Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 4 News

Thursday, 1 November

[12:00 PM] Kornelius strikes, and Jennifer H. Berry (click) falls
Kornelius reports:

The serpent strikes, and Jennifer H. Berry falls dead.

[16:59 PM] Michael Donaghy - legend in his own right...

[17:00 PM] Thus endeth the game!

And so, as the clouds part and the glorious, heart-warming sunshine pours down upon the quiet city of Cambridge, peace returns for a little while.
The survivors are:

Elaine Oliver (Alice Band)

Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen (Licensed to Jive AKA Agent Smith AKA Sir William AKA Kornelius AKA 'Stop')

Kathryn Hosking (Kate) (Black Mamba)

Laurence Watson (Yella AKA Mr C King)

Marko Felix Ulrich Thiel (Xenoturbella AKA Mr X. AKA Aquarius)

Philip Hubbard (The Smoking Gnu AKA Nogbad the Bad)

RC Assassin (The Duke of Cambridge AKA The Classhole)

Their fates shall be decided shortly.

Saturday, 3 November

[12:00 PM] Ultimate Showdown!

The combatants met at Jesus, and exchanged pleasantries and weapons as per the Umpire's weapon fairness scheme. One mysteriously skull-faced individual was identified as Kathryn Hosking (Kate), but her face remained unknown. All duellists had a primary water with care weapon and a couple of secondary weapons. Two weapons pools were placed near the centre of the game area.

After the combat zone boundaries were marked out, the Umpire alloted all the players starting places. Elaine Oliver commenced in a thick tree, which she proceeded to climb into, Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen was at a far corner of the area, behind a bike shed, Kathryn Hosking (Kate) was by the river, behind a workshop building, Laurence Watson was next to North Court, and conveniently a balcony (which he climbed onto). Marko Felix Ulrich Thiel was further along the river from Kathryn Hosking (Kate), in some woodlands, and Philip Hubbard started by the back gate to Jesus.

A hush silence fell, then the Ultimate Showdown began.

The first few minutes were centred around Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen and Philip Hubbard finding one another and warily circling around one another, while Marko Felix Ulrich Thiel approached and a mysterious football girl appeared, on her mobile phone... Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen found his gun to be malfunctioning very quickly, and had to switch weapons at one of the pools. The mysterious footballer wandered near both Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen and Marko Felix Ulrich Thiel, and looked like she was throwing something at them, although they were more drops than throws.

After hastling Elaine Oliver a bit, Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen and Philip Hubbard finally engaged in close combat, and simultaneous shots led to Philip Hubbard's bloody demise and Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen's arm amputation.

Continuing skirmishes between the remaining combatants led to the footballer finally uncovering herself as Kathryn Hosking (Kate), and removing all her disguises to fight properly. Kathryn Hosking (Kate) and Marko Felix Ulrich Thiel then tried to worry the armless Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen, who gave a fantastically seductive display of armless weapons pumping.

After a while of this, during which Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen's arm healed and then got shot off again, Elaine Oliver decided to leave the secure base which her tree provided, and rushed out, fully armed, to slay Kathryn Hosking (Kate). After that, realising the common threat, she helped Marko Felix Ulrich Thiel and the freshly appeared Laurence Watson in fighting Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen.

The ensuing rush and carnage led to Elaine Oliver sneaking in a fatal shot on Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen, who fired at Laurence Watson but fired a blank. On seeing Jacob (Jake) Samuel Corteen dead, Elaine Oliver and Marko Felix Ulrich Thiel had exactly the same idea at the same time, and shot one another dead.

This left Laurence Watson as Michaelmas 2007 Elimination champion!

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