Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Wanted List

This is the List of wanted players.

Real NamePseudonym(s)AddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusCrimeNotes
Kathryn Hosking (Kate)Black MambaNewnham College, P116NewnhamWater With CareNot putting a disclaimer in a poisoned letterShould be within 20 mins of centre unless u'r a snail

Police who have succumbed....

RankReal NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusCrimeNotes
Space MonkeyMichael DonaghyB5 Burrell's FieldTwinityFull WaterKilling an innocent just before the game ended...lolOoB (Out of Bounds) when carrying bulky society equipment to and from Treasure Trap meetings, linears and weapons practices.
HoloboonBen Q. WeaverAA 28 Foundress CourtPembrokeFull WaterSupplying an inco with weapons... that\'s not what the police do!
HoloboonDavid SmithRm 5, Noah's ArkPeterhouseNo WaterAssociating with known corrupt policeI will also be spending large amounts of time in Rm 6, Noah's Ark, Peterhouse. I would ask that the No Water zone be extended to cover this room as well.

Inevitably, this happens....

Sian HumphriesBettySlaying two innocent police officers
Michael ConterioHarry Blackstone Copperfield DresdenKilling an innocent
Philip BaoPhatthing AKA NimrododFor dismembering and leaving his friend for dead
Emilie/Emmy YerbyThe Yellow SubmarineShooting, like, everyone who\'s ever played. And more people. Plus half the police force. And I keep expecting her to try to shoot me... Lol
Alexander Daniel WalkerThongBoyTesting the Umpire\'s Immortality, then killing the Umpire\'s friend for fun, and generally going a bit doolally.
William BrooksTEggGoing crazy and shooting everyone
Anna Louise KalorkotiEphraim Smooth AKA HecateKilling a non-bearing non-target
*Nimrod* GileadiMigraine DildoShooting an innocent
Steven ShentonPorcelain OstrichShooting an unarmed non-target
Marcus Julian Carne KingThe PervertTesting the Umpire\'s Immortality, and for being him
Alexander AtkinsPac-ManSlaying the chief of police (acting) in cold blood... the cad!
Denizhan ErkanDirty DTrusting someone when they said they were his target... when they weren\'t!
Catherine FlavelleThe Duke of KentSending a poisoned letter via UMS
Mehmet Cem KemalDeadly Snake ManAttacking his girlfriend... with several weapons (something tells me this was no accident...)
Harry Alexander John OnslowThe Duke of YorkThe Most Horrible and Heinous Crimes of Contact Poisoning Someone\'s Door Handle and Slaying a Poor, Innocent Maiden Thereabouts

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