Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - List of Players

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Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesAlive?KillsDeaths
Alexander Higgswill_to_power24 Lensfield RdDowningNo Watertrue00
Alice DraperMushroom AKA who are you, where am I, whats going on, and why do I have a gun?H5New HallWater With Caretrue86
Alicia DanksLailoken AKA The Shortbread FairyLibrary Court V room 10JesusWater With Caretrue105
Amelia (Amy) BoothWill 'I have more money than sense, and I'm in debt.' BrooksT4, Ashby CourtClareWater With CareDon't be a tard and use a 310 on my laptop, musical instruments etc plz. I'm not in Cambridge until Monday pm, so don't lurk me then, cos I ain't gonna be there. I am in a concert on the evening of Tuesday 17th, and am thus out of bounds while performing or carrying musical instruments, etc.true42
Anna KalorkotiDenizen of The College of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint John the Evangelist and the glorious Virgin Saint Radegund, near CambridgeLibrary Court II Room 7JesusNo WaterIf you must poison me, please do so in a vegetarian-suitable manner [Umpire's Note: Contact Poison is not allowed in Mayweek]true02
Ben Weaversome dude, before dying to Ben 'self-referential pseudonym' Weaver AKA Oh Twillo :-\ AKA PastaAA28, Foundress CourtPembrokeWater With Caretrue87
Callum RhodesSDGY3 North CourtEmmanuelNo WaterI'm doing a play this term so please don't shoot me when I'm rehearsing or performing the actual thing (the play will be outside).true04
Camilla CattaniaMy real name is so cool I have no need of a pseudoA26New HallWater With Caretrue43
Carol SparkeEudoxiaEast Strachey 18NewnhamNo WaterI'll be leaving at some point on Thursday the 19th. I will also be out of bounds while conducting College Tours to admissions candidates on Saturday the 14th for an unknown time, and Wednesday the 18th between 12 and 1.true37
Dan CraikStranger in a strange landO1 Whewells CourtTrinityNo Watertrue03
Dave WilliamsZarathustraT2, North CourtJesusWater With CareI am OOB while working at the Uniontrue20
David ReadThe sniperG09 West house, Homerton College, Hills RoadHomertonWater With CareWatch out for the computer near the doortrue02
Edmund (Ed) William CroftEeyore43S Churchill CollegeChurchillNo WaterI will be in town for: Real Ale/Rocksoc GP on Jesus Green Saturday afternoon. Science Societies GP at Perhouse on Tuesday afternoon. Sainburys whenever the urge to acquire cheese etc. come upon me. No doubt punting to Grantchester at some point. Other events are black tie...true715
Edward A. HeaneyMr. KiteOxfordFormerly ChristsNo WaterSCIENCE! Multiple style points will be awarded to anyone who kills him in Oxford, where he now is.true1511
Edward MorlandAbraham Lincoln, Space Pirate of FishbourneBlue Boar I4TrinityNo Watertrue910
Emily ScraggLemonyC+E2 (spend a lot of time in H staircase)New HallWater With CareBeware the laptop!true46
Emma NashLokiB12 (Old Block)New HallWater With Caretrue89
Emma PewseyMy lovely horse AKA The Auditing Professional Oversight BoardOld Hall 125NewnhamNo WaterI am out of bounds while at archery. The enormous metal bows should give assassins a clue.true615
J. Alexander D. AtkinsKennyBasement of 1 Belvoir Terrace, CB2 7AANoneNo WaterMy address will probably change Monday or Tuesday, but I don't know what to.true12
Jacob (Jake) Samuel CorteenStopT03FitzwilliamFull Watertrue334
James BristerHarry PurvisE5 Wolfson buildingTrinityWater With Caretrue513
Jennifer (Jen) BerrySilken DragonRoom 1, 36 ParksidePeterhouseWater With Caretrue57
John BarrettCaptain I-can't-think-of-a-decent-pseudonym-to-save-my-life58BChurchillFull WaterWill be on my way to or in France from early Thursday morning until after the game ends, so don't try and lurk me after Wednesday as you'll get very bored. Also it's probably not a good idea to follow me there as I'll be somewhere without readily-available internet access so it'll be a bit hard to report any kills (also you'll need a spare couple hundred euros lying around ;))true49
Joshua Guy (Duke) Blanchard LewisGavrilo Princip, reincarnated as a small, fuzzy, white kitten with one black-furred paw, a permanent chest irritation and a squintT6, North CourtJesusWater With CareI am allergic to Assassins. Also, allergic to water, so please don't shoot me with any water weapons unless you have allergen to hand. Oh, and rubber. And foam. In fact, you'd better just attack me with knives. I am out of bounds while at the Union.true111
Lloyd SmithA Free ManChapel Court 4, room 4JesusWater With Caretrue06
Luke Richard BennettTrivial Fursuit AKA Will "Uerope's Greatest Assassin" Brooks AKA Continue AKA The Dance CommanderIII 9, Library Court.JesusWater With CareI had a most wonderful set of notes but the autoumpire does not allow enough characters for them to fit.true302
Matt HickfordIrving WashingtonWolfson Building D1TrinityWater With Caretrue512
Michael William DonaghyThe Benjamin Quentin Weaver Fan ClubB5, Burrells CourtTrinityNo WaterPlease shoot my ontological crisis as this may cause a girlfriend. I may have a computer on the back of my bike, in which case I am no water.true510
Mike SmithThe Right Reverend Lanky Streak of P***The Grange, room 7GirtonWater With CareVisits into town: Parkside, house 36 on Suicide Sunday night (earlier that day I'll be at the Girton Garden Party) and at Sidney May Ball thursday night. Water in my room is fine but wetting of the laptop will result in WOUNDINGS!true01
Mystery WomanParan OidOld Block, room B7New HallNo Watertrue56
Netta ChachamuCan't sing, can't dance, can handle a gun a littleH11New HallNo Watertrue36
Philip HubbardThe Helvetica ScenarioI13RobinsonWater With CareI am allergic to prawns. If you're using big water with care's, please don't kill my laptop :(true05
Rich MillerThe other oneA14 Robinson CollegeRobinsonWater With Caretrue312
Richard S I GibsonGavrilo Princip, reincarnated as a small, fuzzy, white kitten with one black-furred paw, a permanent chest irritation and a squint AKA Richard 'Serious Innocent' Gibson AKA The Fursecutor General AKA Richard 'Sexual Interface' Gibson AKA Richard 'Save the Iberian Lynx' Gibson AKA Richard 'Satan Incarnate' Gibson AKA Richard ' The Apocalypse of St. John' Gibson AKA Richard 'Strangely Immortal' Gibson AKA Richard 'Support Immorality' Gibson AKA Richard 'Scientific Imagination' Gibson AKA Richard 'Slightly Intriguing' Gibson AKA Richard 'Seldom Ineffectual' Gibson AKA Richard 'Sporadically Insurmountable' Gibson AKA Richard 'Swimming Indefinitely' Gibson AKA Richard 'Strangely Inventive' Gibson AKA Richard 'Sponsored Internet' Gibson AKA Richard 'Says Indeed' Gibson AKA Richard 'Sadomasochistically Inclined' Gibson AKA Richard 'Savings and Investments' GibsonSome AddressTrinityNo WaterNot a player; inserted to fix the AU.true00
Roisin KiberdMuriel (aka 'Murderous Muriel')Benson A9, Magdalene, Magdalene Street. (basically just at one end of town, down the road from the shops etc)MagdaleneWater With CareRoom contains precious laptop, and beautiful antique cans.true04
Simon AbernethyHoratio T LoinsL3EmmanuelNo Watertrue05
Simon CollAries Nebuchadnezzar49CChurchillNo Watertrue06
Stephen CairnsStevo SpaghettoA1 Burrells FieldTrinityWater With CareMind the computertrue63
Steve McCann*De* *name is Gambit*! *Remember it*!OH 125, Newnham CollegeFormerly of Kings.No WaterI am phearsome! Though it should be noted that I am not serious business about this game.true611
Steven ShentonMr. Frumious4, 58 Warkworth TerraceEmmanuelWater With CarePlease avoid shooting my computerstrue46
Tom Wootten6 AKA No-one45 St Clements GardensTrinity HallNo WaterROW HALL!true22
Will (Twillo) BrooksAll the cool kids psuedonyms end in / AKA Uephoria AKA UephemismBlue Boar O11TrinityWater With CareI can't spell pseudonyn.true365
Yuan Cao ZhangThe Free Mango49BChurchillNo WaterEntirely possible a friend will be crashing in my room for a few days out of the may week. The key identifier here is that I'm not Norwegian.true16

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