Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
CaptainWounded SaavikEmily Building, D staircase, room 17St John'sWater With Care
Head YeomanJ. M. Colt's sisterAnna Cherry Hinton road, Room 2.Lucy CavendishWater With CareI live with 3 flatmates. Mind out for the Computer. I am based in Addenbrooke's hospital, but I frequently visit New museums site and Downing site for seminars, talks and courses.
CaptainJames T. KirkThe Member of JesusNo WaterI will be here, there, and everywhere. Don't go wanted, you don't want me on your back. I'm quite heavy...
Lieutenant CommanderPavel Andreievich ChekovAlex WaterWarning SHARED SET! Don't shoot my roommate. Also, OOB while carrying musical instruments or lab samples.
Miracle EngineerMontgomery ScottTom'No WaterI live in a shared set, so be especially careful in the shared living space as you enter.
Lieutenant CommanderSimon "Ghost" RileyAndrew Zhaoandrewyzhao@gmail.comT Street Room 10Corpus ChristiNo WaterOOB when carrying bass guitar in bag on back and when carrying badminton racquet in bag on back.
Lieutenant CommanderJean-Luc PicardAneurin John (Nye) 4, 1 Portugal StreetSidney SussexNo WaterPlease avoid antagonising my housemates. They may bite.
Lieutenant CommanderRikerCharles HallWater With Care
Dangerously Sentient HologramProfessor MoriartyBritta Strachey, Room 22NewnhamNo Water
NCC-1701The USS EnterpriseReuven St. Michael's CourtGonville and CaiusNo WaterEst-ce que vous pensez que je le ferais plus facile pour vous? snigger snigger snigger.
LieutenantMalcolm ReedRichard With CareTry and avoid the wires opposite the window on the floor if using water weapons.
LieutenantB'Elanna TorresSally HallNo Water
LieutenantTom ParisDavid Turnercillian64@googlemail.comGHB1, Garden HostelKing'sNo WaterOut of bounds when with cello.
LieutenantLeonard McCoyHannah, Cripps CourtSelwynWater With CareOut on Thursday nights and Sunday evenings.
Borg DroneHughFrankie, Wolfson CourtGirtonNo Water
Klingon LegendKahless the UnforgettableVincent Blue Boar CourtTrinityWater With CareAlso known as Vince.
EnsignHarry KimRobert Court, Staircase M, Room 1EmmanuelNo WaterKnown as Rob.
LieutenantKlingonFred WaterI attend Sidgwick lectures most mornings.
Somewhat confused androidDeath-taRichard Court, room CF08Sidney SussexNo Water
EnsignUnknown Yellow-Uniformed Ensign: Clearly For The ChopAlex Pembroke Street, room 1PembrokeNo Water
LieutenantSilvioStuart Road Sixth Form CollegeNo Water
Shambling corpse. IN SPACE!Very definitely undead Zombie Space-GirlJessica (Jesse) West HouseHomertonNo WaterI live on the Homerton site, but make regular trips into the Archaeology and Anthropology Dept. on Downing College and the comic-book store Forbidden Planet (another strict no water zone).
Alien CookNeelixArthur 8, 10-12 Chesterton rd.MagdaleneWater With Care
The 8th best strategy in CambridgeRandom StrategyMatthew 44FChurchillWater With CareI have lectures most mornings at the New Museums site.
Cryogenically frozen DictatorKhanAndrew (Andy) Graham With Care
EnsignChakotay (brought back by the amazing prowess of the EMH)Matthew John WaterEvery morning for 9am lectures. Usually until 1pm. Thursday evenings at the West Cambridge site sometimes.

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
Captain YeomanThe ghost of J. MIA ColtAnna ErmakovaLucy Cavendish
CommanderSaavikEmily RoomSt John's
Head YeomanJ. MIA ColtAnna ErmakovaLucy Cavendish
Lieutenant CommanderWorfHan YanSt Catharine's
Head YeomanJ. M. ColtAnna ErmakovaLucy Cavendish
Lieutenant CommanderWorf. Alive because apparently it wasn't a good day to die, after all.Han YanSt Catharine's
Lieutenant CommanderDataDavid TurnerKing's
LieutenantGeordi La ForgeDan MacSwineyTrinity Hall
ConstableOdoCallum PickenGonville and Caius
Genetically Modified DictatorKHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!Andrew (Andy) Graham MarshDowning
AlienXindiDaniel (Dan) IvtsanTrinity Hall
LieutenantArnold RimmerDaniel BakerHomerton
Romulan Mining CaptainWounded NeroWilliam LettonSelwyn
LieutenantSpockJonathan BootleClare
LieutenantChakotayMatthew John CheethamGirton
LieutenantHikaru SuluTom ReynoldsCorpus Christi
LieutenantChristopher PikeJames GlanvilleEmmanuel
Borg DroneHughFrankie RobertsonGirton
Undead.Zombie Space-GirlJessica (Jesse) DaleyHomerton
Mysterious BartenderGuinanSandhya SreekumarHomerton
Romulan PsychoNeroWilliam LettonSelwyn
VelocityHalf-ImpulseMatthew CookSt John's
LieutenantJean RasczakGavin TapsfieldCorpus Christi
HologramArnold H RimmerDaniel BakerHomerton
ConstableThe USS Make S**t UpDaniel O'BrienGonville and Caius
Fresh RecruitDerpderpderpMartin ChanTrinity

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollegeCrime
CaptainTuvokAdam WellsHomertonMaking an attempt on The Umpire

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