Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 7 News

Saturday, 27 November

[12:15 PM] Random Strategy actually works against Odo!
Random Strategy reports:

Random Strategy does eventually work. Today, at approximately 12:15, Random Strategy entered [UNSPECIFIED COLLEGE] to kill an inco known as Odo there, even though he didn't know what Odo looked like. As he prepared to storm into Odo's unlocked room, a suspicious looking individual emerged from the kitchen and asked Random Strategy what he was doing. Not finding a suitable lie which would explain why he had just kicked Odo's door open while holding a knife, Random Strategy told him the truth and was informed that Odo had gone to the toilets downstairs. Not trusting this suspicious individual, Random Strategy feigned going downstairs (keeping his a watch on the suspicious individual in case he drew out a weapon), then hid. Once the suspicious individual had passed, Random Strategy back tracked, and headed for the room, which was still unlocked, and hid behind the door. When Odo returned (from getting weapons), Random Strategy stabbed him. Such a random assassination.

[15:00 PM] Pillow goes looking for T3H 1337 K1LL3R and The Q Contınuum, but sadly neither of them wanted a nap.

[19:30 PM] Dancing Shadow waits for Death! Undercover... outside [UNSPECIFIED]

Sunday, 28 November

[09:45 AM] Captain James T. Kirk doesn't find FreeMuRa on duty.

[13:45 PM] T3H 1337 K1LL3R does not get the drop on FreeMuRa.
T3H 1337 K1LL3R reports:

"T3H B35T 4TT4CK 15 4 G00D D3F3NC3. 0H W41T..." ~ T3H 1337 K1LL3R on the art of war and strategic tacticalry.

[14:15 PM] Two of Nine assimilates Zilvinas Rimas (FreeMuRa), bringing us down to the final 5 players!
FreeMuRa reports:

I was killed in my room cause I forgot to lock the doors.. at least I am not gonna need to duel :)

Two of Nine reports:

Designation: Species 2618
Assimilation: Successful. woot

The Umpire notes:
So Matthew Hinks shot another innocent during this event. Pity I can't make him any more corrupt...

[15:00 PM] A Dancing Shadow goes on the lookout for Jim Raynor

Monday, 29 November

[10:00 AM] Three of Twelve goes looking for The Umpire
Three of Twelve reports:

After scouting out Sainsbury's but failing to find any legitimate target I headed back to the central science library to see if there were any targets there. Sort of grasping at straws but it did mean I could get some work done while waiting. I also now know that The Umpire don't use the CSL.

[10:45 AM] T3H 1337 K1LL3R can't find a Pillow in the morning...
T3H 1337 K1LL3R reports:

"C4MP1NG 15 T3H F1R5T 5T3P 0N T3H R04D 2 D154PP01NTM3NT" ~ T3H 1337 K1LL3R on hope.

[17:00 PM] The Umpire strikes back!

But, unfortunately, Adam Wells wasn't in...

[20:00 PM] Three of Twelve assimilates Arnold H Rimmer only an hour before CEASEFIRE!

[20:45 PM] Then, with only a quarter of an hour left until CEASEFIRE, Three of Twelve makes a final, failsome, attempt on The Umpire

I attend UNSPECIFIED SOCIETY. Adam Wells also attends UNSPECIFIED SOCIETY. Having got to UNSPECIFIED SOCIETY, I discover that it needs Christmas music. I leave again, and head to my room.
However, as I head to leave the building, I see Adam Wells chasing after me. Fortunately, I came prepared. Stepping through a (glass) doorway, I draw a water pistol and turn around. Adam Wells reaches the doors just as they close, and hesitates upon seeing my (compact but deadly) weaponry.
I shoot the door for good measure.
He turns and leaves.
(He did then stab me in UNSPECIFIED SOCIETY, but that was both OOB and after CEASEFIRE)

[21:00 PM] The Umpire declares CEASEFIRE
The Q Continuum reports:

Oh look! We've made all your primitive weapons completely harmless. Isn't that nice of us?

Tuesday, 30 November

[12:00 PM] CEASEFIRE. So nothing happened.

Wednesday, 1 December

[12:00 PM] Guess what? Nothing happened today either. Duel tomorrow!

Thursday, 2 December

[12:30 PM] The Duel begins...

The Duelists:

Amelia (Amy) Booth, known as Chocolate AKA an eensy weensy teeny weeny yellow psychopath bikini AKA Oh baby! I want you more than the police want Chris Powell!;
Janusz Sikorski, known as Dancing Shadow AKA Bone Marrow AKA Wheel of Fortune AKA 95%;
Julian Willis, known as T3H 1337 K1LL3R AKA Jim Raynor AKA Stabby;
Petras Balciunas, known as Pillow;
Tea (Tim) Kew, known as Death! Undercover... AKA Iota AKA Queeny AKA The Q Contınuum;

Initially, the five players were spaced out across a number of streets, and the duel began properly at 12:40.
Quite quickly, alliances became apparent. Amelia (Amy) Booth and Tea (Tim) Kew joined up quite quickly (surprising no-one!), while Janusz Sikorski and Petras Balciunas also worked together. Julian Willis just appeared to have vanished off the map.

Very little happened for a while, as the two teams moved through the streets and Julian Willis remained invisible. There was a brief encounter where Janusz Sikorski and Petras Balciunas set up an ambush for Amelia (Amy) Booth and Tea (Tim) Kew, but sprang it too soon. (It did not help that a few Police members were also in the area at this point, and were doing their best not to look at Janusz Sikorski and Petras Balciunas!)
The stalemate continued until 2pm - however Amelia (Amy) Booth then had somewhere that she needed to be. Thus I was forced to declare a ceasefire and summon everyone to the park in the middle of the duel location, in order to set up something that would hopefully have a faster conclusion.

...How wrong I was...

[14:00 PM] The Park...

The Park was quite large, with interesting terrain due to some large bushes and trees, as well as a large climbing-frame/children's play-area.

To start things off, I deployed each of the five duelists roughly evenly spaced around the edge of the park, making sure to deploy Amelia (Amy) Booth and Tea (Tim) Kew as far from each other as possible. Janusz Sikorski and Petras Balciunas were similarly separated. Julian Willis had finally appeared, having apparently taken up a good hiding place for the previous hour and a half until I summoned everyone to the park...
This phase of the duel started predictably enough, with all 5 assassins closing in towards the middle of the park, taking pot-shots at each other as they went. Julian Willis dodged between Tea (Tim) Kew and Petras Balciunas to reach safety as both made an attempt on him. However, as Janusz Sikorski approached up it became apparent that his alliance to Petras Balciunas had ended, with both players shooting at each other!

Alliances between Janusz Sikorski, Julian Willis and Tea (Tim) Kew became very variable at this point, while Amelia (Amy) Booth and Tea (Tim) Kew's no-kill agreement persisted. Nonetheless, nobody died!

After an hour of slow movement back and forth along the park (with Amelia (Amy) Booth and Tea (Tim) Kew mostly maintaining a wind advantage, but Janusz Sikorski making excellent use of cover), we still had no casualties! Janusz Sikorski had his leg shot off at one point, but I allowed it to regenerate after 5 minutes.
Finally however, Amelia (Amy) Booth managed to shoot down Petras Balciunas when he failed to dodge a shot from her Storm.

Shortly afterwards, and now very late for her [UNSPECIFIED-COMMITMENT], Amelia (Amy) Booth was slain by Julian Willis, leaving three players left alive!

With The Umpire having declared an end to water refills, Janusz Sikorski, Julian Willis and Tea (Tim) Kew were forced to use the discarded weapons of the fallen - however, to Julian Willis's credit, he never needed to.

Once again, a stalemate persisted between the 3 players. Julian Willis and Janusz Sikorski seemed to have an on-off alliance - periodically attacking Tea (Tim) Kew, but just as quickly turning on each other when given the chance.
At 3:45, after the trio had again moved up and down the park, Julian Willis was cut down by Tea (Tim) Kew with a stream of water. This left us with the final two players, out of the original 159.

But the end was not yet nigh.

[16:00 PM] The Final Battle.

Janusz Sikorski continued to use cover against Tea (Tim) Kew's extensive experience at Water Fights. Also, Tea (Tim) Kew's Max-d 4000 out-ranged Janusz Sikorski's Storm, forcing Janusz Sikorski to stay in cover.

And The Umpire continued to be a pain and refuse to give out refills...

After a while, we were forced to relocate to a different bit of cover, after people showed up to use the children's play area how it was designed to be used - as a children's play area!
So Janusz Sikorski found himself behind a climbing wall, which was quite soon covered in water from Tea (Tim) Kew's various pot-shots. At one point Janusz Sikorski's left arm was shot off, forcing him to create inventive ways to re-pump his (acquired) xp240. However, after 5 minutes his arm regenerated, and the stalemate continued.
Shortly after that, Tea (Tim) Kew got too close to Janusz Sikorski's cover, and Janusz Sikorski fired a stream of water straight at Tea (Tim) Kew. It looked like Tea (Tim) Kew was hit. Tea (Tim) Kew thought they may have been hit. However, on close inspection NO sign of any water was found on Tea, who was deemed to have survived by the (amazed) Umpire.

As we passed 4pm, I decided that this had to be brought to an end. Both surviving duelist's guns were refilled, and I made a 20-pace diameter circle in the snow. With equal weapons, Janusz Sikorski and Tea (Tim) Kew stood back to back in the middle of the circle, took five paces, turned, and fought.

Tea (Tim) Kew pushed forwards. Janusz Sikorski retreated, backing up to the edge of the circle, dodging Tea (Tim) Kew's shots. But he couldn't dodge forever.

And so, after three and a half hours since the start of the duel, and 7 weeks since the start of the game, we *FINALLY* had a winner. Tea (Tim) Kew, Death! Undercover... AKA Iota AKA Queeny AKA The Q Contınuum, stood victorious, with Janusz Sikorski taking a close and hard fought second.

Well done to ALL the players this term, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

[16:05 PM] Player reports:
T3H 1337 K1LL3R reports:

"GG N00B5. N0 R3." ~ T3H 1337 K1LL3R on duelling to the death, elitely.

[16:15 PM] The Summary.

Amelia (Amy) Booth killed Petras Balciunas (Pillow);
Julian Willis killed Amelia (Amy) Booth (Chocolate AKA an eensy weensy teeny weeny yellow psychopath bikini AKA Oh baby! I want you more than the police want Chris Powell!);
Tea (Tim) Kew killed Julian Willis (T3H 1337 K1LL3R AKA Jim Raynor AKA Stabby);
Tea (Tim) Kew killed Janusz Sikorski (Dancing Shadow AKA Bone Marrow AKA Wheel of Fortune AKA 95%);

Leaving Tea (Tim) Kew (Death! Undercover... AKA Iota AKA Queeny AKA The Q Contınuum) as the victor!

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