The Assassins' Guild: Mayweek 2007 Game Awards

For various achievements and entertainments, the following awards are presented:

The Lemming Award for the first to die:
Stephen Cairns returned us to the happy days of Trinitarian Lemmings, dying to Konrad Dabrowski as he made a bit of a mess of his alliance strategy..
The Holzhauer Award for psychopathy:
Philip Bielby, for killing an impressive 33 players.
The Kenny Award for dying far too many times:
Michael Donaghy continued his fine Mayweek form, although only 15 deaths this year...
The 'Do you have my fish?' Award for excuse least likely to get someone to open the door:
Simeon Bird, who managed to get two kills with the opening gambit of "I found a USB memory stick with your name on a file on it, and the porters said I should bring it here".
The Laurel And Hardy Award for most amusing double-act:
Simeon Bird and Philip Bielby, who seemed pretty inseparable.
Also joined at the hip:
Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis and J Doe.
The Order of the Black Coat for application of the art of disguise:
J Doe, whose Japanese tourist disguise the Umpire was lucky enough to experience first hand.
The Darwin Award for death by stupidity:
Michael Donaghy for backstabbing two allies, but not killing two others who were standing next to him...
The Reversed Burden of Johannes Award for unintentionally killing innocents:
Tom Booth and Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis got one each, but everyone was rather restrained this game.
The Catherine Zentile Award for least innocent innocent:
J Doe who, despite starting as a Player, resigned and then continued to put in more effort than most of the live Assassins.
Also shady:
Steve McCann, also after retiring, who tried to get the entire game to attack the Downing Ball queue, just so he wouldn't be bored waiting.
The Brutus Award for best betrayal:
Michael Donaghy, who took out half of his 'mafia'.
The Yellow Streak Award for running away:
Thomas Booth and Jacob Samuel Corteen, who ran away to the Continent.
Also cowardly:
Michael Wallace somehow got nominated again.
The Girton Award for the kill furthest away:
Jacob Samuel Corteen gets this by two feet, since Thomas Booth was slightly further away from Cambridge when they double-killed in Amsterdam.
The Obfuscated Tutorial System Award for silliest pseudonym:
Withheld. You all suck :(
The Harland Quinn Golden Quill for the most amusing reports:
Similarly withheld (although Simeon Bird gets an honourable mention).

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