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Monday, 5 November

[08:30 AM] Richard stabbed Howard Dale (Frog)
[12:00 PM] Will Brooks goes and kills Laurence Watson (Dingbat), Jennifer Berry (A strange little critter), David Williams (The Black Knight), Rich Miller (The Flying Spaghetti Monster) and an innocent, going extremely wanted in the process
[13:00 PM] Metalocalypse disposes of Sabri Al-Safi (Goncho)
[15:45 PM] Richard kills Liam Mencel (Mencellator)
[17:00 PM] Playdough Bunnies bumps off Victor Xu Heng Leong (queen)
[17:05 PM] Will Brooks is at it again - tears for Ben Weaver (Hagbard Celestine)
[18:00 PM] Dan, william the girl and Rudra went on a rampage, taking out David Newgas (C-Flakes), Naomi Elisabeth Emily Miles (the nome) and Simon Nathan (double-one eight)
[21:00 PM] SDG, Sean the Sheep and Horatio T Loins, defender of Brazil pwned Chris Stanyon (Echo), Eystein Patrick Thanisch (An_Mhor_Fhir) and Philip Bao (Philip)
[23:00 PM] David Peter Ross Garner (The Empty Set) killed James Eulas Gasaway (Mullet), but was then taken down by Amanita Arbury

Tuesday, 6 November

[08:00 AM] bugsy malone didn't get killed
[10:55 AM] Jun-Kai I killed Jenny Molloy (Amanita Arbury)
[11:00 AM] Barbarigo di Bellagamba terminated Scott Wildgoose (The Wildgoose)
[12:00 PM] Betty killed Matt Green (the white long-haired cat the the "bad guys" always have)
[14:00 PM] Will Brooks went and inhumed yet another dude Marko Felix Ulrich Thiel (xyzzy), and also killed Luke Richard Bennett (Last Damnation) as he was not in fact OOB
[15:15 PM] La boite diabolique got their revenge on Tristan Kalloniatis (william the girl), while Fran stabbed Arun Dhanraj (Don Quixote)
[19:30 PM] Luke Richard Bennett and Will Brooks failed to kill each other, as Luke Richard Bennett was already dead
[20:00 PM] Kamila Ewa Zubala shot Callum Rhodes (SDG) and Sean Maguire (Sean the Sheep) while Ryan Turner (Surf Bum) was shot by Horatio T Loins, defender of Brazil
[20:30 PM] The Meatloaf Alarm and Will Brooks met a certain noble, who promptly ran away

Wednesday, 7 November

[11:00 AM] Rudra ninjad Benjamin Mills (The Silent Ninja)
[11:05 AM] Mr ive forgotten what my pseudonym is killed Simon Abernethy (Horatio T Loins, defender of Brazil)
[11:10 AM] Richard shot Dominic Thompson (Fat Tony), and then Sweet Zombie Jesus stabbed him to make sure
[13:30 PM] Josephine Parker goes wanted for improperly disclaimered poison
[18:15 PM] James Brister shot Michael Donaghy (The Meatloaf Alarm) who was in his own mafia!
[18:30 PM] Will Brooks killed Kamila Ewa Zubala (Barbarigo di Bellagamba)
[18:50 PM] Nimrod Gileadi and Richard finally took down Will Brooks (The Duke of Parmesan) (but Nimrod Gileadi went wanted)
[22:00 PM] Jim Morrisson foiled a poisoning attempt

Thursday, 8 November

[08:15 AM] Palmer Ham lurked for James Brister for an hour without success
[09:15 AM] Richard killed Maria Kennedy (Maria)
[11:00 AM] Josephine Parker killed Richard Brittain (Richard)
[13:30 PM] Palmer Ham killed Josephine Parker (Michaelmas)
[16:30 PM] The Phantom Tango lurked for Dr.Strangelove for an hour without success, then went on to fail to find Revolta or Jun-Kai I
[16:50 PM] Liam Brierley (&#8251) took out Alexandra Rinck (Allie) but revenge was swiftly enacted by Palmer Ham
[18:10 PM] Robin Message killed an innocent
[18:45 PM] Robin Message lurked Jun-Kai I

Friday, 9 November

[11:00 AM] Playdough Bunnies failed to poison Entreline
[17:35 PM] Entreline missed Dr.Strangelove with his RBG

Saturday, 10 November

[12:00 PM] Ximin Luo killed some innocents
[17:00 PM] End of Mafia Game

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