Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
ChancellorSpace OcelotSimeon 1, 11 Fitzwilliam StreetPembroke CollegeWater With Care
Blackboard MonitorSam VimesDavid 6, 19 Fitzwilliam StreetPeterhouseNo Water
AgentNurse Fletcher-BrownChris CollegeNo Water
CorporalJellybabySarah Huntingdon Road (Old Neale - i.e first house as you come in) Room Number 6Fitzwilliam CollegeNo WaterI'm a mathmo, from Mon- Fri I have lectures from 10-1 at the Mill Lane lecture rooms.
CorporalThe Smoking GnuAnyetta, Cripps CourtSt. John's CollegeNo WaterThere is already one person sworn to take my life, with whom any additional assassins may, in the course of their activities, come into conflict.
CorporalWrecker_among_Meat_BenchesEystein P., Harvey CourtGonville and Caius CollegeWater With Careknown as Eystein (pronounced Ishtan) ASNaC Please don't damage library books, etc.
CorporalLady Mustapha PonyweatherDaniel CollegeWater With CareDo SPS and visit the SPS faculty, the Maxwell lecture theatre, mill lane lecture rooms, Kings and St Cats colleges and city centre shops regularly
Dishonoured for Seven GenerationsShadowlord IIColin House, Door 3 (the Room with my name on it)Sidney SussexNo Water
ConstableColonel MustardTan,3 Sussex HouseSidney SussexWater With Care
ConstableJessica RabbitCatriona CollegeNo WaterKnown as Cat
ConstablePink PandaWen-Xi Court II, Room 9Jesus CollegeNo Water
ConstableJane SmithRebecca Chapel court, room 9Jesus CollegeNo WaterI live close to the town centre, study medicine, and visit the Downing site daily.
ConstableFredThomas' CollegeNo WaterKnown as Tom
ConstableShaky PeteThomas Court Room O2Magdalene CollegeNo Water
ConstableRavenMegan Sydney Davies 10, staircase V, library courtJesus CollegeNo WaterI am an engineer
ConstableLegsJonathan Alexander Davidson 2, 7 Tennis Court TerracePeterhouseWater With CareKnown as Alex. Name over door is G. M. J. Baker. Water could damage my computer or papers, but these are both at the North end of the room, where my desk is. The South end of the room is more waterproof, although care and common sense should be taken in any case.
ConstableRed RenLauren Elise KeynesKing's CollegeNo WaterSubject - History Known as Loz
Constable*my*friend*goo*Helen Frances CollegeNo WaterI am a first year bionatsci. I take chemistry, biology of cells, physiology of organisms and maths A. I have asthma but this will not affect anything unless dust mites are used in some form as a weapon.
Constablehuh?Yiwei court, L2 staircase, room 4Emmanuel CollegeWater With Care
ConstableAODEdmund CollegeWater With Care
ConstablewaddersKarennonenoneARUNo Wateri am a member of anglia Ruskin university. i'm in town on average two days a week thursday and friday all day and very often on tuesday evenings and friday or saturday evening working.
ConstableWolfSiobhan Elizabeth, Cripps CourtSelwyn CollegeNo Water
ConstableKveldulf of many livesDavid, Foundress CourtPembroke CollegeNo WaterAllergy - quite an important one: I'm allergic to wheat, barley and no flour and no cake or cookies or suchlike (even used as contact poison, or in letters) ASNaC.
ConstableThe Marmite MonsterSamuel 8, 42 Lensfield RoadDowning CollegeNo WaterPlease don't shoot my girlfriend - she doesn't appreciate it, and I am not responsible for her retaliation. I am male, just in case you hadn't guessed, so it should be easy to tell the difference between me and her. Also don't shoot my next door neighbour. He is also male, but does not look like me. I do not advise hiding in the kitchen - there is currently a wasp infestation. Also, please do not use water weapons on me if I am carrying my violin. The violin definitely doesn't appreciate it.
ConstableUiopasDaniel 5, St. Peter's Terrace 2PeterhouseNo WaterKnown usually as Dan
ConstablehmmKonrad Kazimierz Burrell's fieldTrinity CollegeNo WaterMy room has bits of computers scattered around the room, so please avoid damaging them.
ConstableKyramudJames Nicholas' CollegeWater With CareI go into town nearly every day for shopping purposes (although that may change) and I frequent Waterstone's, heffers, and Pret a Manger. Other: I suffer from mild hayfever, but normally only in the summer; still, I would prefer a lack of dust-related weaponry. There is only me in my room, but on the 19th and 20th of October and on the 25th and 26th of November my girlfriend will also be staying in my room, so any assassins planning to attack me on those days (and each of the intervening nights) should either rethink their plans (preferably) or be aware of the fact that there will be somebody else in my room. I study mathematics
ConstableGrilled Cheese SandwichDaniel Charles, Wolfson BuildingTrinity CollegeNo Water
Zombie OfficerLordnededAlexander James Barron 19 I blockDowning CollegeNo Water

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
Acting Captain CharismaShadowlordColin LoveSidney Sussex
Confiscated Charisma768, the number of the beast, well for 'beast' read 'Des Lynam' or something. I dunno, call the Police!Stephen McCannChurchill College
Non PVC clad assistant to the CaptainLordnedAlexander James Barron HiggsDowning College
Dead, but dangerousPlease find me a witch doctorJacob Samuel CorteenFitzwilliam College
AgentThe GitJames RainfordClare College
AgentHappy the Wonder CatSeb JefferiesARU
ConstableLobsang dodDorian Dyer-WestacottFitzwilliam College
ConstableEvil Genius Mark IVMatthew CausierClare College
ConstableMerMarta MalajClare College
ConstableSHDStephen DavidsonKing's College
ConstableDe CakmDavid MackJesus College
ConstableDennisStephanie DyerKing's College
ConstableBert the CarerAdam BlacklayTrinity College
ConstableCatchJack WebsterRobinson College
Constablethe giant headBen CopseyDowning College
ConstableZeus FratelliSamuel Edward LilleyHomerton College
ConstableCrap Shooter HeistChristopher OatesRobinson College
ConstableRorschachJames O'DriscollTrinity College
ConstableWill HardingRob FrimstonEmmanuel College
ConstableEl MariachiPeter PrescottChurchill College
ConstablelodgocA. S. SassinMagdalene College
ConstableToastEmma SmithTrinity College
ConstableJethro LossSaul GlasmanTrinity College
ConstableNinja HolocaustMatt TaylorClare college
ConstableCitrus Kennedy Biscuit Jones IVIain MonroSelwyn College
ConstableNightsquidChristian RichardtGonville and Caius College
ConstableTrillianEdward BurgessPembroke College
ConstableVendettaHan-Ley TangTrinity College
ConstableLOL!Luke BarbanneauPembroke College
ConstableJimJames ArnoldRobinson College
ConstableV2Richard MannsTrinity College
ConstableJohn FruDuncan HawthorneJesus College
ConstableKveldulfDavid GillespiePembroke College
ConstableSandy DorstonStephen LeggSt. John's College
ConstableThe Penguin of DeathEmily WilsdonDowning College
ConstableCode MonkeyRobert CrowstonPeterhouse
ConstableQueen of ClubsMarcus Julian Carne KingJesus College
ConstableOcelot HunterSimeon BirdPembroke College
ConstableLurtzDanny WhiteJesus College
ConstableMariaJenny Scott-ThompsonPeterhouse
Zombie OfficerTrillian AstraEdward BurgessPembroke College
$Undead OfficerWhich Doctor?Jacob Samuel CorteenFitzwilliam College

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollegeCrime
ConstableThe Witch DoctorJacob Samuel CorteenFitzwilliam CollegeShooting an innocent, albeit with a bang kill
ConstableRaccoonMichael Patrick WallaceTrinity CollegeShooting the Umpire with his own gun (when he was not a licit target)
Trained Attack OcelotKveldulfDavid GillespiePembroke CollegeCorrupt to Scott David Appleton

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