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Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesAlive?KillsDeathsScore
Adam GuterresThe Nose of Sauron AKA Snap, Crackle and POW!E223, Wolfson CourtGirtonFull WaterTry to miss the laptop and speakers opposite the door.true192236
Alex AtkinsE for Brick AKA Late34 Mariner's Way, CB4 1BNBristolNo WaterI am OOB until 00:01:00 on Tuesday.true0472
Alex GuttenplanDon't touch sandvichM2EmmanuelNo WaterOOB while in the queue for the Emmanuel May Balltrue1373
Alexandros ToumazisPollux Castlerock AKA StubblesR04FitzwilliamNo WaterOOB in the queue (and inside) Kings' Affairtrue1775
Alice DraperPringlesH16, Old BlockNew HallWater With CareI may be spending an unhealthy amount of saturday on and around the river. There could be a visitor living on my floor at some point, but I dont actually know when yet..true0675
Alicia DanksPlatypus AKA ByrhtnothNorth Court S8JesusWater With Caretrue67121
Amy Booththe terror shark! Raaaaaaaaaaaargh!D5, Castle House, Clare ColonyClareWater With CareWWC in my room, but please try to stick to the slightly smaller end of stuff. Out of bounds when carrying my viola. Molest my hairy boyfriendtrue113148
Ben GadsbyB for MuttonWest House 233HomertonWater With CareDating someone at Newnhamtrue0764
Ben GibsonThe Great RapscallionCC18PembrokeWater With Carelaptop on desk across the room from the doortrue0269
Bethany English (Beth)momento moriClare College Colony Castle House D6ClareWater With Caretry to avoid my lasptop if possibletrue0378
Carol SparkeJingle BellaOld Hall G25NewnhamNo WaterOut of Bounds in Trinity May Ball Queuetrue11069
Charlie Schoonmande stiekemerdW7PembrokeWater With CareThere is a bass guitar and an amplifier in direct line of fire from my door. If these are harmed then I will harm the perpetrator. Grr. I will be OOB at the Pembroke May Ball Queuetrue41113
Chris Milliganyour mum54 High Street, Girton I come into town on a regular basisPembrokeWater With CareI come into town on a regular basistrue0171
Christopher PowellThe Ginger OneI9RobinsonNo WaterTWItTAH!
Coryan Wilson-ShahComin atcha like a three-letter-acronym AKA CakefaceG6PembrokeWater With CareIf you're going to try to kill me in my room, please don't shoot my laptop. Also don't kill my non-assassin neighbours (people have been overly keen on shooting anything me-shaped around my lodgings in the past, please refrain from this unless you are certain it is me.) Out of Bounds in Trinity and Pembroke May Ball queuestrue183196
Daniel O'BrienI'd like to claim this RBG on second home allowances please113 Stephen Hawking BuildingGonville and CaiusWater With CarePlease mind textbooks/laptop/electronics in firing range of my door. Performing in college's May Week play on afternoons of 16th 17th & 18th and doing rehearsals on 13th & 15th in Harvey Court JCR where I will be out of boundstrue0363
Dominic CarrChiliNinjaP7 Memorial CourtClareWater With CareI am fond of both cheese and chocolate. Provide and I will dance. And dont shoot me in my nice dinner jacket! (I might cry)true1276
Ed NokesJ for VendettaTravellodge Cambridge, Clifton WayFormerly of CaiusNo WaterWill join the game at 00:01:00 on Thursdaytrue30128
Edmund (Ed) CroftShiroi Ryu AKA Simian Bird43LChurchillNo WaterOOB in Emma queue on Sunday. Also OOB if carrying food/knives for Playford Ball.true710122
Edward Ignatius MorlandA Stygian cloud of charcoal ebonyP5 Burrell's FieldTrinityWater With CareOut of Bounds while in the Trinity May Ball Queuetrue78124
Emily ScraggTree AKA The DuchessHH12New HallWater With CareMay be found occasionally at 60 Maids Causeway. Be nice to the.. well.. everything. Out of bounds while moth trapping, bird ringing or carrying easily damaged equipment for this.true62127
Foysol MiahC for MilesI16 Cripps CourtSelwynNo Watertrue0378
Gareth Tear (Gaz)Mr. EB12FitzwilliamNo Watertrue0467
George DaviesG for PoliceRoom 1, 18b St Peter's StreetSt John'sNo WaterI am out of bounds until 00:01:00 on Tuesdaytrue0171
Harry RobinsonA for 'OrsesI22SelwynNo Watertrue1384
Jacob Samuel CorteenA Hint of NostalgiaD5 Castle House, Clare College Colony; or 303 Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TJSheffield, formerly FitzWater With CareMay not be resident in Cambridge for the whole of the game.true52122
James BristerThe assassin currently standing right behind you, calmly taking aim at your headR1 Burrell's FieldTrinityWater With CareOut of Bounds in Trinity May Ball Queuetrue148173
Jenny HawkinMr Blimey Maloney Esq.G3PembrokeNo Watertrue2091
Joe ReedAugustus the CatM13SelwynNo Watertrue0576
Joshua Guy Blanchard LewisOmega Flare AKA The Duke AKA Yee-Haw!60 Maid's Causeway, Room 3JesusWater With CareMay also be spending some time at New Hall HH12. Please avoid shooting guitar, electronics and the giant pikachu if possible, although he quite enjoys it really, just does this cute thing with his eyes where he pretends he's angry but actually he really just wants to be loved and is trying to gain your attention in any way he can. Also, don't bother trying to find me. I'll be in your closet, in your head... ;) Known as "The Duke"true234229
Matt HickfordD for Ential AKA I for Lootin'Burrell's Field S1TrinityNo WaterOOB in Trinity May Ball Queuetrue0775
Megan WilliamsLady of the CakeStrachey West 16NewnhamNo WaterAm likely to be wearing formal wear a lot.true78110
Meng LiChandler mews AKA LillianR21FitzwilliamNo WaterHe's coming, he's coming, he's comingtrue54105
Paul TintonHiding in a corner somewhere AKA Epic fish AKA Flash... Aah! AKA I'm a tard AKA An incredibly unsubtle assassin AKA Mr Tickle36HChurchillNo WaterThe computer is not thirsty. At least one of my porters are being tards and threatening to confiscate water weapons in collegetrue94128
Philip HubbardThat man over there who doesn't look at all shifty, suspicious or assassin-likeRoom 9, 4 Adams RoadRobinsonWater With Caretrue1374
Roseanna PendleburyChloroform TeaStrachey West 23NewnhamWater With CareOut of Bounds in May Ball queue for Trinitytrue97123
Simon TaylorAn ex-Parrot AKA The Minister for Silly Walks AKA Brian Cohen AKA A Knight who says Ni AKA Cardinal Ximénez of SpainM11RobinsonWater With CareAm leaving on the Friday, you are welcome to shoot my parents but they may not be very impressed and might shoot you back. The umpire notes you should not shoot parents.true44105
Steve Cairnsthe Cauchy Distribution AKA the Witch of AgnesiW11 Burrells FieldTrinityWater With CareMy computer still doesn't require watering. Nobody expects the Cauchy Distribution!!! Do not shoot my sister!true65118
Theo SandersonSurprisinglyL4 Mem CourtClareNo Watertrue0368
Tom WoottenA non-playerE10 WychfieldTrinity HallWater With CareComputer dead ahead when you enter my room. Look before you shoot! Attending Trinity Hall Garden Party, Downing Tribal, Clare May Ball, Sedgwick Club Garden Party and Trinity Hall June Event. (No water in the event queue please!) I am actually playing.true0477
William WarmanShrikeP13Trinity HallNo Watertrue0171

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