 Chapel court, room 9Jesus CollegeNo WaterConstableJane SmithI live close to the town centre, study medicine, and visit the Downing site daily.
Wen-Xi ChenLibrary Court II, Room 9Jesus CollegeNo WaterConstablePink Panda
Lauren Elise Massey113 KeynesKing's CollegeNo WaterConstableRed RenSubject - History Known as Loz
Thomas BarfieldBenson Court Room O2Magdalene CollegeNo WaterConstableShaky Pete
Lauren GrestOld Hall 209Newnham CollegeNo WaterPVC clad, but lameXanthocroid- a person with fair hair and pale complexion
David GillespieAA45, Foundress CourtPembroke CollegeNo WaterConstableKveldulf of many livesAllergy - quite an important one: I'm allergic to wheat, barley and no flour and no cake or cookies or suchlike (even used as contact poison, or in letters) ASNaC.
Daniel RossRm. 5, St. Peter's Terrace 2PeterhouseNo WaterConstableUiopasKnown usually as Dan
Jonathan Alexander Davidson AtkinsRoom 2, 7 Tennis Court TerracePeterhouseWater With CareConstableLegsKnown as Alex. Name over door is G. M. J. Baker. Water could damage my computer or papers, but these are both at the North end of the room, where my desk is. The South end of the room is more waterproof, although care and common sense should be taken in any case.
Thomas WhiteEE8Queens' CollegeNo WaterConstableFredKnown as Tom
Siobhan Elizabeth SmithI10, Cripps CourtSelwyn CollegeNo WaterConstableWolf
Colin LoveKent House, Door 3 (the Room with my name on it)Sidney SussexNo WaterDishonoured for Seven GenerationsShadowlord II
Tan Yi-xun7,3 Sussex HouseSidney SussexWater With CareConstableColonel Mustard
Anyetta WhiteH12, Cripps CourtSt. John's CollegeNo WaterCorporalThe Smoking GnuThere is already one person sworn to take my life, with whom any additional assassins may, in the course of their activities, come into conflict.

And this is a list of corpses:

(name removed to protect the innocent)Christ's CollegeOld Bull Lee
Ting ZhangNewnham CollegeTinkyhippo
Chris LongworthChrist's CollegeQuigley
(name removed)Girton CollegeJingellie
James WilsonSidney Sussexirish-aces
Colm Gerard James SeeleyChurchill CollegeJustin Case
Aphra DowellChrist's CollegeJellybean
William Alexander ArmstrongGirton CollegeRed Grant
Charlotte HeronNewnham CollegeThe Process of Putrification has already begun....
Helen BernackiNew HallLiapo
Alexey PokrovskiyGirton CollegeThe Spirit and the Dust
Christopher Andrew Morgan HillAnglia Ruskin Universitythe ninja
Ng Yi ChungChrist's CollegeEnder
Timothy CheckleyJesus CollegeThe Moth
Thomas PeachKing's Collegejelly baby
Siobhan Elizabeth SmithSelwyn CollegeWolf
Sami HusaGirton CollegeOrmir
Scott David AppletonPembroke CollegeJackal
Robert PattersonClare Collegeblackjack
Olivier BelClare CollegeFinrolf
Michael John TurnerSt. John's Collegesneck lifter
Jonathan WrightHomerton CollegeJWiz
Michael YoutsosHomerton CollegeShadow
David MolonyTrinity Hallmxlemming
Morgan Lewis SoboktaFitzwilliam CollegeMorgasm
Meng LiFitzwilliam Collegedelirium
Marcus Julian Carne KingJesus CollegeQueen of Clubs
Lia ChappellEmmanuel CollegeThe Wanderer
Ellen TurnbullCorpus Christicaspase
Diane DoliveuxKing's CollegeMinette Hermitage
Kenneith HY YongChrist's Collegeyeoth
Kanika SaigalJesus CollegeLong
Joseph DarbyKing's CollegeA Violent Pacifist
Martyn FredlundGonville and Caius CollegeMr Right
Josh WatersTrinity CollegeMike E
Tom HamiltonGonville and Caius CollegeBuster
Michael ClarkeKing's CollegeArchangel
Lauren SmithKing's CollegePolo Queen
James CoxHomerton Collegethefoxycoxy
Nicholas DuncanChrist's CollegeNuck
Isabel McCannSt. John's CollegeLouis
Sam Hunter GordonTrinity HallBlind Guardian
Olesya KryshevichNewnham CollegeOLES
Helen RutherfordGonville and Caius Collegelarry the llama
Giles RegerPembroke CollegeThe Selig
Rishi BavejaGirton Collegeninja rish
Francesca Thrangorodrim ThompsonPeterhouseFrinkles
William TimmisKing's CollegeThe Masked Moose
Maxim DanilineTrinity CollegeCrusher from Russia
David ManningHomerton CollegeMr Pink
Shadia NasrallaNewnham CollegeMil
Stephen MounseyNonecheesesack
Daniel HeapFitzwilliam CollegeLady Mustapha Ponyweather
Kashi GortonChurchill CollegeFlash
Janet Audrey ScottTrinity HallAbhorsen
Diego HidalgoGirton Collegeboris
Christopher Kit TaggHomerton CollegeBOSS T
Amos Micah HowEmmanuel CollegeJack Ruby
Daniel RossPeterhouseUiopas
Chris KorekPembroke CollegeAravar
Adam James HallGonville and CaiusCaptain spandex
Ali KharraziDowning Collegekusanaki cyrus
Aaron Gordon CurtisRobinsonphlogiston
Rowena EasonJesus CollegeHer Majesty, The Queen of Sheba, defender of the faith, destroyer of souls, and raccoons' bane

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