Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Incompetence List

This is the list of incompetents:

This is the list of incompetent police:

Real NameAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusRankPseudonymNotes
Andrew ZhaoT Street Room 10Corpus ChristiNo WaterLieutenant CommanderSimon "Ghost" RileyOOB when carrying bass guitar in bag on back and when carrying badminton racquet in bag on back.
Robert May-MillerSouth Court, Staircase M, Room 1EmmanuelNo WaterEnsignHarry KimKnown as Rob.
Alex GuttenplanG5EmmanuelNo WaterLieutenant CommanderPavel Andreievich ChekovWarning SHARED SET! Don't shoot my roommate. Also, OOB while carrying musical instruments or lab samples.
Frankie RobertsonW213, Wolfson CourtGirtonNo WaterBorg DroneHugh
Matthew John CheethamE18AGirtonNo WaterEnsignChakotay (brought back by the amazing prowess of the EMH)Every morning for 9am lectures. Usually until 1pm. Thursday evenings at the West Cambridge site sometimes.
Fred WardE9AGirtonNo WaterLieutenantKlingonI attend Sidgwick lectures most mornings.
Daniel O'BrienRoom 9, 6 Harvey Rd.Gonville and CaiusWater With CareNCC-666The USS Make S**t UpTwitter shenanigans going down at OOB when carrying equipment for CTF.
Reuven ShiraziG13 St. Michael's CourtGonville and CaiusNo WaterNCC-1701The USS EnterpriseEst-ce que vous pensez que je le ferais plus facile pour vous? snigger snigger snigger.
Jessica (Jesse) Daley212 West HouseHomertonNo WaterShambling corpse. IN SPACE!Very definitely undead Zombie Space-GirlI live on the Homerton site, but make regular trips into the Archaeology and Anthropology Dept. on Downing College and the comic-book store Forbidden Planet (another strict no water zone).
Stuart Gibbs---Long Road Sixth Form CollegeNo WaterLieutenantSilvio
Arthur SavileRoom 8, 10-12 Chesterton rd.MagdaleneWater With CareAlien CookNeelix
Britta TarvisEast Strachey, Room 22NewnhamNo WaterDangerously Sentient HologramProfessor Moriarty
Alex Wheatley2 Pembroke Street, room 1PembrokeNo WaterEnsignUnknown Yellow-Uniformed Ensign: Clearly For The Chop
Hannah McLaughlinL7, Cripps CourtSelwynWater With CareLieutenantLeonard McCoyOut on Thursday nights and Sunday evenings.
Richard Perez-StoreyCromwell Court, room CF08Sidney SussexNo WaterSomewhat confused androidDeath-ta
Aneurin John (Nye) Redman-WhiteRoom 4, 1 Portugal StreetSidney SussexNo WaterLieutenant CommanderJean-Luc PicardPlease avoid antagonising my housemates. They may bite.
Emily RoomCripps Building, D staircase, room 17St John'sWater With CareCaptainWounded Saavik
Vincent GartonI4 Blue Boar CourtTrinityWater With CareKlingon LegendKahless the UnforgettableAlso known as Vince.
Charles BoardQ1Trinity HallWater With CareLieutenant CommanderRiker

And this is a list of corpses:

Imogen GoldPembrokeCharon AKA Feathers McGraw
Stephanie (Steph) LeddingtonSt John'sKitty Noone
Madeleine KassonSocial and Dev. PsychologyThe Contessa
Joaquim d'SouzaSt John'sT-Pain
Renate Mckenzie-OnahSt John'spolka
Tim LuiDowningonoffon
Fred MaynardChurchillTarquin
Prashin JethwaEmmanuelDistant Villain
Charlie CollinsEmmanuelLocal Hero
Matt GreenJesusIce Ice Baby
Aaron MilesClareMike Schmornoff
Jessica O'Driscoll-BreenNew HallODB
Edward C WestGonville and CaiusChief campaigner to make the licky bit on envelopes different flavours
Sybille LuhmannClare HallOrange Potato
Premchand BrianSt John'sMagos Biologis
Jonathan FrenchJesusThe World's Expert On Getting Killed
Vicky RothHomertonLenn
Roseanna PendleburyNewnhamTeatime
Arthur SavileMagdaleneHassan-i-Sabah
Shaneil PatelGonville and CaiusMike Octopus
Oliver (Ollie) BartlettPembrokeQuantum Snail
Christopher WellsChrist'sThe Anvil
John Samuel Cockton (Sam)St John'sFunka
Stephen KerrCorpus ChristiSkurge
Alex FudgeGirtonDexter (Morgan)
Sarah MacKichanLucy CavendishFengari
Nathan WilsonGirtonShortie
Richard Andrew RobinsonClareCompo
Lee GrahamHomertonFluorescentPig
Rosalind CowenChurchillAinia
Stephen HobbsSelwynThe Peculiar Albatross
Chris HandsChurchillBubble
Adam GreigSelwyn1st Earl of Salisbury
Thomas BythewayFitzwilliamFirefly
Oisin HuhnKing'sGypsy King
Katherine HockingSt Catharine'sI REALLY wish the Umpire was more inventive...
Chris TerryCorpus Christiwhen suddenly, in a flash of light he
Christopher David ArranEmmanuelThe Watermelon Man
Jack JacksonClare5
Peter E ConnTrinity HallFelix Haukner
James Edward StaniforthSt John'sThoughtfox
Christopher WalshSt John'sJosh Groban
Alexander Lanz JohnsonCorpus ChristiWilliam II de Ferrers
Maria Francesca O'ConnorNewnhamR.101010
William HayesSt Catharine'sBadminton Bob
Dominic CarrClareTwo
Adam WrightSt Catharine'sOSmeone AKA Star Wars Kid
Szymon SidorChurchillnivwusquorum
James HardmanSidney SussexThe Russian
Zilvinas RimasPeterhouseFreeMuRa
Andy HopkinsonQueens'Deadman's Click AKA Citizen Erased
Tom DurrantSt John'sMr. Beverage AKA Spanner
Amrit KhosaSt Catharine'sSHER KHAN
Vincent GartonTrinityTorquemada AKA Eris, Goddess of Discord
Siddharth MishraPeterhouseFeynman
Neal CarrPembrokeAugustin-Louis Cauchy
Alexander (Alex) James Everard PalmerSt John'sThe White Eagle
Daniel James ThrelfallTrinity HallDaniello of Camden AKA Captain Camdan
Ryan William Martin RobinsonCorpus ChristiDeathwhisper
Sean TullSelwynFoucault
Jennifer Purcell (Jenni)St John'sQueenie AKA The Deadly Poet's Society
Michael SargentClareDeranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
Christopher JudgeRobinsonThemselves
Cormac DoyleCorpus ChristiJanitor911 AKA bassetts soft and sweet

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