Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
Space Monkey Prime MateSteven 2, 58 Warkworth TerraceEmmanuelNo WaterMy house is opposite the police station, so try to be a bit subtle...
Holoboon Dr. Splitz/SplitzyPhilip Bielbypmb45-assassins@srcf.ucam.org14 Marfield Court, Arbury Road, CambridgeGonville & Caius (formerly)No WaterI am a member of the CTF society, and I shall attend the meetings for this. I may be at PGR when this is on (although that may clash with CTF, so I shall pick one, and attend that). I shall also attend the meetings of CUSFS and the society known as "Sheila and Her Dog". I may or may not attend assassins social events. If I am the member of any other societies, perhaps I will even attend the meetings of those ;) Also, I shall be in your base, killing your dudes. I live in the real world. This means that annoying my neighbours would be bad, so please do not scare them by hanging around my flat too obviously (or too suspiciously). Also, I like, have a job. I would like to keep it that way, so please do not under any circumstances make an attempt on my life at or near to my place of work. In fact, the rules do clearly state that I am out of bounds at work, so don't waste your time. Srsly. I have given you details of other times you can kill me, and I am well known within the guild, so I am sure you can find out more details if you need to. I repeat, dudes, do not attack me at or near where I work. Also, I am an innocent fresher, so please be nice to me (this may be a lie). P.S. Please to be not shooting me at or near work. kthxbai
Space MonkeyDavid Anthony West House, Homerton CollegeHomertonNo Water
Space MonkeyBen, Room 209 (Post number 599)King'sWater With Care
Space MonkeyRichard, Foundress CourtPembrokeNo Water
Space MonkeyDoreen Nyekodoreennyeko@hotmail.comW6PembrokeNo Water
Space MonkeyRobert J B , St Catharine's College, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RLSt CatherinesWater With CareKnown as Rob desktop computer and hi fi in room
Space MonkeyLiam Court E, Room 3MagdaleneWater With CareWater with care (not near laptop on desk or coffee table papers plz)
Space MonkeyAlicia in Library court v room 10, Jesus CollegeJesusWater With Carewater with care inside my room (not on the computer please).
Space MonkeyMichael, Garden CourtSidney SussexWater With CareKnown as Micky. Please avoid computer.
Space MonkeyJoseph C6 - STRICTLY NO WATER IN MY ROOM!!Trinity HallNo WaterKnown as Joe
Space MonkeyTania, Old Block, New Hall, Huntingdon RoadNew HallNo Water
Space MonkeyQiu AA, Room 41PembrokeNo WaterKnown as Calvin Qiu
Space Monkeyshaun Stephen Hawking Building, West RoadGonville & CaiusNo Water
Space MonkeyDominic building B17TwinityNo WaterKnown as Dom
Space MonkeyAlexander Daniel College, T North Court 3JesusNo Waterknown as Alex
Space MonkeyTimothy, Benson D6MagdaleneNo WaterKnown as Tim
Space MonkeyLudwig Z 31Christ'sNo WaterNo allergies or room mates, but I live in a place surrounded by fellows...
Space MonkeyHeng Wui Cripps BuildingSt John'sNo WaterKnown as Wui Leng
Space MonkeyChris Boar O1TwinityWater With CareCareful with laptop.
Space MonkeyAdam WaterNormally known as Adam or Guti (you know the footballer) Lives more than 20mins walk from centre (so use a bike) - Subject - Biological natural sciences. In town every day except maybe sundays.
Space MonkeySimon L3EmmanuelNo Waterstrictly no water
Space MonkeyAmarnath CrippsSt John'sNo Water
Space MonkeyCallum Water
Space MonkeyDenizhan Cripps CtSt John'sNo WaterKnown as Deniz
Space MonkeyAnyetta (ironically, actually filledSt John'sNo WaterI have a roommate. Her name is Amiya, she is tall and slender with dark hair and olive skin. She looks nothing whatsoever like me. DO NOT SHOOT HER. If you are stupidly unscrupulous, feel free to corrupt her for the purpose of killing me, but DO NOT SHOOT HER. I am actually rather seldom in my room.
Space MonkeyZihan Hans Angel Court, TrinityTwinityNo WaterKnown as Hans
Space MonkeyWilliam P. Wearden, official residences are: O9, King's Caius Accommodation near Sidgwick (not allowed to specify) The Venerable Cambridge Union SocietyKing'sNo WaterAll rooms are No Water
Space MonkeyFrancesca (Frankie) WaterNo known allergies... well, water hemlock etc...
Space MonkeyCatherine, Old Block New HallNew HallNo Waterknown as Catherine / Cathy / Marcia My room is full of electrical items so please no water! Don't try and kill me with strawberries as I have an allergy! (And you wouldn't want a genuine death on your hands would you?)
Space MonkeyRuairidh building room 223King'sNo WaterName said like brewery
Space MonkeyLiam Blue Boar Court, Trinity, CambridgeTwinityNo WaterNo water (many electricals)
Space MonkeyJack Court B22TwinityWater With Care
Space MonkeyDinesh-Ramesh Mirpuri South Court, Homerton College, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PHHomertonWater With CareNickname = Danny / The Hunting Hawk anyone who wets my laptop will be killed (and not just in the game since i live in homerton, which is quite far away, trips i make often are to the gym(fenners) in the evenings at about 7 30 to 9 30 and basically spend a LOT of time in town wandering during the day in between lectures. i'm not allergic to anything as far as i'm aware so all poisons may be used.
Space MonkeySol CatherinesWater With Care
Space MonkeySian Room 5GirtonNo WaterVeterinary Medicine, Regular meeting: Leys school pool, Sundays 7:30
Space MonkeyNeville Ball (Nev) Room 3GirtonNo WaterMaths, daily visits to lectures in Mill Lane
Space MonkeyMehmet Cem Grange Room 14GirtonNo WaterKnown as Mem Engineering, Engineering Dept.
Space MonkeyHarry Alexander John Grange Room 13GirtonNo WaterKnown as Haz Engineering, Engineering Dept
Space MonkeyLuke Richard 9, Library III, Jesus CollegeJesusNo Water
Space MonkeyJonah Hugh Logan Ellis 323King'sWater With Care
Space MonkeyJenny New Court, Corpus ChristiCorpus ChristiNo Water
Space MonkeyJohn WaterCompSci part IB, so regularly found in William Gates Building. Regular city centre visits include Sainsbury's roughly weekly (time/day varies) and the Rocksoc pubmeet (monday evenings, venue currently subject to change).
Space MonkeyAlasdair Pearcealterion@gmail.comHobsons 23St CatherinesNo Water
Space MonkeyLuke House G12HomertonNo WaterI am studying engineering so go to the engineering department at 9am mon-fri by foot
Space MonkeyRahul Bishops Hostel (no water zone)TwinityNo Water
Space MonkeyTom St Clements GardensTrinity HallNo Water
Space MonkeyMatt Chapel Court Room 7, Jesus CollegeJesusWater With Carecareful of laptop/keyboard straight ahead through door, a splash won't matter but don't soak them. My room shares a mini-corridor with one other, make sure you get mine.
Space MonkeyPhilip harvey courts 5 west road cambridgeGonville & CaiusNo WaterKnown as Phil
HoloboonJonathan in Churchill CollegeChurchillNo Water
HoloboonDavid Peter Ross Third Court, Christ'sChrist'sNo Water
HoloboonMichael Whewell's CourtTwinityNo Water
HoloboonDavid Court T 2JesusNo Water
HoloboonJonathan in Churchill CollegeChurchillNo Water
HoloboonWilliam Blue Boar CourtTwinityWater With CareI have a laptop on the desk in my room which will be open and I don't want to get damaged and a cat that sits above my bed and dislikes water.
Holoboonlaura, girton collegeGirtonNo Wateri live at girton, so: my subject is philosophy and i have lectures at sidgwick site tuesday-thursday, and make odd trips other than that as well.
HoloboonJayaveni Chedumbarum NewnhamNewnhamNo WaterKnown as Jaya (Jey-ah) Do not disturb from 0000h-0900h please!
Most Hollow HoloboonSimeon P. Bird B.A. Hons. (Cantab.) 5, 38 Panton StreetPembrokeFull WaterPlease do not kill my hat. You can tell it's not me because it's a hat.

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
Captain SimianOrangutan PrimeSimeon P. Bird B.A. Hons. (Cantab.)Pembroke
Deputy Space MonkeyQueen KongJayaveni Chedumbarum PillayNewnham
Space Monkey chief (Honorary Simian?)The Librarian of the Unseen University of Pelby CollegeDavid SmithPeterhouse
Space Monkey LieutenantBen Q. WeaverPembroke
Holoboon QueenJayaveni Chedumbarum PillayNewnham
Space MonkeyJames MoranJesus
Space Monkeylaura leegoodGirton
Space MonkeyElizabeth Rose JohnstoneSelwyn
Space MonkeyArun Jack DhanrajChrist's
Space MonkeyNicholas Andrew DonnellyChurchill
Space MonkeyJoel TayChrist's
Space MonkeyCallum RhodesEmmanuel
Space MonkeyDavid Peter Ross GarnerChrist's
Space MonkeyDavid WilliamsJesus
Space MonkeyMatt HickfordTwinity
Space MonkeyTommaso SechiHomerton
Space MonkeyMarcus Julian Carne KingJesus
Space MonkeyMichael ConterioTwinity
HoloboonNicholas Andrew DonnellyChurchill
Holo HoloboonNicholas Andrew DonnellyChurchill

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollegeCrime
Holoboon SimianSimeon P. Bird B.A. Hons. (Cantab.)PembrokeShooting two innocent young ladies
Space MonkeyJonathan HolmesChurchillShooting an innocent
Space MonkeyPhilip BielbyGonville & Caius (formerly)Helping a corrupt officer and not slaying him, even while he had the chance...
Space MonkeyWilliam BrooksTwinityBuggering around and being smug (lol)
Space MonkeyEystein Patrick ThanischGonville & CaiusShooting an innocent (if most amusingly)

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