Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - List of Players

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Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesAlive?KillsDeaths
Adam GriegR.C.L14 Cripps CourtSelwynNo Watertrue42
Adam GuterresDr. TalosC35, GirtonGirtonWater With Care[Eventer] Spend a certain amount of time in New Hall, A20true241
Adam WellsThe ParadoxRoom 132, West HouseHomertonNo WaterBe careful if attacking when carrying food from the kitchen to my room. We don't want pasta on the wallstrue23
Alasdair PearceAnother Fine Product From The Nonsense FactoryG2St Catharine'sWater With Carewater with *extreme* care.true00
Alex GuttenplanNasreddin HodjaBarnwell Hostel C3EmmanuelNo Water[Eventer] Not playing on Monday and Tuesday. OOB while carrying violin. OoB in the Emmanuel ball queuestrue03
Alice DraperdustHammond House 6New HallWater With Caretrue03
Alicia DanksPlatymapusS8, North CourtJesusWater With CareNo water while dressed in Molly kit? (fairly obvious - facepaint, rainbow drag, big clumpy boots) If I'm on my way to a performance then getting my paint washed off would be a Bad Thing. OOB in Trinity May Ball queue.true23
Amy Boothplaying too much FarmvilleCastle End 39, Clare ColonyClareNo WaterAm staying in a friend's room. She's pretty assassin-friendly, but please don't shoot her since she's not actually playing. She might cosh you. Only in Cambridge from Tuesday night onwards, although if anyone fancies killing me out here, ree-spekt.true41
Aneurin John Redman-WhiteThe Marquis de Carabas AKA Tsinakan, the great king, king of the land of Kasadgad, brother to the sun and moonCE06 Cromwell Court, King StreetSidney SussexNo WaterMy college wedding is at 11.30 on Monday. I am prepared to fight a duel in the style of a 17th-century swashbuckling romance for the hand of my bride - swords only lest you lose your honour as a gentleman (or lady, should you be that way inclined)!true05
Benison ChengPenis-on49JChurchillNo Watertrue04
Charlie MacmillanCrazy51LChurchillWater With Caretrue06
Charlotte FieldThe Flaming Angel of WrathL4, Cripps CourtSelwynNo WaterKnown as Lottie.true01
Christopher JudgeHot Crossbow Bunny AKA Teal'cRoom 12, 4 Adams RoadRobinsonFull WaterTry to avoid laptoptrue13
Christopher MilliganCoryan Wilson-Shah is my Tleilaxan facedancer87 Histon Road, CambridgePembrokeNo WaterNo water in the house, but fine elsewhere. Avoid housemate.true00
Dan BakerGordon Brown (texture like sun) AKA The candyman136 West HouseHomertonWater With CareShall be attending Jesus ball, Homerton June event, and Wyverns garden party. Also, if you're going to invade my room with a water pistol, please aim slightly to your left, as my laptop is on the right.true36
Daniel O'BrienDeniable Iron AKA Chaaaaaaaarliiiiieeeeeeee AKA Simian BeardRoom 1, 4A Rose CrescentGonville and CaiusWater With CareStalk my movements at Known as Charlie to some. Mind the laptop, books, notes etc. Killing me in May Ball/June Event queues is ay-okay, so long as you follow the appropriate no water restrictions.true36
J DoeBilbo Baggins [Post Eleventy-First Birthday Party: Version 111.1 :)] AKA Cohen the Barbarian (because it's never too late to invade a thinly-disguised caricature of the Chinese Empire) AKA Thufir Hawat, Assassin Mentat to House Atreides AKA Madame Razz AKA Ser Barristan Selmy AKA Bow AKA Kowl AKA Light Hope AKA squarks and sleptons AKA Mad-Eye Moody AKA Chipmunk Pyrrolidine AKA The Candlestick Maker AKA The Grand Marshall of the Elephant Headed Peoples AKA Royal Ferret of Comets and Tom Lehrer Professor of Smut AKA He Man AKA Come to the Assassins Pirate Punting Killing Event 12:00-3:00 Thursday!Hamilton Hotel, OUT OF BOUNDS FOR ATTACKS, BRANDISHINGS OR OTHER UNEXPECTED VISITORS UP TO A RADIUS OF 50 METRES AWAY FROM THE HOTEL GROUNDS.Ex-CaiusFull Water[Eventer] N.B. Full Water applies *Once Outside the Radius of 50 Metres Around the Hotel, i.e. in the Surrounding Streets*. I No Longer Possess The One Ring. But I Think It's Time for Another Adventure... OOB whilst ensuring that the Piracy on the Cam Killing Event has everything it needs to run properly.true142
Edwin IresonWxrthltl Jwlpklz36NChurchillNo Watertrue06
Eleanor DickinsonThe owner of the large rubberised sword.F3New HallNo Watertrue15
Emily ScraggMLIT AKA miaowHammond House 5New HallWater With Caretrue70
Esther NicollGrohliosJ10 Ashby CourtClareNo WaterI share a bathroom with my neighbour - do not kill hertrue05
George DeeksEmile HeskeyRoom G11, West HouseHomertonFull WaterWill be at Wyverns on suicide sunday. Beware of laptop on desk.true00
Gustav MogullMogulevskiGarden Court Room T06Sidney SussexNo Watertrue05
Harry RobinsonMr BumpH9 Cripps CourtSelwynNo Watertrue13
Helen PittamThe Fail49UChurchillWater With Caretrue12
Hennes KnebelHennesderkennes36A, room A06ChurchillNo Watertrue00
Hester ThorneycroftA Flemish Flamingo AKA Super-happy-face =D!X39 memorial CourtClareNo WaterUsually known as Hettietrue07
Imran ShakirSalty49QChurchillWater With CareBe careful of laptop. I plan to go punting at least twice, and will need to purchase food. Outings to specific colleges will also happen in the hope of cooking some cats (if you get my drift). I do not suffer fools, obviously.true06
James HardmanCassius ChaereaS10b, Garden CourtSidney SussexNo Watertrue53
Joe ReedThe Master of the FleetM4, Cripps CourtSelwynNo WaterI will be away from Cambridge until the night of the 14th as I will be rocking out at the Download festival.true14
Joseph BaileyAutoerotic Asphyxiation47AChurchillNo Watertrue23
Joshua Guy Blanchard LewisHis Lordship the Duke AKA The Editor AKA Elrond AKA Jason Bjorn52 Jesus Lane, Room 6JesusWater With Care[Eventer] Hammond House 5, New Hall for at least some nights. Plz don't shoot my girlfriend. Also, the umpire runs away from me even when I'm unarmed (Umpirical note: no comment). Yes that means you too. Go on, run. I'll even give you a 5 second head start. Promise :)true130
Julian WillisProfessor MonsterV11PembrokeWater With Caretrue24
Katie KingNoodle36MChurchillWater With Caretrue16
Leroy Nicholas ChewLeroy JenkinsNew Court, Q12PembrokeNo WaterNo water please, I have game consoles, electric guitar, laptop and chicken. Let's do this!true42
Luke James Montgomery RobinsZombie Jigglypuff AKA Dark LinkD&E 312HomertonWater With CareMild allergy to Cinnamon. OOB for queues to Homerton June Event and St Edmunds Ball. SPOILERS: Might well be punting at some point during the week...true82
Marc JonesNo Use For a Pseudonym38GChurchillWater With Caretrue17
Matthew HinksRed NeckO6aPembrokeFull WaterYep, Full water but getting my computer wet = punishment by death and death again. And again... etc...true114
Michael DarlingDoctor Octagonapus49HChurchillWater With Careavoid computer and corridortrue17
Michael SargentDr. Hax AKA I am heavy weapons guy, and this is my weapon..K5 Memorial CourtClareNo Watertrue56
Mike SmithSon of Sevenless121, Suez Road, CambridgeN/ANo WaterI work at the hospital so it would be a *really bad* idea for people to try and kill me there. Oh, and I live with four people who will take a dim view of being shot or assaulted with baked produce. Alternatively I might be at Hammond House, New Hall.true02
Neal CarrThe Fourth Doctor AKA Coach ZV10PembrokeWater With Caretrue26
Philip HubbardOl' Mother Hubbard5 Adams Road, Room 12RobinsonWater With Caretrue02
Richard HallLimes36JChurchillNo Watertrue08
Richard RobinsonCompoP9ClareNo Watertrue04
Richard TunnardThe Moist One AKA Brutus36E Churchill College, Storey's WayChurchillWater With CareBeware of laptop and wiring on floortrue1612
Robert SullivanHercule PoirotR12PembrokeWater With Caretrue23
Sally HigsonThe Elusive Higg's BosonA23New HallNo Watertrue15
Sean TullMonty CrackersL15 Cripps CourtSelwynWater With Caretrue10
Simon TaylorOne of Ed's broken morris sticks1A Sylvester Road, Room 9RobinsonNo WaterOOB in Robinson Ball and King's Affair queuestrue16
Sophie KnellerSquirrel PyrimidalA20New HallWater With Caretrue66
Sophie ReedSpork AKA BambiA20New HallNo Waterout of bounds when locking/unlocking the range and when on other society business, also if carrying a suspicious looking black case.true233
Tim KewTithe My WokK3 Memorial CourtClareFull WaterKnown as Tea. May spend large parts of the game in random houses, including 137 Thoday Street. *Very* no water when in formalwear.true285
Tom DuncanThe GameFF18 CrippsQueens'Water With CareI'll be doing a lot of techie work around college throughout the week so would appreciate not being shot/stabbed/mauled while doing so. This is basically all of Friday and Sunday, and some time later in the week as well.true12

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