Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild: Michaelmas Massacres

What's all this, then?

The Michaelmas Massacres is a radical new rethink of the Assassins game. We propose that this term there will be not one term-long game but instead there shall be one game lasting about three weeks, and three games lasting a little under a week each.

How does that work?

The object of the game is to track down and eliminate the other players, while also staying alive yourself. "Assassination" is carried out with a variety of harmless toys or fake weapons which range from pens labelled as 'knife' to water pistols and the popular Nerf weaponry. Often people come up with more inventive and amusing ways to dispatch their targets.

In general, the same rules on weapons, play area and so on will apply throughout the term. Each of these games carries the same status and bragging rights.

Do I have to play all these games if I agree to sign up?

Not at all. These games are independent and you may play any or all of them. There will be a short break between each game. You can sign up for any game by emailing the Guild in advance of its start. If you sign up at the start of the term, don't worry! You are only signing up to play in the first, three-week game; there is no commitment to play the other games and you can retire at any time. Players will be given the option of playing in future games at the end of each one.

So who runs this, then?

Each game will be run by a different person. The one who runs the three-week game will be known as the Lead Umpire for that term. Once their game has finished they will be in a position to advise those running other games.

The three other roles, each in control of a shorter game, should be considered equally. Each is solely responsible for their own game. These 'Overseers' are intended to each have a much lighter workload than a traditional term-long Umpire appointment. The experience requirement is much less stringent so this would be appropriate for a more junior player who would like to get involved in running the Guild. This could also be appropriate for an older player who would not usually consider umpiring. Anyone in the Guild may put themselves forward (or indeed suggest someone else) for one of these roles, regardless of experience. Overseeing a game in this manner does not preclude you from Umpiring a larger game later on.

After due consideration of such candidates, an umpiring team will be appointed by past Umpires. This term, the first game will be run by Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis (Jesus), the second game by Steven Shenton (Emmanuel), the third by Ben Weaver (Pembroke) and the fourth by David Smith (Peterhouse).

I don't like this

Sorry. We're trying this new format by popular demand. At the end of it we'll look at player numbers and listen to the opinions of those who played in deciding whether to run it again next year or not. Either way, the Lent and Mayweek games will retain their traditional format, so don't worry! If you think you have a better idea for a game, please, please, please tell us!

This concept was produced by Richard Gibson and Philip Bielby in 2007 after lengthy Guild consultation.

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