Cloak & Dagger Assassins' Guild Rulings And Clarifications - Michaelmas 2008

The following is a list of auxiliary rulings and clarifications made for the purposes of the Michaelmas 2008 Assassins' Guild game. All rulings on this page should be taken to be authoritative, and to overrule the Rules page in such situations as they are contradictory:

To clarify, 'multithrowing' weapons (i.e. throwing more than one at a time) is not allowed.

Poison lipstick is a legitimate weapon - you must be able to show your victim the tube of lipstick labelled 'poison lipstick' at the time of their death for the kill to count.

Departmental common rooms may be out of bounds if they contain computers, valuable books, or practical work is carried out in the near vicinity - if you are planning an attack on one, it is best to check with the Umpire first.

Assassins should not swap their room numbers or nameplates for those of their neighbours. This could lead to you going wanted, particularly if an innocent is shot as a result.

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