Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 6 News

Saturday, 20 November

[01:00 AM] One last bounty... on everyone who's been posting bounties.

Xzibit reports:

[03:45 AM] Chocolate kills David Clarke (Curly Brace AKA Quote AKA Silent but Deadly) at a painfully early hour.
Chocolate reports:

Sorry, that was a rather weird kill- I definitely owe you a beer for that one!

Curly Brace reports:

Sweetly I slept, foolishly leaving my door unlocked, believing no-one had the chuzpah to attack me in the middle of the night.

My roomate babbled some glaswegian nonsense, and I awoke to see a a dark figure hanging over my bed.

'Who on earth are you?' I exclaimed.

It was last thing I ever said.

[09:00 AM] Thanks to The Q Continuum, Maria Francesca O'Connor (R.101010) ceases to exist...

[14:30 PM] The USS Make S**t Up goes corrupt for (deliberately) killing Will Keen - an innocent - for the sake of An Assimilated Ewok's chocolate. Two of Nine shows up just too late.
The USS Make S**t Up reports:

Stardate. 2010 - 11 - 14
Timestamp. 1430 shipboard time.

Captain's log, entry 1337
Thought for the day: "Who the s*** is Matthew Garrett?"

The courageous local police force, assisted by some unknown masked vigilantes, of the small spaceport of Gotham City, back on Terra, thought they'd got him.

They were wrong.

Federation scouts that day spotted a slick strike cruiser departing the Sol system, unmarked and gunmetal grey, as if only just that week it had launched from the Jovian forgeworks. Unmarked but for one thing, a small hardly-noticeable depiction of a common blue ball-point pen on its prow.

NCC-666 U.S.S. Make S**t Up, under the command of Captain Charlie, was dispatched that day to pursue the vessel, and bring its commander, the psychotic criminal, known only as the "Second-Hand Biro Salesman", to justice.

That, was eight-and-a-half months ago...

He did much to elude the Starfleet battleship and its crew in that time however, lying low on backwater worlds for a month or so, before finding another rogue trader to gain passage to another system, bribing them with writing instruments in exchange for a bunk.

But at last, we had him.

[There now follows a transcript of bridge conversation]

Redshirt A: "We're now orbiting above planet designation C-14-RE sir. Intel from below tells us the colonists there are harbouring the fiend. SHBS is definitely down there. Your orders?"

Captain Charlie: "Very well then. We cannot miss this chance everyone. He will not escape us this time."
[he pauses for dramatic effect, allowing time for a camera to zoom in for a head shot]

Redshirt B: "But sir, won't tha-"

Charlie: "I know the risks, Redshirt B, yes it will blow a hole straight through the planet, damning the world to oblivion, but think, one world, sacrificed to bring an inter-galactic madman to justice! Tell me you're not prepared to save trillions of lives!"

Redshirt B: "Sir, I won't stand by and let you do this."
Redshirt A: "And nor will I."
Redshirt C: "Me neither, commander."

Charlie: "Then so be it."
[sounds of gunfire erupt from the bridge, and death cries of the numerous newly-recruited redshirted crewmen are heard; weapon analysts have traced the gunshots to a custom phaser in the employ of Captain Charlie, codename HydroBlade]
Charlie: "I'll bounce them myself."

[transcript ends]

There I stood, on a now-deserted bridge, surrounded by corpses of anonymous redshirts, watching a world burn before my very eyes. But with that, came the melting of millions of gallons of ink, mixing delightfully with the verdant seas and the sanguine blood of innocents. So... chaotic.

Not ten minutes passed before the NCC-666 was approached by a small unarmed single-passenger fighter-size vessel; its sole occupant a curiously mechanically-augmented ursine humanoid. Bearing... chocolate.

There is indeed profit in letting the galaxy burn.


An Assimilated Ewok reports:

Ee-earr, Will Keeeen is dead, cowwupt borg sta-krusa man went to kitch-in and then kill-im todays! Ewok let cowwupt man in. Had big water and beat even moar cowwupt man by fiiiive minutes who also wanted kill Will Keeeen. Will sad face has. Chocolate everywhere foh everyone. Ewok. Has. Been. Assimilated. Beware, me, assimilated Ewok also has rabid. NOM.

Two of Nine reports:

Designation: Species 711
Assimilation: Failure. Piles of ash are rarely compatible with Borg systems.

[21:55 PM] Madeleine Kasson (The Contessa) is slain by The Q Continuum

Sunday, 21 November

[15:15 PM] Wheel of Fortune searches for Jim Raynor and Pillow, but finds neither.

[16:00 PM] FreeMuRa kills The ghost of J. MIA Colt. So... yeah...
FreeMuRa reports:

So I was sitting in my room, and having my late lunch or early dinner... and suddenly my door bell rings, my predator instincts immediately awakes and.....

...5 minutes later the killer became a victim.. the hunter was hunted...

unfortunately my killer who came to kill me, wasnt my proper assassin who I was expecting... it was a honest policeman, just doing his duty and nothing more... I hope his family will one day forgive me, forgive for the death of The ghost of J. MIA Colt...

[16:00 PM] Iota lurked for Deathwhisper, who wasn't in, and waited in his staircase for twenty minutes.

[16:30 PM] Iota then lurked the home of Pillow, without finding him, for another twenty minutes.

Monday, 22 November

[12:10 PM] Random Strategy wandered around outside Pillow's place of residence, but his target didn't turn up for lunch in that interval. Randomness as usual.

[13:40 PM] Random Strategy mulls on the expectation value for Random Strategy whilst looking for Chocolate... As well as startling a local.
Random Strategy reports:

Random Strategy attempted to infiltrate Chocolate's house. After about 15 minutes, he managed to get into the garden without being detected. Inside the wooden shed-thing outside the house, he heard the sound of someone watching TV / listening to the radio / something like that. However, as he peeped in to look who it was, he was spotted by the little old lady inside who then looked absolutely terrified as a result. (My apologies to whoever that was). As the terrified old lady seemed on the verge of jeopardising the whole operation (for instance, by letting the target know that a dangerous delinquent wielding vicious looking paper daggers was in the garden), Random Strategy fled.

Random Strategy will eventually work after a finite number of attempts...
but just how big is that finite number?

[14:30 PM] The Q Continuum decides that Orange Potatos (Sybille Luhmann) are boring, and removes them from existence.

[22:10 PM] Tuvok attempts to claim the bounty on The Umpire's head.

The Umpire reports:
So there I was, leaving [UNSPECIFIED-SOCIETY] a little early, and fully expecting Adam Wells to follow me out, since he had been tempted to make an attempt on me earlier in the week.
Sitting down in the foyer, I had begun putting my shoes on, when Adam Wells came out, brandishing a shuriken.
I raise a quizzical eyebrow. "5 minute rule, remember?"
"Really?" he asks, having evidently forgotten that particular rule.
I nod.
He sighs and returns to [UNSPECIFIED-SOCIETY].

The moral of the story is thus: don't try arguing the rules with The Umpire.

Unsurprisingly, I would like to take this opportunity to remind players that they are OOB during an official society and for 5 minutes after they leave.

Oh, and Adam Wells? You're corrupt. For twice making attempts to kill me.

Starfleet Command reports:

Contact was recently lost with Captain Tuvok. Whilst breaking protocol by taking a shuttle out on his own, he encountered an unstable wormhole. Unfortunately, due to a gravitational anomaly, he was pulled through the wormhole. Our best experts now place him in the Delta Quadrant [See file: USS VOYAGER - NCC-74656].

Now follows his last transmission, shortly before the wormhole closed:
"It's the Borg!"

Captain Tuvok is feared lost: dead, or worse.

Tuvok reports:

Ok, so I'm borg now! Despite this annoying turn of events I still retain the pedanticness of my former human form. As such I feel I should point out that the first 'attempt' on the umpire's life was no such thing. If it was an attempt it would have succeeded, me being 1-2m behind him during all but the beginning of the chase. The second was an attempt but for some reason the umpire resists becoming borg. Who knows why? Join us!

The Umpire notes:
1-2 metres behind me, you may have been, but you were clearly interested in trying else you wouldn't have given chase. Or hung around me beforehand waiting for a chance.
Or have forced me to talk you down with the threat of thunderbolts.
Yes, I'm an Umpire with power who isn't afraid to use it to prolong my own life. What did you expect?!

Oh, and your corruptness was not that random. After all, I've got reports of Borg Queen whispering in your ear long before I made you corrupt. :)

Tuesday, 23 November

[13:05 PM] T3H 1337 K1LL3R takes out Premchand Brian (Magos Biologis)
T3H 1337 K1LL3R reports:

"M04R K1LL5 PLZ. TH3Y F3L7 N1C3 4ND S7UFF." ~ T3H 1337 K1LL3R on sweet sweet death, specifically the death of other people.

[17:50 PM] New borg drone Three of Twelve "kills" the hologram Arnold Rimmer
Three of Twelve reports:

On my way to recharge in hall I met Arnold Rimmer emerging into the evening. After hailing we engaged in a conversation in which I learnt that not only did the umpire make me wanted for a very flimsy reason but also that I could legally kill Arnold Rimmer. The opportunity was too good to miss so I spun a shuriken into his chest. He should have joined the borg whilst he still had the chance!

[22:50 PM] Three of Twelve tries again to off The Umpire.
Three of Twelve reports:

Vengeance will be inflicted upon the umpire! I may have been blocked by a reasonably-crafted wooden door this time but I will get him eventually!

The Umpire reports:
So there I was, getting ready to fire off Open Season, when I hear a knock at the door. Fortunately, I'm a paranoid so-and-so, and the door was locked. I call out "Just a minute!" then get up and check through the spy-hole.
Three of Twelve is visible to the right of my door. With a water gun.
"Hi there Three of Twelve!" I say, cheerfully.
"Coming out?" he asks.
"Nope," I reply. "Busy dealing with reports and stuff."
"Did you get my report from earlier?"
"Ah, right. I'll... just go and send you this one then," he said, making this event self-referencial on the news.
And he left.
I did check the corridor about 30 seconds later, but he wasn't in sight.


The remaining live players are:
Amelia (Amy) Booth
Janusz Sikorski
Julian Willis
Matthew Fitch
Petras Balciunas
Ryan William Martin Robinson
Tea (Tim) Kew
Zilvinas Rimas

Wednesday, 24 November

[00:00 AM] J. M. Colt's sister kills two innocents. And meets the ghost of Christmas Pas- I mean Premchand Brian.
J. M. Colt's sister reports:

I killed 2 innocents yesterday, while ambushing people going away from the Unspecified Society for 3 incos who attend it. Meet the corpse of Premchand Brian, but the [UNSPECIFIED] guys were not present yesterday.

[03:30 AM] Chocolate and J. M. Colt's sister look for Pillow and FreeMuRa
Chocolate reports:

Cambridge students have been known to bemoan the lack of 24-hour supermarkets in this town, but FreeMuRa and Pillow weren't interested in any chocolate even when it came to their doors! And waited outside, in the coooooold...

[08:00 AM] Early morning kill! Matthew Fitch (Random Strategy) dies, leaving less than 95% of the original players alive.
95% reports:

There are only 7 players left alive.

Random Strategy reports:

Random Strategy hates his bad luck. He knew that 95% was after him, so added a load of defences to his room. That morning, while going to get some milk for breakfast, he brought a few weapons with him just in case. He searched for assassins on the way there. Nobody was around...

While in the kitchen, he heard noises outside, and assumed it to be 95% come to kill him. Why had he managed to choose this specific time to go to the kitchen when if he had stayed in his room, 95% would have walked into the perfect trap? Still, he was going to take 95% by surprise seeing as he would be expecting his in his room and not in the kitchen.

Sadly, Random Strategy chose exactly the wrong time again, and managed to open the door just as 95% was passing which meant that Random Strategy couldn't just wait around the corner, and stab 95% before he knew what had hit him (as planned). Rather, he had to push the half-open door out of the way (which was preventing a clear shot from Random Strategy's ranged weapons) and enter battle immediately against an opponent with superior technology. He lunged at 95%, attempting to slash him in two with his sword, but 95% was faster and shot him at the last moment. The shock (as well as a hint of chocolate in the afterlife) caused Random Strategy to drop the sword just before it was going to hit 95%.

Random Strategy is now officially the 8th best assassination strategy in Cambridge, but you can't help but think it is kind of useless. Maybe next game, Random Strategy might work a bit better and hopefully have luck on its side rather than against it?

[12:00 PM] Janusz Sikorski is off-limits and in the assassins hospital until further notice.

This means that Janusz Sikorski is not to be targeted by anyone until I say otherwise. This will be resolved, by hook or by crook, by Thursday evening.

(This note was added on Thursday)
To further elaborate on what happened here:
Janusz Sikorski attacked Tea (Tim) Kew's room with a WWC weapon. Tea (Tim) Kew pointed out that his room was No Water. This meant that Janusz Sikorski would be going Wanted (See tomorrow).
Janusz Sikorski then attempted to flee, and as he did so, Tea (Tim) Kew fired a series of shots at him from an rbg. Janusz Sikorski's right arm was hit, but Tea (Tim) Kew believes that he also shot Janusz Sikorski in the chest. Janusz Sikorski disagrees.
To resolve this, I attempted to set up a duel, but this proved impossible due to clashing commitments. Instead, I have extended Janusz Sikorski's redemption conditions.

[15:55 PM] Two of Nine slays KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN! For the chocolate.
Two of Nine reports:

The Collective: We are the Borg. Ion trace detects the presence of residual Chocolate particles aboard your vessel. Lower your shields and surrender the sugary goodness.

Khan: However much I'd like to, the chocolate is... no longer under my possession. [Smiles jeeringly]

The Collective: ... Prepare to be assimil...

Oh and I've done far worse than eaten it.
I've hidden it. And I wish you to go on hunting.
I shall leave it as they left me...
Untouched for all eternity in the center of a dead planet.
Never to be eaten... Never...

The Collective:

[18:00 PM] Pillow and FreeMuRa team up to hunt Dancing Shadow and Random Strategy! But they only find Random Strategy's ghost...
Pillow reports:

As soon as I was aware that 2 assassins are still alive in [UNSPECIFIED-COLLEGE] I had to act. I convinced another assassin (FreeMuRa) to participate in a glorious crusade against evil inhabitants of [UNSPECIFIED] kingdom. But what a surprise! Civil war had started there, half of the citizens of that evil empire were already dead when we arrived. The only thing that we encountered was a ghost of Matthew Fitch. What was most unexpected - he was not willing to cooperate and help to have revenge of the traitor of his college, instead he ran to make him aware of our presence. We had to run, run and run again. That is what we did! I hope we will never have to return to that cursed place they call [UNSPECIFIED]...

FreeMuRa reports:

Today around 18:00 with my dear friend and short term ally Pillow we went to hunt down the [UNSPECIFIED] college assassins guild. The first victim we chose was Matthew Fitch. We thoroughfully prepared the traps and waited... and there he came, we stabed him right in his chest and he fell on the ground... but.. then his ghost/zombie voice said that he was already dead since this morning... and as we went to go hunt another one he *RAN* with his fast zombie/ghost legs, and warned his own killer - Dancing Shadow... and so he stays to live another day...

The Umpire Notes:
A dead player warning a live player is about the maximum influence that I will permit a dead player to have on the game. Anything more is too much.

[19:00 PM] J. M. Colt's sister kills Derpderpderp for being inco, taking a step towards redemption!

[20:00 PM] Borg Queen and Two of Nine assimilate Geordi La Forge (THAT never happened in the series) and hunted for Riker, Xindi, Pillow, Deathwhisper and FreeMuRa.
Borg Queen reports:

The Borg Queen and Two of Nine went searching for more species to assimilate. Geordi La Forge learnt that RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Sadly the resistance, while futile in the long run, of Riker, Xindi, FreeMuRa, Pillow and Deathwhisper was aided by being out/having locked doors. Two of Nine stabbed Geordi La Forge and I shot him, but the drone deserves the chocolate for his good work.

[21:20 PM] J. M. Colt's sister redeems herself, slaying Xindi and Ryan William Martin Robinson (Deathwhisper)!
J. M. Colt's sister reports:

The 4th incarnation of J.M.Colt had a good evening today. The incompetent police officer Derpderpderp fell the victim of the killer brain, approximately at 7pm. Then J.M.Colt visited the unspecified college full of incompetent police, but found only the corpse of Geordi La Forge, whom she shot 'just in case'. And the list of players is shorter by one: Ryan William Martin Robinson of Corpus is no longer among the living. He had been intercepted on his way to kill Jim Raynor of [UNSPECIFIED-COLLEGE], around 9.20pm and shot without mercy. Aftewards, the unspecified college had been visited again, and this time Xindi was in his room, shaving for the last time in his police career.

Deathwhisper reports:

I regret to inform you of my demise. At roughly 6:50, I heard movement outside my room and saw a lurker through my peephole. Got a crazy friend with air freshener [*See note below] to walk the hall to flush them out. My lurker disappeared. I thought this was probably a good reason to get off the incompetence list, so I planned to go on a kill later that night. At about 9:20, I left my room to go to [UNSPECIFIED-COLLEGE] to kill Jim Raynor. Unfortunately, I only got past the main entrance to [ANOTHER-COLLEGE] when I was brutally shot in the side of the head. My mysterious lurker from before was eveidently a policewoman with bugger loads of time on her hands. So now I am dead and am very gutted about the whole turn of events. The Now-dead Deathwhisper

The aerosol was not used as a weapon, nor even sprayed around. Just held in a way to suggest it might be a weapon. For both safety and security reasons, using aerosols in any assassin's business has been banned for quite a while.

Thursday, 25 November

[17:00 PM] Janusz Sikorski is released from Limbo and returned to active duty. Wanted.

The Umpire Notes:
Janusz Sikorski's redemption conditions are unusually harsh for his crime because there is at least a chance that he was killed in an event yesterday. See yesterday's event for details.

[18:00 PM] Fintan's fishy flailing failings... no, wait. Lt. Malcolm Reed (formerly known as Fintan) waits for nearly an hour outside Janusz Sikorski's room.
Richard Tunnard reports:

After a nice 50 mins waiting for wanted player he still failed to turn up and with a locked door I swam away.

[20:00 PM] Head Yeoman J. M. Colt's sister launches an attack on Lt. Cmdr. Simon "Ghost" Riley for being incompetent. And they confuse her with the Borg Queen. Hilarity ensues, and Lt. Jean Rasczak gets killed.
J. M. Colt's sister reports:

After 6pm I sneaked into Corpus accomodation on Trumpington street to eliminate 2 incos there. When I got in, the guy who let me in realised what I was up to, and warned the incos by shouting "assassins". I preventively shot him with a RBG. Saving my life, I hid in the basement, in the corridor leading to the back door. Indeed, soon I was besieged by Jean Rasczak and Simon "Ghost" Riley. We had negotiations which led nowhere due to the fact that when I asked Jean Rasczak if I can leave and he promised not to kill me in any way. So I cautiously opened the door, and immediately a knife flew in. Luckily I was behind the door. I shot back, some rubber bands but missed. After that negotiations continued. "You are not going to stay there all night?" "Maybe. I've got 3 packs of bourbon creams" "Are you corrupt?" "Maybe" "Do you do archery" "Maybe" "Were you a chief of police?" "Yes" After that they decided that I was ex-Captain Janeway, he he. I ventured out once again, and fired a storm gun at the dark figure standing in front of the door. My hand was shot through with a nerf gun, but I definitely shot Jean Rasczak! However he claims otherwise, saying that too little water was on him. I doubt that, imagine a storm gun firing to the target 30cm away. I possibly could not have missed, even without looking and shooting with a left hand. Jean Rasczak also said that I shot him in the neck! Umpire, your judgement is needed. I ventured out once again, to kill him so he would be convinced, and shooting with another hand got him in the leg (he claimed so). Then Jean Rasczak told me that Simon "Ghost" Riley was going to his room, and he was going to unspecified society, and I could stay "trapped" as long as I want. Sensing the trap there, I quietly buggered off through the back door, which they believed to be unopenable :)

Simon "Ghost" Riley reports:


2000 25/11/10

A disturbance was noticed within these hallowed walls that a certain member of the CORRUPT POLICE has been spotted and has shot an innocent in order to gain entry. Being of virtuous design the building fought back allowing myself and Lt. Jean Rasczak to corner the would be assassin, possible identity, Borg Queen, inside the basement fire escape. Shots are exchanged, a nerf misfire occurred which allowed the Borg Queen a brief moment of respite where she retreated into her lair once more. More shots were exchanged, Lt. Jean Rasczak was injured twice and my own arm was disabled. The Borg Queen had a knife thrown at her, which she was not recovered. As we watched from the top of the stairs (three flights up as we were cooking) the Borg Queen must have discovered that the fire escape was not alarmed and escaped, and would appear to have stolen my knife as well.

I would like my knife back please as I am low on writing implements, preferably not into my back.

Lt. Cmdr. Simon "Ghost" Riley

Jean Rasczak reports:

A housemate arrived at my door to report a grievous headshot wound and a suspicious lady lurking around downstairs. I armed myself and proceeded to investigate... on the scene I quickly realised she had barricaded themselves in a fire escape corridor in a syle reminiscent of a nesting badger. Cautiously I began putting my umpire funded police negotiator training to use. The hunter identified herself as none other than the foul criminal and former chief of police Janeway. I then began to talk her out encouraging her that her target 'Ghost' was doing coursework and was out. Just as she opened the door and began to leave Simon "Ghost" Riley opened fire a seconds too early missing the foul criminal. Janeway returned fire, the shot cut through Ghost's forearm but not before he had launched a throwing knife through the breach. Then the door was closed again, and with the knife's outcome unknown I decided to move on to use my umpire funded police counter terrorism training to eliminate the treat myself. I opened the door fired and watched my round rip apart the unsuspecting targets arm and was shot in turn in the neck. Although seriously injured the target and I agreed in later negotiations that the gun's liquid bullets had not met the rules for a clean kill, but seriously wounded I would sit out the rest of this conflict. Barely had this compromise been reached when treacherous Janeway opened the door again this time nearly amputating my leg with gunfire. I always had badgers down as noble beasts but not this one! I therefore limped away, hurrying to make another engagement... in the next few hours while Ghost gave up watch in favour of food the target nimbly snuck away leaving no trace in her fortified sett.

I'm sorry we failed you oh mighty Umpire!
Also can you put Ghost on the umpire funded police over eager trigger finger course please?

Lt. Jean Rasczak

The Umpire notes:
Whilst it was indeed J. M. Colt's sister that attacked Simon "Ghost" Riley and Jean Rasczak, I have left the case of mistaken identity in the above reports to highlight their mistake.
J. M. Colt's sister is not going corrupt for shooting the innocent, since the non-player was acting as an accomplice to Simon "Ghost" Riley and J. M. Colt's sister by warning them. I'm feeling generous though, and won't make either of them corrupt either (for getting a non-player killed).
Gavin Tapsfield was hit in the neck by a WWC weapon - the Storm 750. At the time Gavin Tapsfield believed himself to have survived because the rules state that a water weapon need to leave an area of about a 50p coin damp on the player (note that this can be a cumulative area). However, WWC weapons only require the area of a 5p coin, so I've decided that he was killed.

Friday, 26 November

[00:35 AM] The Umpire thunderbolts Daniel O'Brien (The USS Make S**t Up). He knows why.

[10:40 AM] A KILLER TOMATO from J. M. Colt's sister finishes off Wounded Nero.

[10:45 AM] T3H 1337 K1LL3R can't find a Pillow. Why would he be tired this early in the morning?
T3H 1337 K1LL3R reports:

"F41L." ~ T3H 1337 K1LL3R on failing.

[13:10 PM] Miracle Engineer Montgomery Scott searches for Wounded Saavik and attempts to deal with Half-Impulse, before getting stabbed by Borg Queen. Whilst OOB. Unfortunately, I can't make Borg Queen more corrupt...
Montgomery Scott reports:

At 1:10pm today I happened to be passing through [UNSPECIFIED-COLLEGE] so it would've been rude not to try and burst into the rooms of the local incos, but alas I didn't succeed so Wounded Saavik was no more wounded, and Half-Impulse maintained his velocity. I couldn't hang around anyways. Just 25 minutes later the Borg Queen tried to stab me while queueing at a checkout, so I pointed out the out-of-bounds-ness and hence merely felt a poke.

[18:00 PM] Chocolate and Tea (Tim) Kew go out hunting for Pillow and FreeMuRa. But they only find Two of Nine to talk to...
Tea (Tim) Kew reports:

I spent forty minutes around 6pm lurking outside the houses of Pillow and FreeMuRa, with Chocolate and a non-playing accomplice.
We didn't find either of them, but did have a nice chat with Two of Nine when he walked past.

Chocolate reports:

Apparently people don't want Tea, cake and Chocolate, even in week 8... Especially not two Croatian innocents.

All aboard the wanted (fail) train- CHOO CHOO!

[18:00 PM] J. M. Colt's sister reduces velocity from Half-Impulse, with the help of KILLER BRAIN

[19:00 PM] T3H 1337 K1LL3R goes looking for Death! Undercover...
T3H 1337 K1LL3R reports:

"^^" ~ T3H 1337 K1LL3R on failing. Again.

[19:30 PM] Lt.s Malcolm Reed and B'Elanna Torres look for Dancing Shadow
B'Elanna Torres reports:

At around 7:30pm, Malcolm Reed and I lurked around outside Dancing Shadow's room for a while, but as he seemed not to be in, and my associate's fishy smell was slowly spreading, we decided to depart empty handed.

[23:00 PM] Data is killed by KILLER BRAIN, from J. M. Colt's sister.

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