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Monday, 29 January

[05:00 AM] Hello, world!
[09:01 AM] Emily made carrion of Robert Crowston(Do you see what I did there?)
[09:35 AM] The Unsubtle Knife ripped apart the unsubtle Andrew Kay(Warfreak2)
[10:25 AM] Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis offered a reward
[12:00 PM] Commander Keen in Goodbye Neville Ball(Dr. Evil)!
[12:35 PM] Teresa Kyrke-Smith(Sally) was a little confused, but was enlightened by The Duke
[13:00 PM] Jacob Samuel Corteen was a special boy
[16:00 PM] Anna Judith Rosalind Bernstein killed an innocnet
[17:00 PM] Lazlo Woodbine, some call me Laz got himself a deal
[17:30 PM] FitzChivalry Farseer failed to find the boy prince Commander Keen
[18:00 PM] Link found Lim Hoe Kit(Snake Eye)
[19:00 PM] Prophet of Doom administered DOOM to Chris Smowton(Orcsome)
[22:00 PM] Hijinks ensued

Tuesday, 30 January

[08:15 AM] the invisible stranger failed to locate its SilentShadow
[13:30 PM] Sire Leg Gre was no chicken and defeated Paul David Morris(Paul Wall)
[16:00 PM] Michael Conterio nearly got the jump on Jacob Samuel Corteen
[16:05 PM] Phoenixflame11 stabbed David Molony(mxlemming)
[17:00 PM] Richard "Save the Iberian Lynx!" Gibson defeated the dangerous Olivier-Remy Bel(Finrolf)
[17:30 PM] Sire Leg Gre laughed a bit
[19:00 PM] Daniel Ross survived a day of wrath
[21:00 PM] Philip Bielby shot Jacob Samuel Corteen(Prophet of Doom)
[23:00 PM] Han-Ley Tang shot an "innocent". He later tested the umpire's immortality with a killer GENGAAAAAAARRRR!!!11one

Wednesday, 31 January

[00:00 AM] James O'Driscoll killed an "innocent". The same one. With the same killer GENGAAAAAAARRRR!!!11one
[08:47 AM] Emily removed Robert Patterson(super trooper)
[22:00 PM] The amazing Han-Ley Tang struck again at the expense of Eystein P. Thanisch(Cub_in_the_Yard)

Thursday, 1 February

[10:58 AM] Ill blows the wind that profits Nobody. Dan Craik(B. Breeg) did not profit.
[11:30 AM] Simeon Bird spotted some dude
[11:50 AM] Simeon Bird spotted some other dude
[12:00 PM] Silk hunted down Edd Burgess(King of Clubs)
[12:05 PM] Meerkat of Doom erased Reuben Bard-Rosenberg(Hugo Chavez) with the music of rubber bands
[21:00 PM] The Rascal Philip Bielby killed Laurence Watson(Lumpkin)

Friday, 2 February

[11:00 AM] A mutated ill tempered sea bass lurked around in the depths a bit
[13:00 PM] By golly, the head_vampire sucked the blood of James O'Driscoll(Lazlo Woodbine, some call me Laz)
[13:30 PM] Mihail Yakurovsky assassinated Emily Wilsdon(Assassin Fox)
[15:00 PM] The Zionist Conspiracy mutilated James O'Driscoll
[17:57 PM] Mihail Yakurovsky assassinated Meng Li(Teal)
[21:00 PM] Samurai Genocide and Goostaph braved the twisting walkways to seek the green sweater
[22:00 PM] The continuing saga of Han-Ley Tang
[22:50 PM] ssk assassinated Nadeev Wijesuriya(Phoenixflame11)
[23:00 PM] David Molony killed an "innocent"
[23:14 PM] Han-Ley Tang was Mocked and socked his mocker
[23:20 PM] Richard "Systéme Internationale" Gibson showed Michael Conterio(FitzChivalry Farseer) just how tricky the assassins' game is

Saturday, 3 February

[01:52 AM] Han-Ley Tang r majestic
[12:00 PM] Alexander Atkins(Commander Keen) killed Rebecca Ward(Advolta) but was shot by PC Evil for bearing
[12:15 PM] Mihail Yakurovsky received an early valentine's card
[15:00 PM] Geroge went after some dude
[16:00 PM] Violet D'Eath killed Daniel Lanczi-Wilson(Shadow of Saul)
[16:23 PM] Matt Taylor defeated Michael Donaghy(Emily)

Sunday, 4 February

[11:00 AM] RubyPseudonym tried to poison somebody
[13:40 PM] Thoughtful Vole and Silk couldn't find the incredible Han-Ley Tang
[16:30 PM] The Mole and Triffid double-teamed Tim Wright(The Jackal)
[16:59 PM] Papertree attempted to excite Deadly koala of doom, but was foiled by not being bamboo.
[20:00 PM] Silk killed Kathryn Hall(Sam Chandler)

Monday, 5 February

[08:00 AM] devil in a black dress couldn't find the head_vampire
[11:00 AM] A mutated ill tempered sea bass defeated the evil Giles Reger(Sire Leg Gre)
[15:00 PM] Incobash!
[15:07 PM] Philip Bielby genocided Matt Taylor(Samurai Genocide)
[15:15 PM] The Very Small brought down Julian Granger-Bevan(Salamander)
[15:30 PM] Julia Erhard(the invisible stranger) resigned from the game
[15:35 PM] Simeon Bird was scared by David Jeremy Sharples
[16:00 PM] The Duke was glad.
[16:25 PM] Do you want silver bit at your home?
[16:40 PM] Oops! Violet D'Eath did it again, killing Thomas White(fredley)
[17:00 PM] El Wanko eliminated Ben Copsey(devil in a black dress)
[17:30 PM] El Wanko completed the triple over Amos Micah How(Hard Work)
[21:00 PM] DeafBlindDumb executes Rowena Eason(The Queen of Sheba)
[23:30 PM] Colin Love caught Adam Rowell(Four. Hundred. Fish.)

Tuesday, 6 February

[19:30 PM] Simeon Bird insinuates!
[20:00 PM] Link encountered a familiar beard.

Wednesday, 7 February

[11:00 AM] Meerkat of Doom waited vigilantly, twice, for Talan Le Geyt and Talan Le Geyt
[11:01 AM] George Davies pompt du pompt Frances Kelly(The Very Small)
[12:00 PM] Nobody stalked people today
[16:00 PM] Han-Ley Tang kicked Emily from the assassins' game
[17:00 PM] The Phantom Rasberry Blower of Old London Town and A mutated ill tempered sea bass. What a pair!
[19:30 PM] Papertree didn't stop trying to ensare Deadly koala of doom

Thursday, 8 February

[08:45 AM] Singultus Silens couldn't find the sly bounder Han-Ley Tang and missed a rather spiffing snowball fight
[10:00 AM] George Davies fooled Colin Love(The Unsubtle Knife)
[11:30 AM] Jacob Samuel Corteen
[11:31 AM] Daniel Heap(This is a crisis. A large crisis. In fact, if you've got a moment, it's a twelve story crisis with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, 24-hour portage, and an enormous sign on the roof, saying 'This Is a Large Crisis') was slain by a jolly nice chap, He For Whom the Bell Tolls with a beard
[12:00 PM] Geroge braved the treacherous snow
[14:57 PM] Han-Ley Tang(Cuddles!) met Nobody, and shall meet nobody
[15:00 PM] Deadly koala of doom was frustrated and went after Goostaph
[16:10 PM] SilentShadow cloaked head_vampire
[18:37 PM] Mihail Yakurovsky mercilessly shot the foolish George Davies(A mutated ill tempered sea bass)
[19:26 PM] lovely little monster killed Mark Scott(Triffid) with some unlawful assistance from Billy Blaze
[21:00 PM] Sunil Shah(ssk) killed Marcus King(DeafBlindDumb) but was defeated by the heroic DeafBlindDumb

Friday, 9 February

[12:00 PM] Raccoon initiated libel damages against Joshua Waters(head_vampire)
[12:05 PM] For once, Violet D'Eath killed Nobody(Daniel Ross)
[13:00 PM] The Phantom Rasberry Blower of Old London Town mutilated Sunil Shah
[13:40 PM] Thoughtful Vole lurked Fatima Alam, but she didn't seem to be in.
[23:07 PM] Richard "Systéme Internationale" Gibson defeated Steven Shenton(Mihail Yakurovsky AKA Singultus Silens)

Saturday, 10 February

[13:00 PM] The Mole appeared in a Messianic vision to Anyetta White(An abstract concept in a tuxedo) and then shot her
[21:00 PM] Richard "Save the Iberian Lynx!" Gibson lurked for Fatima Alam
[21:15 PM] Violet D'Eath sought out Fatima Alam

Sunday, 11 February

[15:00 PM] The Zionist Conspiracy removed Fatima Alam(the green sweater) and Billy Blaze
[19:30 PM] Papertree
[20:00 PM] Philip Bielby shot Sabri Al-Safi(Goostaph) and his neighbour
[21:00 PM] G.I. Bob killed Claire Badgery(RubyPseudonym) with some assistance from Third Bear

Monday, 12 February

[08:30 AM] G.I. Bob discriminated aginst Jon Wright(Chocolate face)
[10:00 AM] The Mole expanded John Daniel Duder(Meerkat of Doom)'s lecture timetable
[19:45 PM] Papertree finally caught Alexander Higgs(Deadly koala of doom)
[20:03 PM] Edward "Steam-Powered" Heaney wasn't afraid of Talan Le Geyt(The Phantom Rasberry Blower of Old London Town)
[22:00 PM] Dear Michael Patrick Wallace,
[23:20 PM] Dear 'Sheilamaf',

Tuesday, 13 February

[21:30 PM] Treachery alleged! Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis(The Duke AKA Vindici) and David Jeremy Sharples(SilentShadow) found dead! Read all about it!
[23:45 PM] Simeon Bird shot He For Whom the Bell Tolls

Wednesday, 14 February

[12:00 PM] Richard "The Apocalypse of St. John" Gibson shot Danny White(Link) with a little assistance from Richard "Systéme Internationale" Gibson
[13:55 PM] Sir Humphrey Injoke defeated John Barrett(Thoughtful Vole). How scientific.

Thursday, 15 February

[16:00 PM] The Dalai Lama and Gizmo double-teamed Emilie Yerby(Geroge)
[18:00 PM] The Runaway Son implemented plan B with fatal consequences for John William Edward O'Brien(The Mole)
[18:01 PM] Benjamin Weaver(Violet D'Eath AKA Richard "The Apocalypse of St. John" Gibson AKA Sir Humphrey Injoke), Emma Pewsey(Papertree), Jennifer Helen Berry(Silk AKA lovely little monster) and Simeon Bird(Richard "Systéme Internationale" Gibson AKA Edward "Steam-Powered" Heaney) all trusted Betrayer of Souls. That is all.
[22:16 PM] Raccoon had the last word again, killing Sebastian Jefferies(wrath of happy the wonder cat)

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