Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Wanted List

This is the List of wanted players.

Real NameAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusCrimeRedemption ConditionsNotes
Nick PlummerH3, St. Michael's CourtGonville and Caius CollegeNo WaterShooting the Umpire, not dying enough when the other Umpire shot himYeah, right. Like I\'m going to let him redeem himself any time soonAllergic to dairy, egg, fish, seafood, nuts and peanuts. Best just not trying to poison me.
Philip BielbyP9, Tree CourtGonville and Caius CollegeNo WaterShooting the Umpire. Shooting several innocents. Not dying enough when the other Umpire shot himYeah, right. Like I\'m going to let him redeem himself any time soongame loss may now ensue

Police who have succumbed....

RankReal NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusCrimeRedemption ConditionsNotes
PVC clad, but lameLauren GrestXanthocroid- a person with fair hair and pale complexionOld Hall 209Newnham CollegeNo WaterShooting the Umpire with his own gun (when he was not a licit target)Ha.
MetastableTom WoottenCambridge University Constabulary34 St. Clement's GardensTrinity HallWater With CareShooting the Umpire, and then shooting an innocent using a water weapon in a no water areaHE STABBED ME, THE BASTARD! Perhaps if he kills an inco assassin or two I\'ll learn to forgive him.
ConstableCharles CurryHock-in-a-box25, New Neale House, 138 Huntingdon RoadFitzwilliam CollegeNo WaterShooting the Umpire, and then attacking him and some innocents with a LARP swordI suppose killing some of the incos might incline me to forgive him, but then again, it might not<insert warning about not being twits>

Inevitably, this happens....

Lewis Gregory James MacLachlanVigilante AKA ROTTEN MALIBUUsing an unlicensed weapon. Shooting two innocents
Samuel BorinThe owner of a kleenexophagous dinosaur AKA The Marmite MonsterKilling an innocent
Charlotte HeronThe Process of Putrification has already begun....Being a naughty girl. Oh, and shooting some innocents too, without any remorse
Helen Frances Holmes*my*friend*goo*Sending a poisoned letter through the Royal Mail, with no disclaimer, white powder, and the word "Anthrax" written on it
Robert PattersonblackjackShooting his neighbour, who was not a licit target
Eystein P. ThanischWrecker_among_Meat_BenchesPoisoning the door handle of one of his targets
Ben Copseythe giant headShooting an innocent, and then making things worse by shooting a high-ranking police officer
Matt TaylorNinja HolocaustGetting his neighbour to open his poisoned letters for him, and therefore murdering him
Jonathan WrightJWizUsing a weapon not allowed by the rules.
Jonathan Alexander Davidson AtkinsLegsShooting an innocent
Thomas Peachjelly babyGiving his pigeon-hole number instead of his room number through extreme stupidity and not reading the rules properly, and through this, getting an innocent hit over the head with a cosh, and then shot at

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