Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - List of Players

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Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesAlive?KillsDeaths
Alex LabramEvil Atheist Conspiracy4/33 Christ'sChrist's CollegeWater With Caretrue03
Ed HeaneyThe Dance Commander4/28Christ's CollegeFull WaterI am giving out the order for fun.true65
Serena AlleryTaranaki AKA Redd Cry48NChurchill CollegeNo WaterAlso can be found at E19 Girton. Asthmatic and also allergic to monosodium glutamate, artificial colourants and flavourings (pretty much any E number 100 -200). Please remember I am OOB when riding or around my horses. Out of bounds Thursday afternoon while on Coe Fen.true65
Samuel BorinThe Pink PantherI21Downing CollegeNo WaterPlease do not use water weapons on me when I am wearing smart gear. I do not appreciate having nice clothes ruined. When in normal clothes I don't mind. Do not kill me if you know perfectly well that I am dead - it's very annoying.true34
Christopher DomanTheBigGayKremlinB5 Old CourtFitzwilliam CollegeWater With CareBring it, charles curry! No allergiestrue210
Jacob Samuel CorteenThree Fat Women on a TrapezeB01 Old CourtFitzwilliam CollegeWater With CareKnown as Jake.true318
Paul Martinde MurforteE19Girton CollegeNo WaterAlso found at 48N Churchilltrue23
Alexey PokrovskiyTyrannosaurus XF3A Girton CollegeGirton CollegeNo Watertrue05
Jamie HorderSupreme Generalissimo of the Buffer Continent of South AmericaS5 Tree Court, CaiusGonville and Caius CollegeNo WaterYou can kill me but you cannot kill the Revoloution. So might I suggest you don't bother to kill me at all? Thanks.true33
Austin AndersonThe BrickA16 Harvey CourtGonville and Caius CollegeNo Watertrue04
Phil BielbyThe Paedofinder General5 Mortimer Road, Room 1Gonville and Caius CollegeNo WaterNo water in the building at all please. Also, I'm in your base, killing your dudes, so there is no point in going there to find me anyway.true274
Tom SchollHungry Hungry Hitman AKA The Mad Hatter48 Jesus Lane, Room 2Jesus CollegeWater With CareComments: Mind the computer in the room. May your lives be short and interesting!true01
Michael LealUnderground OtterMarket Hostel 34King's CollegeNo Watertrue03
Felicity BoyceThe Moving Disaster ZoneClover House Room 5New HallNo WaterMay also be found at C1 Burrell's Field.true11
Mike PreeceThe Simple Expedient AKA Man's God-given GeniusO12 PembrokePembroke CollegeWater With Caretrue54
Chris KorekTwinkle ToesRoom 13, 10 Selwyn GardensPembroke CollegeNo Watertrue01
Ben WeaverVon StalheinB2, 59 Lensfield RoadPembroke CollegeFull Watertrue00
Simeon BirdManos, the Hands of Fate. AKA Carson of Milton Keynes. AKA Jet JaguarAA24Pembroke CollegeFull Watertrue116
Louis JaggerI'm afraid this is going to be an understandable mistakeRoom 5, 6 St Peter's TerracePeterhouseWater With CareCome and see The Merchant Of Venice, 17-20 June, 6:30 p.m. in the Scholar's Garden...true02
Georgina Stooke-VaughanThe Manic Gerbil7 St Peter's Terrace, Room 15PeterhouseNo Watertrue02
David Labanalsuren7 St Peter's Terrace, Room 12PeterhouseNo WaterIf you find my jabber/MSN account, my away/"personal" message often contains where I plan to be at any given time. It is the same alias as my livejournal account (which may also contain info)true03
Robert CrowstonHeavyness7 St Peter's Terrace, Room 8PeterhouseWater With CareProbably allergic to applied mathmos.true03
Jenny Scott-ThompsonCesy AKA Galadriel AKA Legless AKA Legolas2 St Peter's Terrace, Room 7PeterhouseNo Watertrue03
Stuart CuthbertsonPhilosophicles12a, 1 St Peter's TerracePeterhouseWater With Caretrue02
Niraj ModhaBobscratch GoldfarbB3Robinson CollegeNo WaterNo food-based weapons.true11
Jamie BrandonAn infinite number of monkeysJ9Robinson CollegeWater With CareWatch the laptoptrue12
Rik ScholesSuperUnknownCC07 - Cromwell Court, King StreetSidney Sussex CollegeNo Watertrue54
Adam RowellDarkLordFlatulenceZOMGLOLm4dpwnijsk1llz0rzLaserGunPewPewPewPewROFLCOPTERr0xxCripps Building E4St John'sNo Watertrue38
Talan le GeytKB13 CrippsSt John's CollegeNo Watertrue14
George DaviesIrbaotajH8 CrippsSt John's CollegeNo Watertrue810
Jonathan CairnsMe And My Fromage FraisY6 Angel Court, TrinityTrinity CollegeNo WaterHmm. I have Hayfever, so don't use flower bombs :Ptrue24
Konrad Kazimierz DabrowskiI mean, if we only had a wheelbarrow, that would be something.E2 Angel CourtTrinity CollegeNo WaterI have a large amount of computery junk all over my room, so please try not to damage it.true85
Nayeem KhanHungry Man 234E3 Angel CourtTrinity CollegeNo WaterI like crumpets and cheese.true09
Michael WallaceAzzy and CFB2 Whewell's CourtTrinity CollegeFull WaterNot as legendary as Phil Bridgetrue76
Richard GibsonOMG! WTF?C1 Burrell's FieldTrinity CollegeFull WaterSo special, you don't need to be told twice.true142
Michael DonaghyNot a furry, honestB2 Angel CourtTrinity CollegeNo Watertrue1816
Janet ScottThere are those who call me..... TimG9Trinity HallNo WaterPeople seem generally incapable of spotting the big number 9 or telling it apart from other numbers. Much as this amuses me, I think the rest of my friends on my staircase could be starting to get annoyed with being repeatedly killed...true01
Thomas WoottenMike Zero Foxtrot Foxtrot X-Ray AKA Hopeless with timestampsG3Trinity HallWater With CareI am an incompetent idiot who Loses the Game far too often.true28
Christian Fletcher WarranCF and AzzyB2 Whewell's Court, Trinity CollegeUniversity College LondonFull WaterKnown as CF- is almost as legendary as Phil Bridgetrue103

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